October 2015



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My cats are spoilt rotten (100 Things Post #4)*

Since I got my two kittens seven months ago, I've been wanting to get them one of those cool "cat condos" that they could climb on. But they can get pretty expensive (and it's hard to get one home without a car), plus in my small apartment there's not really room for it. It's not like the cats are deprived anyway, since the back of the couch is along the windows and they prefer climbing on the AC anyway.

But then, not long ago, I saw how this dedicated pet owner had bought his cat's love built his cat Rufus a tower out of banker's boxes. Pretty impressive, eh?

Lacking a free source of banker's boxes, I decided to make do with some boxes from my grocery store. I'm starting small, with just a few boxes.

I cut a hole in the bottom of the top banana box, and one in the side of the bottom banana box, so they can go in and up (or down and out, whichever they prefer). I'm actually glad I did it this way, since it's given them some time to get used to it. At first they were wary, but after loading it up with treats and putting a favourite blanket in the bottom of the banana box, they've been won over. Now the Little One takes most of his naps curled up in there, and they play there several times a day. The size has been great too - this was one of my concerns with a full-blown Rufus Tower, because I don't have a large enough wall to support it. This one lives in front of my front door, and I can just slide it out of my way when I leave the apartment.

Today I added an extension.

(I just realised that the kittens have just swapped places.)

There's a hole in the side of the top banana box now (in addition to the hole through the bottom) into the new box, and the box above it is connected by another hole. And then they can come out the front. It's quite a squeeze for Ollie (the big orange one), but the Little One can slink right in. And I cut diamond-shaped holes all around the top one so they can paw each other as necessary.

The boys are still not completely sold on this new development, and I'm not sure whether I can build on much more - cutting holes through the bottom really affects the stability of the boxes, so I can see where the banker's boxes would work better. But I think it'll be enough for them, for a while anyway, if they take to it as much as they did the previous arrangement. I'm out nothing but a bit of packing tape and maybe some paint if I decide to spruce it up. (And almost a finger, nearly lost in a skylight-cutting incident - if you make one of these, BE CAREFUL WITH THE KNIFE!)


I need to get back into doing these! I'll try to be better.


Love this! My diva kitty enjoyed boxes so much she'd sit in a bottle water flat and look like a kid playing at driving or riding on the bus.

your boys are cuties
Oh that's so cute! It's obvious she understands that boxes are the Best. Thing. Ever. All my boys' bought toys are forgotten the instant a new box comes into the house!!

Thanks! *snuggles them*
I was wondering how stable this would be with regular boxes. Probably best to keep it smallish. It looks like so much fun! Hahahah, and your boys know just how to pose <3333 (Well, Ollie does - Alfie knows just how to look like a sneaky slinky shadowcat).

Glad you got it up without the loss of a finger, though! Ouch.
The banana boxes are great, but the other ones don't work nearly as well. Sanna suggested that I see if I can get free paper boxes from Staples, and I might try that for Phase II of the development.

But they are liking it. Ollie especially likes having a perch to sit on so he can swipe Alfie as he emerges.

Hahahaha your Flash icon is intimidating!
Cat DIY!! *pets*

Dude, I really want a cat whose love I can buy.
I've never found it very hard to buy a cat's love. They try to act all independent, but at the end of the day, they're cheap needy creatures just like the rest of us.
Wow - this video!
I also admire your work! Love your pictures with your cats enjoying their boxes.
Isn't that video amazing! I hope his cat enjoys it!!

Mine is less impressive lol but the boys seems happy with it, and that's all that matters. #thatandhair
fsndkjfasdbkfhjasdfhkjash *flails* omg that is the most awesome thing!!
I'm not good with cats but I really wish I had one now, just so I could make this!
I'm sure they'll love you forever now. or for a week.

(most related animal icon I have is a fish, lol.)
Heee! I'm sure you could win over a cat with a few boxes and a bag of treat - they're not that hard! I lost the love from mine today when I pulled out the Evil Vacuum Cleaner of Evil. But they're easy, so I'm sure they'll cave as soon as they're hungry.