October 2015



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And on a completely different but hilarious subject...

Cillian Murphy was voted the 2nd sexiest man in a Film Ireland survey on Irish attitudes about sex in films.

Out of many interesting things in this survey, this quote stuck out:

...when asked to list their fantasy Irish on-screen coupling, most readers voted for male on male action. Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a clinch with Colin Farrell was top fantasy, with Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell in second place and Rhys Meyers and Murphy in third.

Amen to that!

Thanks for [info]franzi1981 for spreading the news.


Oh, ROFL! I think I like the Irish film fans. :D

Yeah, it sounds like they're an odd bunch -- more repressed in some ways, and much more open in others.
What still baffles me is that they felt the need to begin that sentence with "Bizarrely," ... and then I remember that this is not written in a fannish context. Spending time in (slash) fandom has spoiled me in that regard: I tend to forget that other people do indeed bat an eyelash at m/m content, certain sexual kinks, talking openly about what turns you on, and the like.
Heh, I know ... it's awfully easy to forget that not everybody thinks it's normal.

What I think is bizarre is that they're so prudish about other things (esp regarding women's sexuality in films) but when it comes to men, it's a big pretty pile of boys!
Male sexuality has lots of leeway in general -- like you said, there is some kind of double standard. For example, I remember a discussion about the treatment of movies when it comes to MPAA ratings: how the sexuality of boys usually gets a pass, but girls exploring their sexuality gets a higher rating. (Perhaps I should mirror that post on IJ... I'm still not done with transferring entries.)

Homosexuality is a different matter, though, and that's where I get confused because it looks so contradictory -- faggots bad, m/m good?! How does that compute?
It is contradictory, the 'faggots' vs. slash attitudes, although there's a surprisingly rich gay/bi culture/history in Ireland. Or among the Irish, I should say, since most of them leave the country. ;) And of course women have no sexuality whatsoever, don't you know.

That's an interesting study on the MPAA ratings. SUCH a double standard!
Hehehe--how about all three together? ;)

I love it that the m/m action wins. Love it.
Yeah, and you know, kudos to them for even putting that on the ballot as a choice. I wonder if that would be an option if a similar survey was done in North America.
Hehe, that's intriguing to hear.
I know -- I'm actually surprised it was even an option on the survey, much less the winning choice!