October 2015



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Belated Happy Thanksgiving, and Autumn is here!

Taken yesterday at A.Y. Jackson Park, Manotick, Ontario


That is so gorgeous! It fully looks like a medieval fantasy setting (I think I spot Walter Frey in a window). And what beautiful autumn colours!
Eeeek! I don't want the scary Freys anywhere near the pretty mill! *sends Tardis back in time to root him out*

Can you get here by tomorrow btw? They're having a whisky tasting at the mill. Thought you might like to attend.
I WANT TO. Though someone tells me flights are around 6k right now, so IDK if any whisky is worth that *cries*
Pretty! We don't get autumn where I live, is jealous.
I lived in Seattle for too many years without autumn, I missed it - it's my favourite season. If only it wasn't followed by winter!
Ooo, gorgeous pic!
Thank you! And I love your icon, I might have to make those!
Beautiful! And so sunny!
We have nicely coloured leaves as well but yesterday it was mysterious and foggy (when it didn't rain).

Oh that's pretty. I love the fog, it makes it all misty and romantic!
Beautiful picture! And I learned a new thing today: never knew that Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving already in October.
Did you have turkey with all the works?
Yep, Monday was the holiday, most people do a big dinner on the weekend with family/friends. I had a friend over for dinner, but no turkey (I'm actually not a fan of turkey, it's too dry). Instead we had pumpkin-squash soup and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream, hot apple cider, Irish coffees... it was lovely! And lots of leftovers, I was still eating pie yesterday!
What a gorgeous place!
It really is - I should get out into the country more.
The mill is beautiful! Do you have more pictures to share?
I don't. :( I took my camera along, thinking it'd be nice to take a nice leisurely drive and take a lot of pics, but then I got aggravated by all the new development that's eaten up the pretty woods outside Ottawa, and I forgot. But it was really pretty!