October 2015



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Honey, I'm home!

Man, I have missed you all like CRAZY! *cuddles each and every one of you*

I actually got back yesterday, but needed time to recover. Phew, what a trip this was! Eight flights in thirteen days, far too much time spent with my father (and no means of escape through his dial-up connection), and a very enjoyable time with my brother and some old Texas buddies -- and now I'm ecstatic to be home.

I got a wonderful surprise while I was away: one of my stories won a MOME Award. I was absolutely giddy -- it's the first time I've ever won anything like this before:

I know that [info]sweetsorcery also won an award -- congratulations, sweetie!

Of course, getting this news provoked an incident, as everything around my father does. I showed my brother the email from MOME -- he knows I write slash -- and excited, he told his partner. Well, my dad overheard. Then he wanted to see it. I muttered something about how it wasn't online anymore and I didn't have a copy, and he got all huffy. I came this close to saying, "Fine, here's my gay porn, Dad." Of course I know this is just him being proud of me, but in that house I revert to teenage self. And this came right just after his diatribe on how global warming has been proven wrong and everything Al Gore's ever said is a lie, so I dropped about 30 years off my mental age, rolled my eyes, and stormed outside to steal a cigarette from my brother.

One thing about families, they do make you feel young!

However, I did get to play with my nephew, who's now crawling at light speed but hasn't yet figured out how not to lead with his head when he falls. And my brother and I escaped to see the Asylum Street Spankers (they played in Asheville -- I love Asheville!) -- another thing that made me feel young, like I was reliving my Austin days. They have a hilarious new song, "My Baby's in the C.I.A.", that you can stream here (or download here). Absolutely brilliant!

Oh, and I have a sunburn and a bag of lovely shells as souvenirs from a great day at the beach.

Today there are no palm trees, and if there were they'd be snow covered, but I am very happy to be back, surrounded by my animals and my wonderful online world. I've also got TV to catch up on (TORCHWOOD! SGA!) and I'm gearing up to work on my story that's been sadly neglected -- I just can't think smutty thoughts with Faux News blaring in the next room!


Welcome baaaaaaack! :D
Thank you!! *squishes like mad*


Holy jumped-up bald-headed Jesus palomino, you're back!!!!!!!

I've missed you something terrible, darling, welcome home ♥

Re: ::tacklehugs::

hahahaha! That's quite the welcome!

*squishes you* I've missed you tons!!!
Welcome back!! *huggles*

I've definitely missed you around these parts.

It sounds like you had a pretty good time--and yes, I think all people turn into their teenage-or-younger selves around family. I know I do.

And congrats on the award! That's wonderful!
I've missed you too!!

It was really scary how much I reverted. I think the combined presence of my brother and dad at the same time had an even greater effect on me. But I did have some great bonding time with my brother.

And thank you! I was really happy!
dude! congratulations on the award thing! link to fic please!
Thank you so much! I was really surprised -- it's the first fanfic I ever wrote, and ... well, I'm proud of it, but at the same time I now see things that I wish I'd done differently. I'm sure you know how it is! Anyway, it's The Healer.

Completely OT-- almost

Hi!!!!!! I just finally started posting here, and realized i don't have you friended (it's been a rather clunky start for me here) and wondered if you're okay with me friending your journal.

I'm perfectly fine with getting a "no", so no pressure whatsoever.

Good to see you again and congrats on the award!

Re: Completely OT-- almost


Heck yeah I want to friend you!! I'm glad you'll be posting over here -- you'll like it, I think. It's a smaller community than LJ, but people seem more involved, so it all balances out.

Re: Completely OT-- almost

Ack, your icon is love.

I'm loving IJ already! It's exactly what I needed, when I needed it. So here's to more intimate fun!! :PP
Welcome back and congrats on your win!!
Thank you! It's sooooo good to be back!
Congrats on the award, and it does sound like overall you had a good trip. Though.... Eight flights in thirteen days? Damn! Will your ears EVER unplug? :D

Welcome home!
Will your ears EVER unplug?

I was honestly wondering that myself for a while there. It was really only four full flights, but eight segments ... enough to definitely mess with my system. My feet are firmly planted on the ground now!