October 2015



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Fic recs and friending

reel_merlin just started at LJ and the two entries there so far have been exceptional! One is Ras Elased's What You Carry With You: Truth and knowledge are just as heavy as any yoke around the neck. For all Arthur's posturing, he is not Atlas, and he can't shoulder the weight of the world. Based on the movie Superman II. I haven't seen the movie so I can't say how true it is. What I took from it was an incredibly layered and complex depiction of Arthur, and I'm truly in awe of how deeply rich she's made this character. It's funny to say, but reading it, I think I've fallen in love with Arthur all over again.

And if I didn't need to go to bed so I can get up at 6, this would seque into how I find Arthur incredibly hard to write but Bradley stunningly easy, while Colin often proves difficult and Merlin is much more manageable. But that's for another day.

Instead we'll go straight into the other rec, art this time: Beeej's interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, Merlin style. I am just agog over the first one. The colours and the composition are just perfect!!

Now, AN IMPORTANT QUESTION for the Merlin fans on my flist. I know that there was just a Merlin friending meme over at LJ. Although I've made a few new friends over there (*waves to you guys*) I didn't take part in the friending meme just because I don't post at LJ. But I was wondering, do you think that having one over here would be a good idea? I just wonder if there are folks floating out there who are isolated. I'm happy to host it in my journal, and could even probably pimp it at some of the IJ comms. Maybe do it this weekend when I get back from SC? What do you think? Y/N/M?

And that's it for me, kittens! I'm off to the land of FOX News and boiled peanuts help me but I'll try to get online when I can. While I'm gone be very bad and write lots of porn!


We could post a Merlin friending meme over at [info]friend_me. That's where I find most people when it isn't another obscure anime/manga fandom I'm looking for. *g*
Great idea, thanks! I'm going to do it this weekend once I return to the 21st century.
Hmmm ... I've got all the questions I want to include in the meme and I've filled mine out, ready to post. But I'm stumped by the form on the profile page. Any idea how I make that little box appear?
Have a safe trip, darling, I will miss you SOOOO MUCH! ::hugs, refuses to let go::
*hugs back* I hope you're doing okay, love. I was thinking about you today. You need something good to happen to you. *hugs more*
::keeps on huggling::

Awes! Thank you, darling. I'm seeing K. this Friday, so things are definitely looking up ;)
Have a nice trip and take care! *hugs*

Merlin friending might be fun :-) I'm thinking of doing more in this fandom.
Ugh, well, yes. THANKS tho!! I appreciate it!

And I'm very excited -- I hope that you do! It's so much fun to talk with you about it, both about the smart stuff and the squeeing.
*hugs* I hope it isn't that bad. At least not all the time...

:-) It is. I'm having fun with it.
Ditto what K said. :) I have you and him on my list, and possibly a few other people... May be time to make a filter so I can find things better. Is there a Merlin comm here at IJ?

(oooh, and I need some icons...)
There is one, [info]arthurian_slash (I think that's the name, it's on my profile page but my connection's lagging too much to check right now) but they seem very serious minded. I haven't felt entirely comfortable invading them with our silly show. :)
*G* And I still say they are mostly inactive and a slash comm. How serious can they be?
*G* I know! I just feel like an invading force! Wearing shiny armour, of course, and wielding a sword that makes swishing noises when I swing it.
I was going to suggest [info]friend_me too.

FOX News? *shudder* Oh my God, why?

So you're off, huh? I'm really not keeping up with stuff. Have a great trip and a fun time!
Good idea, I'll do it this weekend. Thanks!

God, it's been just AWFUL. I wanted to watch Obama's address tonight and he was complaining so much at everything he said that I gave up. And then he wanted to watch Lou Dobbs' wank afterwards and I exploded. Yes, this will be a happy few days.

This is just my short trip to expunge my family guilt. Which should hold me for another 18 months or so.
Hooray to the friending meme! :D

Have a save trip!
Yes, you'll have to join in!

And that's an adorable icon, btw. :)
i'm all for the friending meme! the one on lj was sort of overwhelming...but here it might be more managable. it also might make me read this flist more often, lol.
It was overwhelming, wasn't it? It went from nothing to many pages in no time!

I love my flist here, I feel like it's closer-knit than my flist on LJ (with a few notable exceptions) but it would be nice to know that the whole bunch aren't rolling their eyes when I make Yet Another Post About Merlin. :)
yeah, i figure i could make this flist more merlin oriented as well and not drive my lj flist insane. i'm always reading the bradleycolin comm's flist because i'm starved for more merlin posts, haha. *has it bad*

Your first link is wrong, dear.

Merlin Friending meme yay! =D
Thanks! I think I fixed it!