October 2015



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Handwriting meme

I got tagged by [info]dani_meows to:

1. Username or real name,
2. Favourite musical artists.
3. A sentence.
4. Location or where you would like to live one day.
5. Draw a heart.
6. Tag the people!

I actually tagged people this time, which I usually don't do because it feels so pushy. But this time I kinda got a kick out of being tagged myself. So do it if you feel like it!


Your handwriting is like a pretty pretty font!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It feels so unnatural to write with a stick held in my claw. How did we used to do this all the time?
IDEK! Every time I try to actually physically write, my hand cramps up and it's impossible to get more than two or three pages down before I have to quit or else I'll start crying.

It's not as bad on a tablet...which makes no sense because it's still a pen!

Whooooooo. I likes!!
Also, good call on the sentence. XD
So pretty and font like!
Aw, thanks! I never thought of it as "fontlike", just as scratchy!
Buhahaha I love that you wrote Bath but all I can picture is you suffering through obligatory Sunday tea with my family listening politely to the horrific, un-pc stories my grandfather is telling you about his time in Canada in the war.
Ahh Máté Kamarás - what a guy.
I'm having weird nostalgia feelings over your handwriting. Halp!
*trots off to do meme*
I think I wrote Bath because I had just watched Persuasion the night before. You know, the one where Ciarán Hinds struts around Bath in his fancy naval uniform and Amanda Root as Anne looks on with her stiff upper lip and broken heart.

Besides, I'd love to go to Sunday tea! I can talk about your new life in France with your grandmother. It would be grand!
It will come as no surprise to you that I am, in fact, familiar with the strutting.
<333 Glorious!
Of course when there is a meme that cannot be done completely online, I'm not home to do it! That's why I was a bit late.

I love to do handwriting and I miss writing long letters.

My goddaughter had her first schoolday last week and the style of handwriting she will learn is really different from the one I was taught. Strange. But in the end everyone will create an individual handwriting-style anyway.
Sorry to take so long to respond, stupid RL! Why is your goddaughter being taught a different handwriting? Is it the teacher's preference or is there something else going on?
The cause for the different styles of writing are educational-reforms. What I learned was "Lateinische Ausgangsschrift". In 1972 someone invented "Vereinfachte Ausgangsschrift" which was supposed to be a simplified version. Because I went to school in Bavaria, I was still taught the first version, my cousin who was two years younger and lived further north, in a different federal state, was taught the simplified handwriting, which now is established in lots of German schools.

Apparently, what my goddaughter will learn is again a more simplified version ("Schulausgangsschrift") - even a bit different from what her brother, who's two years older, has learnt.

P.S. My granddad showed me to write and read "Sütterlin", but I'm not very good at it.
Hahahaha - "It feels so unnatural to write with a stick held in my claw. How did we used to do this all the time?" THIS EXACTLY. The most writing I do these days is random work notes and shopping lists - anything approaching a page of solid writing feels weird.

I love your handwriting, though. All curvy and loopy and pretty!
The most writing I do these days is random work notes and shopping lists...

Sadly, if I had a reliable printer, I would probably type those out too. ;)