October 2015



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Saturdays are for memes

I did this fandom meme ages ago for AWZ (oh, how times have changed). Figured it was time to update it with - what else -


01. The first character I fell in love with:

The first time he fell over, I knew it was love

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't:

But I want to love her again.

04. The character I love that everyone else hates:

Don't know if anybody hates him, but...

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer:

I liked when he was a big doofus, but turning him into the mastermind of Beacon Hills is not working for me.

And actually, Allison goes here too. I loved her back in the day when she was strong and sassy and telling Scott off for wanting to protect her and showing that she didn't need any white knight to save her. I loved when she and Lydia were bffs and there for each other. I really wish she'd not lost her humanity at the end.

06. The character I would shag anytime:

Or any of the cast Hales, actually.

07. The character I want to be like:

He's the epitome of cool on this show, just doing his own thing, staying on the edge of the madness seemingly by choice, hanging out at the gay bars. I bet when it all shakes out, we'll learn that he knew what was going on the whole time.

08. The character I'd slap:

For her violence against Erica, Boyd and Isaac, and for being the shittiest friend in the world to Lydia.

09. A pairing that I love:

Basically, I ship everyone.

And a surprising late entry...

10. A pairing that I hate:

Bored. To. Tears.

11. Favorite character: I can't decide between these two:

12. My five (other) favorite characters:

13. My five least favorite characters:
I only have four. Everyone's too good.

(Although she sure did win me over right there at the end.)

(Please, please, please prove me wrong next season!)

14. My deep, dark fandom secret:

I have two actually...

The Kanima was really hot. I'm sad that he's gone. But on the upside, we got this:

But my really deep, really dark secret is this:

I hope Sterek doesn’t actually happen – there's no way it could be as good on screen as it is in my head. And if it turned out like Scott and Allison, I would cry tears. From my eyes.


Oh god. It could never be like Scott/Allison. I don´t think that is physically possible with these two. Actually, the thought makes me lol. :DDDDDD and giggle.

I see you´ve used your night productively. Well done. Who loves Allison, though? You don´t have to answer that, really, I don´t want to know. But it would be cool to care about her again! Make it happen, Jeff!
There is a lot of love on Tumblr. Also a lot of people moaning that the OTP is broken up. So by "everyone" I guess I don't mean the thinking people who read my journal, but the... you know, the rest. *handwaves*

Sterek might not be like Scott and Allison - okay, you're right, those actors/characters could not do that, I'm sure - but I can't imagine them having an onscreen relationship that works. This is not to say that I don't want their whatever-it-is to continue, and for some kind of trusting relationship to slowly, reasonably grow. That will be a goldmine of subtext - and that's what I enjoy most, after all. That's why I'm in slash fandom!
I love me a goldmine of subtext. I´m pretty sure there´s potential for development, there. They already have one Scott/Allison pair, they couldn´t fit that mould over them if they tried, which I´m also pretty sure they wouldn´t. It´s just not in them. I´d love for these two to just keep rubbing each other (uhm... brain goes offline in 4,3,2,...) up the wrong way and sometimes finding, in slowly suspended disbelief, that they can actually work well together if they have to. That would then be raised to the next level (of trust, as you said), with which would also come bigger pitfalls, especially with someone as untrusting as Derek, questions about loyalty, confrontations, maybe the need (in his mind) for some kind of pact or bond... ok, yeah, this is my sleepless brain typing at the moment :D I might not hit post. lololol.
Oh well, I´m just curious. Dynamics are going to be shifting anyway with the pack of alphas in town. Derek might be panicking. And the combined research/knowledge/resource powers of Peter and Stiles could just be the thing that saves him, and the rest of the gang. *wants*
Oh yeah, I like where your sleepy brain is going. And you know, the way you describe this build up, it's very like one of my favourite slash pairings from Stargate: Atlantis. I don't know if you're familiar with that show. Anyway, it was between a scientist who was completely socially inept and the military commander that was on Atlantis to protect the science team. And I LOVED the way their relationship evolved from one of distrust to, basically, sacrificing their lives for each other when it mattered.

