October 2015



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Sunday stuff

So this is kind of cool: my cousin who I haven't heard from in nearly 15 years found me through my company's website and left a message. We played phone tag a bit, and he finally caught up with me tonight -- and we spent over an hour on the phone. He's raising alpacas and angora sheep (!!!), his new wife is a spinner and weaver, and his daughter (who was a kidlet when I saw her last) is graduated from college and working on an organic farm in Argentina. Why haven't I kept up with him?!

Well, I do know, I'm shite at keeping up with RL people in my life. In fandom I'll spam you 20 times a day and love every minute of it, but talking (especially on the phone, I hate phones!) about family and children and blah blah blah ... I'd rather have Sylar feast on my brains.

But tonight? Tonight was fun.

Today was also fun. Ingo arrived -- my lovely little EEE PC. He's so very wee!! I inaugurated him with 3000 words of rimming fic (how is that even possible?) just to show him what he's gotten himself into. Sadly, the pr0n is not finished. I am so friggin' close, like a paragraph away, but it's an elusive paragraph that refuses to be typed tonight.

I was also distracted a lot by my animals, who were being excessively crazy. Molly especially liked getting acquainted with Ingo. Apparently nobody's welcome in our home until they're covered with fur.

So tomorrow, smut will be posted, no matter what. I might have a day free from work too. Client who emailed me saying she'd send stuff over the weekend has flaked (again) ... which just means rush charges down the line!

I'll leave you with a laugh from AfterElton: How to code Dumbledore queer. My favourite: Patronus spitting image of porn superstar Jeff Stryker.


Yay for days off and rimming fic! Wee, can't wait to read it.

(In related news, I pounded out the first part of my Etienne/Mike piece, and I'm solely laying the blame on you. :P)

And isn't your laptop so wee and cute! I love it that the kitty towers over it. Hee!
Yes! I love unexpected days off, there's nothing better. Of course it means I should squeeze in some laundry... *procrastinates*

(YAY!! I accept full blame for that!)

I know, she looks like Mozilla doesn't she?
Rimming fic! *expires from joyous anticipation*!

Ingo! So cuuuute. I adore that picture - the way Molly's pattern matches the fabric behind her so it looks like a bit of the couch/rug/whatever randomly decided to be a cat. Heh! And Ingo all pretty and tiny and with Studio-54 background! *applauds*

Also, that is so cool about your cousin! Alpacas and angora sheep and weaving! Awesome.

(also, not that this is surprising but I'm the same about keeping up with people in RL, and I also hate phones. Teehee.)
I am so sorry I didn't reply back to all the information you sent about that translation. I was still messing with it, trying to make something work (wow, isn't German literal?), and then suddenly it got late and my brain stopped working.

Heh, yes, Molly likes to camoflauge herself in paisley. That would very much suit her, actually. (It could also be that my futon cover is completely covered in her fur. They are becoming one.)

Also, that is so cool about your cousin!
I know! I'm still in shock, the rest of my family is muuuch more boring.

(also, not that this is surprising but I'm the same about keeping up with people in RL, and I also hate phones. Teehee.)

*g* I should have known! *loves*
Ingo haz arrived, yaaaay!! He's too kewt! As is Molly, who reminds me so much of our neighbor's cat in Cincy. She wasn't a very good cat owner, and one of her so-called 'outdoor' cats (who was obviously a very nelly indoor beast) liked to come over to our side of the U-shaped hallway. Her name was тыква (Russian for Pumpkin, we always just pronounced it Tweek-vah), and she was such a lovely little doll ♥

In other news, YAY for rimming fic!
I'm so happy he's here! I was playing with him all day yesterday. I think I can get used to the teensy keyboard too -- when I went back to my regular sized computer my fingers felt all floppy and were going all over the place.

Aww, was тыква a tortie too? I love them -- they have the best personalities of all cats (IMHO of course). They're usually quite the bundle of neuroses -- Molly is extremely passive-aggressive and co-dependent, not to mention bossy -- but I like that kind of attitude.
Yep, most definitely a tortie, and very co-dependent (which is why she latched onto us, 'cause we actually gave her the time of day, unlike her worthless owner). If it weren't for my raging animal allergies, I'd have a cat just like her today. And a dog like my ex-boss's, good ol' Gracie. I think I might have mentioned her before, she was a jet black, cocker spaniel/lab mix, so she always looked like a puppy XD She fancied warming her butt on my feet, and watching Wheel of Fortune. I'm not even kidding about the last bit, we used to joke that she fangirled Pat Sajak. Most peaceful, funny, caring eternal puppy I've ever met ♥
Alpacas! they are adorable!!
Everything needs the Cat approval before being accepted!
I don't think I've ever met one. I'm going to have to visit him sometime and see what they're like.

And I agree completely!


My name is Shira, and I was searching for people who liked artsy crafty stuff, knitting and crochet in particular, as that is the nature of my blog. I just created it, so there is only one post of what I've got done, but please take a look. I hope we can become friends.

Re: Hello!

Greetings! I don't devote much time to crafty stuff here -- it's primarily a fandom journal -- but you're very welcome here. I'll add you back.
You know, I actually like that Dumbledore wasn't "coded" gay in the books. I like that a character could be gay without having a partner to slobber all over, or wearing rainbow T-shirts or pink hot pants or a pet poodle. I like that there's this perfectly normal (well... [cough/grin]) person who just happens to be gay, but it wasn't shown because it wasn't at all relevant. He might also be allergic to peanuts or fond of woodworking or addicted to Australian soap operas, but none of that was relevant and so it wasn't shown. The only reason people were blowing their various gaskets over it is because gay is still seen as a huge negative. It's still considered shocking and shameful and edgy and offensive and marginalized, and people think they have some kind of "right" to know whether a character they like is gay or not, whether they're homophobes who would shun him if they knew, or gay-activists who would've been interested in him if they knew. Both views are marginalizing, though. If his sexual orientation doesn't matter to the story, then there was no reason to show it in the story and there's no reason to particularly like or dislike Dumbledore because of it.

If she'd mentioned in an interview that he was allergic to wool, no one would've cared. There wouldn't have been any "He is not!" or "You just made that up!" or "You hid that deliberately!" or any of the other crap that was spewed. The fact that so many people on both sides see his orientation as such a huge deal just demonstrates one more time that we're not there yet, that no matter what we'd like, being gay isn't seen as just another point on the normal spectrum of humanity. When this sort of an announcement can be greeted with, "Really? Interesting," before the conversation moves on, then we'll know we're there.


You're right on many levels, and I think it would truly be wonderful if it were true that sexual orientation was no more important than an allergy to wool. Someday we may get there, but we're not nearly there yet. Today, in the real world and in JKR's overwhelmingly heterosexual world, it seems to me important to point out that not everybody fits the stereotypical norm.