October 2015



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You've got to be kidding...

HBPmoviepics has new pictures of, obviously, HBP. Some of them are pretty cool.

And then there's Narcissa...

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with her "gown" -- I had so wanted to see some elegant witch couture, and instead they give us this? And what's with the two-tone hair? Fugly with a capital F.

I don't get it. Narcissa is supposed to be beautiful and refined -- I always pictured either Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman a la The Golden Compass. Not ... this. She looks like McGonagall's long lost twin. (And yeah, yeah, I know Helen McCrory is a good actress, but it's going to take an Oscar-winning performance to overcome this travesty.)

Lucius is so much prettier!

On a happier note, I watched The Edge of Love tonight. I really enjoyed it. Matthew Rhys did an amazing job as Dylan Thomas, Keira and Sienna had a lovely friendship (and yes, I could easily see some femslash there), and Cillian ...


Egads, that gown looks like it was made from old chair upholstery!

It really does! It's even the shape of an old chair, looks like she transfigured something from the sitting room. Just no.

...and suddenly I am reminded of that drawing by makani about Lucius's fuzzy hat. :3
I don't believe I've seen that one ... are you thinking it might have been transfigured from a couch cushion?
It is maybe my favourite fanart ever. It /still/ makes me laugh.


And yes, yes I am thinking that. I am also thinking that it was Lucius who made it.

Lucius: Happy anniversary.
Narcissa: Oh... thank you, dear. It's...lovely.
Oh, that's good!!
In happier news, HERE's a sneak peek at tomorrow's ep of Beautiful People :D
Awesome! That Kylie is really something!

I have to say, tho, my heart belongs completely, totally, to the dad. Especially after that last episode. He's just so amazing, wanting to let his kids be who they want to be, not wanting them to be afraid like he was (of the grandma in the Beverly Hillbillies, cats with no legs, and the drummer in the Bay City Rollers). So much love!

Oh yes, Aidan McArdle is delightful!
...so, they're trying to make us think Lucius is gayer than Dumbledore, is that it? Seriously, I'm picturing him looking at her and shaking his head, "Oh honey, no."
Ha! He totally would! Just before incendio-ing her entire wardrobe. He'd never ever let her leave the house looking like that!
OMG, why did you not warn for Fenrir? ACK SO NOT SLEEPING! Not at all how I pictured him, but gah--too big and there and *creeped out*

Okay, sorry, I am calm now.

Yeah, I don't know WTH they are thinking about Narcissa. I mean, it's the Malfoys yeah? I expected classy, not the "I have no money so I'd better tear down the curtains and make me a new dress" look (and Scarlett did it better) and I can't even began to understand the logic for the hair.

What did I ever do to you, WB?
Eek! Sorry about that! I thought Fenrir looked pretty good, actually. It's those dark elements of HP that I really like -- and that they can do well, when they're not going for cheap laughs.

Maybe that's what Narcissa's look is supposed to be? Cheap laughs?

Yes, classy. Or I could perhaps even swallow overdone ostentation -- that might fit with Lucius. But this? Dowdy and frumpy come to mind.
Narcissa-just no. *shakes head*
It's so very wrong.
I found some funny new HBP icons at eljay.

Draco wants to know why he and his dad are so pretty and his mum is so horribly unattractive. I blame slash.
I love them, thank you!

It's not slash's fault. I've read femslash and Narcissa never looks like that!
That Narcissa pic looks very much like I always imagined McGonagall (hair colour nonwithstanding), so that says something about its ICness, I guess...

Are you afraid yet, Lucius?
I agree, it does look much more McGonagall like. I think that's because she looks too old to be Narcissa. Not that Minerva would ever wear such an indecorous gown!

Yes, this definitely explains why they only have one child and Lucius is gay for Snape.
Tea length?! Patterned tweed?! Ill-fitting sleeves?! Mother of god.

I have to say that disappointment in hair, makeup, and costume is becoming alarmingly regular. The fact that it spreads through so many departments points to art direction. I know taste is subjective, but damn.
It's true that taste is subjective, but at the same time they're supposed to be recreating the books. Sometimes I have to wonder if the costumers have even read them. (And remarks from the designer of the Quidditch helmets saying that they needed them because they were older now makes me suspect that they haven't!).

They're already making me swallow Draco in Muggle clothing, which I will dutifully do because, hello, Draco! But doing this to Narcissa is unforgiveable.
Eww! (Narzissa, not Cillian)
Yeah, there's no eww with Cillian. He was so pretty in this movie.

Unlike Narcissa! She needs a complete makeover!
What the...no! I love Narcissa and that is not Narcissa. Even if I give a pass on the clothes, what is up with the hair! How could they think two different colors of hair would work for Narcissa?
It's truly disappointing, isn't it? I don't know what they were thinking ... are they trying to connect her to Bellatrix somehow? That's the only possible explanation I can come up with. It just doesn't work.
First off I agree the hair is WTF?? Is she going for a punk witch look?? And this pic makes her look OLD and I can't picture Lucius with her! The 'gown' is a coat actually, it's the same one shown in Unbreakable Vow scene. The fabric looks like something you'd make upholstry with! This is NOT how I pictured Narcissa.
There is no possible way Lucius would be caught dead with that. She looks way too old ... have they never heard of glamours? And yes, you're right, it's a coat ... over what looks like a grey jersey top (dress?) which, again, Narcissa? She was wearing sweats in the Manor? Please.
The only reason I can conceive of them dressing Narcissa this way is that Spinners End is a muggle area and she dressed as she thought a muggle would? Still doesn't explain the hair though.
Unless she knew that the hair stylist in Spinner's End was blind and everybody in the village had terrible hair?