I can totally see that happening between Derek and Stiles, especially as Derek's challenged more from his pack and the others. Stiles could be the one outside that who he might rely on more. IDK, it could go so many different ways, but if they would just give us that, I would be over the moon!
*munches peanuts, applauds madly*

I don't remember this from AWZ, was it pics then too or text? Or both? I could just go back through your journal, but the cool kids ask EKP. Can you please LMGTFY that for me?

Hahaha, I think at this point Allison is more like the "character everyone hates", tbh. Haven't seen much universal love there lately, although tbf, I don't hang out on tumblr. These gifs are awesome tho.

YES YES YES about Eddie. I kinda hope he'll get a bigger role but I'm also perfectly content with the way he is now. So much love.

Oh man, I am deeply in lust with that picture of Lydia that makes her hair look like a burnished sunset. (Or like Peeta's favourite colour - someone, anyone, GIEF CROSSOVER.) How is the girl so gorgeous?

OTP so boring, yes. I am sad - will anyone ever manage to write OTPs that one can root for again? I don't think anyone's made me do that since Joss Whedon. And it sucks when the main romance (or main characters, for that matter) is/are just necessary crap you have to sighingly swallow to enjoy the rest of the awesome. It shouldn't be that hard to create compelling main charatcers/pairings that actually draw you in.

Awww, I like science teacher, he intrigues me more than Kendra and her I IZ MYSTERIOUS plot. But it all depends on where season 3 goes.

Yeah, by this point I'm kinda with you on Sterek. I think they probably still could do it in a cool way if they do decide to go there, but fandom entitlement puts me off so thoroughly - I squick so hard at the thought of how everyone would go "OH YAYZ, WE PETITIONED AND GOT OUR CANON PAIRING THAT IS OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT." Entitlement yuck. Basically, I want Jeff & Co. to not be influenced either way by fan pressure - if they want to go canon Sterek, great, if they don't, equally great. The story's for the creators to tell. The stuff people WISH would happen is for fandom to tell. Good lord, why is that a difficult concept.

The kanima was wicked sexy. Werewolf!Jackson is joy, but I am so saddened by the loss of the Tail Wot Does Things.
The AWZ meme was just words, like we used to do it in the olden days before discovering that anything of importance had to be said with gifs.

There is Tumblr love of Allison, as well as a scary amount of woe over the breakup of the OTP. *gags* But these questions are so inane anyway - their sole purpose seems to be to say "am I the only one who...?" I'm going to avoid answering them in the future. That space could have been used for another picture of Jackson.

Oh! I should have popped Kendra into my list of un-liked characters - I completely forgot about her. Must be her shroud of mystery, it is very effective. Yeah, I don't truly dislike either her or Mr. Harris. I just feel like they're woefully underdeveloped. The good thing about this show is that other people I have started out disliking (like Coach Cupcake) have turned that around. So maybe it will be the same with them.

It's interesting you bring up Joss... I think he earned a trust that I haven't given to Jeff & Co. yet, mainly because Allison and Scott are so supremely fail-y. I just am not interested in their relationship and really haven't been since maybe the 3rd episode after they got together, with random moments of cuteness after that (SKATING!). But overall, they've been dreadful and anvil-y, and I'd like to say "oh no, that wouldn't happen with Sterek", but this isn't Joss and I just can't say that. Not yet.

(However, with what they did with Lydia & Jackson, I can say that they are still miles ahead of most television. So maybe there is a chance.)

The entitlement is just ridiculous. And while I can appreciate that fandom isn't stigmatized quite so badly as it once was, the people petitioning for Sterek are making me almost wish it was. They're the stereotypes that used to be called up when people thought "crazy fans." (Sigh.)

