October 2015



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Homicidal pepper-pots!

Boy, have I got a fic rec for you: Out of Joint by HonorH (Firefly/Dr. Who (Nine) crossover). The TARDIS is stranded on Serenity. Kaylee's excited by the ship, Mal's suspicious of everything and everybody, Zoe protects her husband's virtue from Jack, and River and the Doctor have a meeting of the minds. It's got Reavers, a fistfight, more companions than you'd expect, and dinosaur soap operas. And the dialogue is spot on. Here's a sample:

“How’s it lookin’?” asked Mal.

“Like the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.” Wash rubbed his hands together and plopped down in the pilot’s chair, grinning like a lunatic. “It’ll be fun! And terrifying!”

Jack slid into the copilot’s chair. “Weird how many people think those concepts are somehow contradictory.”

“I know,” said Wash. “Take my wife, for instance–-completely terrifying, yet a great deal of fun under the right circumstances.”

“You can stop right there, husband,” said Zoë mildly.

Jack grinned and winked. “Please, not on my account.”

Seriously, you'll love this story.


Hee, I'll definitely have to check that out! I can just picture Zoe snapping Harkness like a twig XD

I know it ... and believe me, she almost does. You'll like this story.
Sounds like great fun! I've got it del.icio.us'd for reading very very soon! Thanks!
I think you'll really enjoy it!
Just finished reading! [pantpant] This rocks truckloads of socks, seriously! :D I've never been a Who fan, but I've seen the first season of Torchwood (and I love Honor's Jack, LOL!) and have heard enough about the recent Dr. Who seasons to follow along. Great story, wonderful characterizations and dialogue, fun plot, some excellent funny bits and Jack. :D It won't let me (or I couldn't figure out how to) leave a comment -- I suspect I have to register and log in and I'm not going to do that for one story -- but hopefully HonorH will feel the positive fannish vibes reverberating through the faniverse. :) Thanks so much for the link!

Isn't it fun? I haven't read any other Doctor Who fic (actually, I'm not that much of a fan, tho I love Torchwood), but my friend [info]sarcastic_jo keeps up with the fandom and pointed it out to me. If you want an amazing Torchwood epic, check out her Shades of Ianto series -- it starts pre-TW, then follows season one closely, and then heads off into her own vision of season two. It's a great read!