October 2015



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If anyone's wondering, this is where I've been. And will be for the rest of today.

eta: Gah! Starbuck was only mildly annoying until Season 2, then they had to whip out the ol' trusty "you're special, you have a destiny" line. Why, people, why?

eta2: I just got a skype spam from someone who's been searching for someone with my name and believes it is the will of God/Allah for us to meet on skype. For a moment I was tempted to ask if he was an angel of God sent to see my through to the end of mankind. Just afraid I might freak out if he said "yes."

eta3: Stupid show. Stupid Gaius, with your stupid "I miss sports" speech and your stupid too-late declaration of love to Six/Gina. Stupid Bill and your stupid kiss with Laura with her stupid stupid cancer. This was not supposed to happen. This was supposed to be a quick run-through a show that everybody else had seen so I could be nonchalant when they told me how great it was. I was not supposed to have all these uncontrollable FEELS.


omg CRYING. Hahahahahahaha.

I can relate all too well to the first half. I didn't quite go as far as these guys did when I reached the end though, LOL.
This show is so addicting! At first I thought, "Hm, it's good, but I don't know why everyone loved it so much," and now I can't get enough of Gaius and his ridiculously huge ego.

So yeah, I'm definitely in the "one more one more" stage. And I love how they never change out of their PJs. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm in that stage, too.

This is why I haven't even started yet. SUMMER HOLIDAYS. HERE I COME.
Yeah, be sure to block off a big chunk of time for this one. You won't want to stop!
BSG is addicting but that show will break your heart and/or make you scream. (My favorites were Athena and Helo so it all worked for me, but not everyone lucks out)
I love Athena and Helo, but right now my favourites are President Roslin (I know, my heart's about to get stomped on) and Gaius. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!
*cuddles lots* Feels are evil :(
They are evil, and relentless. I was away from the computer all day today but I could not stop thinking about them. Evil, evil show.
How weird is it seeing Gerard Argent in it?? Heeeh.
SO WEIRD. At least he's in it enough that I've gotten used to it, it's not like Chris Argent walking into Jack's bar in Revenget!
oifiojfgaiojfaj;i;fads dying of happiness that you're watching! Oh LAURA. THE FEELS. And Gaius omg he's the best thing to ever happen to space. Oh I love it all. Where are you up to now? I must know. I love the episodes where you get more of certain characters. There's a great one with Halo that I remember. But there all so good. I have to admit to fastforwarding some of the cylon bits when they got a bit talky but I think that was because I was desperate to keep finding out what would happen, I'm looking forward to watching more in depthly at some point.

Buhahaha that video. So relevant. I love that they all did that. And watching DW at the end! :DDDDD
So yesterday I'd gotten up to Resurrection (middle of season 2), when they meet Adm. Cain and things go very, very bad. And Gaius and Six were breaking my heart into all kinds of pieces when Laura snuck in out of nowhere with all her dying dignity and then Adama kissed her and then I was just a mess. Total blubbering mess.

But then I had to do other stuff all day, and just got back to watch two episodes today, and they were both blah. Cancer is miraculously gone now - wth? - and Apollo is caught in a gangster movie... er, I mean the fleet's blackmarket, but all that's important is that he suddenly has an mystery blonde woman that he's been pining over since before the series began but we've only just seen her now? It's sloppy, and I'm hoping it's just a temporary lull, because it's been OMFG SO GOOD up until now. But Gaius is being stupid and awesome and puppy-dogging over the ex-prisoner-who's-now-a-peace-protester (I know she has a name but I can't remember it now) so I know that's going to get good. My favourite parts of the show are when he's caught talking to himself and has to cover. <333

Maybe I'll get to the Helo episode soon and that will cheer me up. My fave regulars are Gaius, Six, Athena, Helo, Laura, Billy, Dee, and Chief. I'm also craving more Lucy Lawless. So yeah, I'm addicted ... and I think I'll watch some more right now!
Nooooooo, not another show I should watch!
*puts it on list*