October 2015



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Things to read

Busy, busy, busy today, so I just wanted to share a few links that you might find interesting.
  • Copyright and Comics:You may or may not know about the Tories' attempts to foist U.S. copyright law on Canada. If you're Canadian (or if you're just interested in a really cool medium for political expression), check out this amazing comic book from Appropriation Art.

    BTW, if you live in Canada, please take a second to contact your MP about this. We're getting down to the wire on this bill, it could be introduced in the next few days. And if this passes, I have a feeling it's going to be around a lot longer than Canada's New Government. It's easy -- with this letter generator you can do it in just a few clicks.

  • Short and Sweet: What's Your Story is online, including the $61/word piece that JKR wrote (I haven't had the brain power to decipher her handwriting yet) as well as one from Irvine Walsh that made me chuckle, one from Tom Stoppard that made me chuckle with a groan, and one from Neil Gaiman that made me glee -- that man can sure tell a story. Thanks to [info]roma_fics for the link.

  • Same Sex Couples Shed Light On Marriage: Someone on my flist posted this (sorry I can't remember who!) and it's an interesting read. Common sense, really, that gender inequalities wouldn't be as prevalent in same-sex couples, but hey, if social scientists can make a living studying it, more power to them.

Now. I must stop procrastinating and get back to work. :(


I'm going through the "What's your story?" posts now :-) JKR's is actually worth reading - proving that limitations (normally known as "editing") is good. Gaiman's rocks! :-D
Isn't his story great? Werechairs!

And yes, editing is a wonderful thing. Deathly Hallows would have made a kickass 300-page book!
Yes! :-D Werechairs are the best invention!!!

So is. Both Deathly Hallows and Half-blood Prince should have been around 100-200 pages shorter and they would have been so much better. Too bad that editors seem to stop working when an author sells *sigh*
There is an unofficial transcription of JKR's here.
Oh, thank you, darling! My eyes were crossing when I tried to read it last night. This will help a lot!
That last article was an interesting read. I think I might link that around a bit :)
By all means. I enjoyed reading it too.
Gender inequalities in het couples... *snicker*

You try being a sub with a husband who expects you to make all the decisions and tell him what to do! That's not what I bargained for, marrying a Taurus. ;)
You're so not their sample population. ;)

How do you ever make decisions? Are there many coin flips?
Don't I know it. That's why I see red when (certain) feminists who don't know me from Adam (or Eve, as the case may be) assume I spend my life barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, running on autopilot. If I'm in the kitchen, it's to make things I enjoy making; and I'm a lady of leisure, not a domestic robot, thank you very much. :)

Head flips more like. LOL
It can take us half an hour just to pick something to watch.

"What do you feel like?"
"I don't mind. What do you feel like?"
"I don't want to suggest something you don't want to watch."
"Hm. Give me some options to pick from."
"No, you give me options. I really don't mind."

And so forth. *cackle* It usually turns out we both had the same thing at the back of our minds anyway, because we're creepy that way, but it takes a long time to get there. ;)
I read the same article about same sex couples, it was very interesting. I love that America doesn't want to let gay people get married when it seems their relationships might have a better chance of lasting!
I know it! Isn't it ludicrous! And hypocritical, when so many of the folks opposing gay marriage are on their 3rd and 4th marriages.
Yeah, it truly amazes me how hypocritical people can be. I'd love to see this so-called "sanctity of marriage" the right always goes on about; it certainly isn't reflected in today's divorce rates.