No, there's no rational explanation for this that I can see. It's just sloppy. *points to icon*
ROFL I Love It!!
Looking at that pic again she sort of reminds me of Cruella De Vil! lol
She does ... and you know, I can see Narcissa appreciating a good puppy coat.
Honestly, I think they'd have done better to dig up some Agnes Moorhead's costumes from the old Bewitched TV series.
Hee! Yes, they should have, even her most obnoxious neon green outfits would have been better than the upholstery!
I always thought Helen McCrory looked like a hag. I guess they didn't manage to cover up the fact, so they decided to go all out and have her look like something that should be living in the Malfoy kennels. Meep.

Oh, and a warning for that Fenrir pic might have been nice. I'm going to have nightmares tonight. He looks like a rugby player. =:o
so they decided to go all out and have her look like something that should be living in the Malfoy kennels. Meep.

*howls* Yep, I think you're right!!

I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

I'm so sorry ... but I think Fenrir's look is one of the best!
Old upholstery or bad curtains. Seriously. She needs to be much more elegant than that school marm look. I'm gonna go watch that vid again, with Naomi Watts.
The 'Death Eaters On The Road To Awe" video? That's one of my faves. And completely, utterly agree. It's really horrible what they've done to her.

*looks at Lucius*

*looks at that*

One of these things is not like the other...

ZOMG I've got it!!!!

Lucius actually transfigured himself a fully functional "Real Doll" from a Victorian fainting couch he really didn't like (and had an unfortunate mishap when he was a kid w/ an errant fire spell trying to light a stolen cigarette).

Completely anatomically correct Real Doll - with fallopian tubes and everything!

Okay, I feel better now.

Though, doesn't that make Draco some weird hybrid of antique furniture and a Real Doll evil wizard?

Re: ZOMG I've got it!!!!

*wheezes* Yes, that's got to be it! It's the only explanation for the cigarette burn hairdo.

doesn't that make Draco some weird hybrid of antique furniture and a Real Doll evil wizard?

It does explain why Voldy got him to work on his brother the magic cabinet.

I wonder if he has extra knobs...

Re: ZOMG I've got it!!!!

Extra knobs? Won't Harry be surprised ...

Harry: "Um...Draco?"
Draco: "What?"
Harry: "Erm, I know we don't get human anatomy or biology classes taught at Hogwarts so we're completely devoid of that portion of our education, but um... you've got three ... "
Draco: "Mmhmm. You should see me when I exchange those out for the pure gold version. They don't rust at all! Have a set with inlaid diamonds, but you know what they say about the strength of diamonds ... "
Harry: *gawks*
Draco: "What? Don't tell me you're prejudiced."
Harry: "About ... cabinetry? I'm an ... erm ... equal opportunity ... pro-cabinet Gryffindor?"
Draco: "Good. Now, pick which one to suck. That silver needs to be polished."
Harry: *proceeds to suck Draco's knob...all of them...with pure abandon*

Re: ZOMG I've got it!!!!

Have a set with inlaid diamonds, but you know what they say about the strength of diamonds ... "

God, that's brilliant! Harry is a very lucky boy!

*uses my only picture of a knob*
Hahahah, ouch. I'd seen the previous horrible pics of her and was hoping against hope that the hair just photographed badly, but... no, apparently they WANT her to look like a skunk dressed in a couch. WHYYYY?

You're so right, she totally does look like McGonagall's twin. When I first saw the pic in your icon, I actually thought it was McGoogles. Sad, v. sad.

I don't give a flaming toss how good an actress McCrory is, there's just no way I'm going to be able to look at her without throwing up a little in my mouth. Naomi Waaaaaatts! *cries*

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with her "gown" -- I had so wanted to see some elegant witch couture, and instead they give us this? And what's with the two-tone hair? Fugly with a capital F.

WTF did they do to Narcissa?

ICK She looks like she should be some Disney/anime hybrid come to life.

My God, she looks horrendous.

How could they get Bella so right and Narcissa so wrong?


THAT >>>

is Narcissa.

*points to icon* Lucius does not approve.

Yes! That is Narcissa!

How could they get Bella so right and Narcissa so wrong?

I don't know!!!! And I agree that JKR's description is convoluted -- "She [Bellatrix] sat beside her sister, as unlike her in looks, with her dark hair and heavily lidded eyes, as she was in bearing and demeanor; where Narcissa sat rigid and impassive, Bellatrix leaned toward Voldemort..." -- but a poorly structured sentence doesn't mean you take one from column A and one from column B and give her the two-tone doo!

Lucius would have an aneurism.