October 2015



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My life is weird

Just when I think life cannot possibly get any more surreal, I wake up to email from German directors sending the pre-production soundtrack from their latest film. *hyenas*


Dude, your life is awesome. And surreal. And AWESOME.

I feel like I was living in DREARY LIFE until I was washed in Sparklemagic.

Oh. I just described this, didn't I?
:O How cool is that?!
It's absolutely bizarre and cool and I just have to shake my head and wonder when my life took this crazy turn!
Holy wow, darling!!! ::high-fives::
I want to see those episodes NOW, lol. They are all too freaking awesome.
OMG did that just happen? And how can we turn this all into profit? Because we need to do something if these marathon sessions are going to continue interfering with our jobs.
*dies at your icon*

Dude, I know it. *stares at undone work* Dear Sparklepeople, you are mad and lovely and I am beyond flattered that you seem to want to spend like ALL YOUR TIME with us but DUDES, I HAVE BILLS TO PAY, lol.
Wanted: Off-site seasonal contract workers needed to entertain soap actors and directors. Must be extremely patient, able to restrain from talking for long periods of time, skilled at multitasking, and possess extremely strong bladders. Bilingualism preferred but not essential. Those with real life responsibilities and faulty Internet connections need not apply.
*waves hand exuberantly*

I volunteer! I've got OODLES of spare time, if you don't count the day job and the writing and the three kids and the husband and the...




*submits resume for seasonal contract worker position*

Dear Hiring Supervisor,
Attached you will find...

"Those with real life responsibilities...need not apply"

Oh damn---so close to the dream job...

Hey! I applied first! Who cares if we don't actually fit the description because we have lives and stuff!

...I'll fight you for it. Jello wrestling? Shakespearian insults at ten paces? I know, whoever watches the most episodes of Teletubbies and/or Barney back-to-back without going insane wins!

(Methinks ktbob should go to bed now. Gettin' a little loopy.)
OK...wait...did you actually suggest Jello wrestling??? *LOL*

Oh my dear, IT IS ON!!! You better get ready Kate...Now, how do we create a virtual Jello Pit???

(ooohh and I see you taunting me on Twitter… *…runs to reply*)
Good news, Lil! After a Twitter smackdown of epic proportions, characterized by virtual jello wrestling and massive tag abuse, redcouchaddict and I have come up with the perfect solution!


Tres fabulous, y/y? We're so clever.

*runs off to wash the jello out of my hair*