October 2015



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Enemies of karaoke

I had to steal this Fannish Friday Five from [info]kabal42...

5 characters that wouldn't do karaoke (even if you paid them):

1) Mr. Darcy
2) Mazikeen
3) Derek Hale
4) Uther Pendragon
5) Narcissa Malfoy (actually the entire Malfoy family, but I think she'd be the most averse)


Heeeeh. Agree with most of those, except I could see Derek do a Spike-like tortured rock ballad if someone were to cast an evil spell to detect werewolves by compelling them to communicate solely in musical form.
OK, he might do it if forced, but he would hate himself and everybody who witnessed it.

And why do I have no Twoof icons? MUST. RECTIFY. NOW.
Oh yes, he totes would. Which is part of the reason I want to see that now. I like me some self-loathing Derek.

IDEK, I don't have icons either. This icon challenge cannot come soon enou- oH FUCK, I NEED TO MAKE ICONS.
Doh! I uploaded some the other night and then forgot. No self-loathing Derek, have some deep and reflective (or smug and blank) Jackson instead.
Now I'm dying for a cossover fic where Maz meets Derek.
There will obviously be ass kicking before any sexyteimz occur and Maz will totally PWN him (Dammit! I'm advocating violence before sex and I can't even say it's 50 Shades' fault cuz I haven't read any of that crap yet)
LOL now I'm imagining Maz looking around at Derek's collection of dungeon gear and giving her version of "oh, honey."
Oh, gah! Now I wish I'd thought of Uther too! (And Mr. Darcy, that's brililant!)
Uther would never do it. Giles, on the other hand...
And ASH himself would love it! :-D