October 2015



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Nick Cave

Oh wow, he was even more amazing than I imagined!

He came out wearing a brown suit and pink shirt, unbuttoned way low. I hope I can find a picture online later, because I forgot my camera. Quite the presence despite being junkie thin. And he lost the tash, thank goodness.

I really didn't think he'd be so very funny. I guess it makes sense, he's a great storyteller (obviously), but he has this wickedly sharp humour and comedic sense of timing. He compared writing The Death of Bunny Munro (in about four weeks while on tour) to his previous book, which he wrote a decade ago over six arduous months in Berlin. When the host asked what he'd learned from that previous experience, he deadpanned, "Huge quantities of amphetamines don't improve the writing process."

He also handled lots of embarrassingly stupid questions from the audience. (Oh, Ottawa, why?) Like the stoned woman whose band had opened for him in Montreal and insisted that he'd offered her a job as lead singer, and seemed genuinely upset when he joked that he said that to all the women; or the man who wanted him to collaborate on his screenplay and would not just sit down gracefully; or the dork who asked him if he'd visited Avril Lavigne in Napanee. (Oh, Ottawa. *facepalms*)

Despite the idiotic questions, he did a great job of running with them and finding something interesting to say about each one. I especially loved hearing him talk about the lyric writing process and the constraints it imposed, and how he's changed his editing process -- that now he just captures it all and doesn't agonise too much over what to cut out, and that oftentimes he'll remove the narrative core and come up with something a lot more interesting. Which, fascinating, Y/Y? Like the zen approach to editing. (I'm so tempted to try this with my clients!)

I wish I could remember all the things he talked about -- how someone asked him if he loved or loathed his songs, and he thought she said "sons", and he sniped, "Yeah, I hate the little bastards," or why he enjoyed the Teletubbies but wasn't impressed with Bukowski, and how liberating it was to realise that no matter how lighthearted and jovial he was, the headlines were always going to call him the Gothfather (he came to this realisation while lying in his coffin one night, he said *loves*).

All in all, it was a fantastic event. And so, in honour of lighthearted, jovial, and thoroughly amusing Nick Cave, I leave you with one of my favourite happy Bad Seeds songs:


he enjoyed the Teletubbies but wasn't impressed with Bukowski

That is so awesome, I don't even have the words...

Glad you had a wonderful time, darling!
Thanks! I know, he was so genuinely awesome. These things came up with the parade of Ottawa wannabe hipsters who were saying things like "isn't the banality of children's television terrible" and he's just so far beyond that.
Nick Cave stylishly pwning wannabe hipsters= SLICE OF FRIED GOLD.
(he came to this realisation while lying in his coffin one night, he said)

Ehehehehe *loves*
He was absolutely hilarious -- I wasn't expecting that!
That sounds about as fantastic as it can be :-) I'm so thrilled for you!
It was really, really cool. I'm so glad I decided to go!
Have you seen this
Oh no, I hadn't, thank you! He did talk some about doing this. He's got his fingers in a zillion pies.