October 2015



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The Golden Compass Daemon Meme

OK, everybody needs to put their results from this test on IJ, because twitter is too fast and fluctuating. I am a Swan (which means I am peeerfect) but I think I'm going to swap it out for a koala or maybe a panda bear. (Unless [info]antiteb agrees to an arranged marriage with her Daemon - then we'll have the wedding of the century! Kate/William who?)

So tell me what you got, I want to see the full menagerie. (I hear we have manatees!!)

Updating post with a koala picspam seemed Highly Necessary for some reason. I definitely think this is my chosen Daemon.

They sleep for twenty hours a day, and spend the other four eating (and representing my multi-faceted and ever-changing personality, getting angry when I don't, and being the voice of emotion and reason in my ear, obviously. Those other 20 hours, I'm on my own apparently).

They do sleep very well, I have to admit I'm impressed.

They also appreciate threesomes.

Or moresomes...

And to anybody who thinks they're just cute and cuddly, get a load of their vicious teeth and claws!

Finally, I'm only posting this because I'm actually stunned speechless. I don't think anything has ever better explained why I'm no longer an American.



Because I am being completely in character and doing this carefully and shyly apparently - http://goo.gl/oCEPf I am a ladybird/bug.

But I am married to a manatee.
Oh hmm, that sounds pretty accurate, actually! *squishes you*
Hah, swans are VICIOUS! But I'm in favour of the koala/panda swap. We'll need a HUGE expansion to the Igloo's menagerie!
Wheee! Updated post with koala picspam!


That is some serious sleeping talent, I must say. They take pretzeling to a whole new level! And threesome/moresome aficionados! \o/ So much love.

Not so much for that video. Uhm... what? Why are these people not in a zoo cage where the koalas can stare in at them and go "awwwww, look, they're trying to make news! Aren't they awfully cute?"
wow, flying Koala!
I cannot decide what my daemon should be, rabbit, dormouse or dik-dik. But as they are so small, I'll fit them all in my pockets.
I love dik-diks! They're like fairy-sized deer! But yes, I think you need a big pocket (or a koala-like pouch) to carry your entire menagerie!
I am a cheetah! Rahr!
Cheetahs are cool! And also a wolf or a raven - so many of my friends are getting those choices.
Damn you and your moderate adaptability! I think I'll keep my distance from the koalas, though. I'll respect the potential of those claws. Whoa.
And their teeth! 3rd deadliest animal for dentists lol! (That makes me strangely proud of the little buggers.)
That is so incredibly fitting.
Also - as I recall from good old QI - because Koala's eat Eucalyptus leaves, which are normally poisonous they can tolerate whatever chemical it is but does mean they are mildly....intoxicated (read: stoned) for most of their day/life.

And they have fingerprints!
This is just getting better and better!

(Although with fingerprints, I guess I shouldn't send them out to do any thieving. I will leave that up to [info]aldiara's coatis.)

In other news, seems like my daemon is a lion or a chimpanzee. Seeing as I live in a city a lion might not be as handy. I mean, being on the tram with one might be a bit complicated. Then again, I'd never have to be afraid of walking home alone in the night. :D
The thought of you strolling around Köln with a lion by your side is just magnificent!!
It'd be great! Maybe I could ride on it, too. And I'd always be first in line. :D
Oh and btw: love the icon! :D
I'm a Regal Soul which I find hilarious since my zodiac symbol is also a lion.