Manatees and glowing Jackson. That's where my mind needs to be.
I won't do this meme because it'd look almost like yours and how boring is that?

Is there even a person who doesn't love Stiles? If yes, I don't want to meet that person.

Are there really so many people who are sad about Allison/Scott break-up? Why? For me it's so obvious that they'll be back together at some point in the story. Maybe these are the people I blocked on tumblr. I block all the stupid. Tumblr will be pretty lonely soon. As for Allison and Scott as characters: I don't hate them, I'm just not that interested in them. They can be cute and seriously? I have nothing else to say about them. Why brain? Why?
I trust Jeff Davis and his team to bring Allison back to the human side. Oh hell, I don't know how to explain this. I hope that storyline will take all of next season and won't be solved in 2 or 3 episodes. Unless they kill Allison at the beginning of S3.

Jackson! When did he turn into one of most interesting and complex charachters? Only in season 2? Or was it already in season 1? At the beginning he was just that obnoxious jock, sometimes funny but most of the time a moron. (Glowy!penis FTW)

Tyler Hoechlin smiling? I can't. That man is way too attractive. I would shag them all. At the same time, God, I'm a creep.
Do it! There are many, many more pretty pictures of the TWoof cast that need to be pawed over!

As for Allison/Scott woe, I've seen some on Tumblr - and it may just be that it's so opposite my own opinion that it makes more of an impression, it sticks out because I think "oh god please no."

Since your brain has nothing to say about Allison, can I just take a moment and rant? *does* I think what bothers me most about her is her assumption that her relationship and problems are more real, more important, than Lydia's. I know in the first season, Lydia minimised her feelings for Jackson. Anyone with half a brain could see that she was being self-protective, but Allison accepted that at face value, to the point that during the second season, she's telling Lydia that her relationship with Scott is real and Lydia can't understand that. For. Fuck's. Sake. And this is why I applauded Peter Hale so much when he stepped in with what should have been obvious to Lydia's BFF.

There are lots of other things she did, like hiding the truth from Lydia and shooting the puppies and going cuckoo for Gerard. But it's that lack of empathy for Lydia's situation that bugs me most.

As for Scott, I like him cute and dumb. Don't try to think BB, it doesn't suit you.

OMG JACKSON *FLAIL* I adored Jackson in the first series simply because he was an obnoxious jock. AN OBNOXIOUS JOCK WHO WOULD RENT THE NOTEBOOK FOR HIS GF! And I guess I just loved his and Lydia's relationship. That bowling scene where he's thinks he is teaching her is pure gold. But wow, this season they went so far beyond with him, and somehow managed to do it without being anvil-y about his arrogance covering his insecurities. It was really quite extraordinary.

I LOVE YOUR CREEPINESS. <33333333333333333
Okay, so I have a secret opinion in which canonically speaking, I really don't ship Sterek at all. Having been lured into watching the show with the promise of this gloriousness I was completely shocked to find they were actually one of the pairings that least interested me in many ways. Probably it all just felt a bit foretold already IDK. But Derek/Jackson and Derek/Scott and Scott/Jackson even all seemed more likely. I have a thing for hate!sex I guess. Also Allison/Lydia was all gorgeous all the time for a while there. At the beginning of season 2 I was so hopeful over that. Fail. The whole show is so emminently multi-shippable it seems a waste and a crime to limit oneself.
I'm not against seeing Sterek happen, I think if they build it right it could be awesome and I do like the dynamic they have going but if they shoe-horn it in I will cry unhappy tears of dissatisfaction. I know Jeff Davies said all of s2 had been written before he found out about Sterek but I can't believe Matt's line in episode 10 or 11 or whatever it was wasn't a result of some kind of Sterek awareness and I didn't really like it. I think that kind of thing moves too much towards playing with your audience rather than thinking about your characters.

I think my version of this meme would be pretty much identical but maybe with added Chris Argent.