October 2015



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Winterlude picspam (one of many)

Winterlude (a.k.a. the best part of living in Ottawa) kicked off today!

It's always touch and go with the weather - last year was miserable, everything melted too fast - and with this year's extreme ups and downs, I was worried it'd be a bad one. Especially since it got up to 4C/39F yesterday. Not good for ice! But today's a gorgeous -13C/8F, and even though they're off to a slower start - this main tent usually has near-finished sculptures on the first day - everybody's working hard to catch up.

But the smaller display around the fountain is up:

This year's festival commemorates the 50th anniversary of Canadian-South Korean relations, so there are some really cute displays of life in Korea:

Don't these look like an uncomfortable way to get around? My knees are achey just looking at them.

I have no idea what the dragon-turtle is supposed to represent, but I do love it.

And then there were these pods...

They were surrounded by all kinds of wiring so I assume something beautiful will emerge.

Finally, there was a teepee and this beautiful sculpture:

The photograph doesn't do it justice - with the sunlight streaming through, it was just stunning. I'm looking forward to going back at night and seeing it in all its glory.

That's it for now, but I'm sure there will be more very soon!


I want to lick all the pretty ice (except the butterflies, eww) but I'm afraid we'll reenact that scene in Dumb and Dumber

NEXT YEAR WE'LL GO TOGETHER! *bouncebouncebounce*
YES unless you're in Toronto where they don't really have winter. But you can bundle up and visit!
I am so glad I chanced to click on IJ today! Wow… I love your Winterlude posts each year, and this year is no different. Fantastic. I would love to see that myself one year… Gah. Why must money always be an issue?
Although I don't recommend visiting Canada in winter as a rule, I do wish you could see this - it's amazing. If we had money, we'd stop by for a quick tour of Winterlude and then head down to the Caribbean to recover!
These boggle my mind every year. IT'S BLOCKS OF ICE, HOW DOES IT FUNCTION! So gorgeous, though! Those sculptors are insanely talented. Can't wait to see what comes out of the pods! And the Korean displays are very pretty, too - what a lovely colourful counterpoint to all the pure white ice.

(Also North & South icon, GUH! <333333333333)
I know, I don't even. It's amazing to watch the sculptors - they use chainsaws to make the most delicate cuts! And it takes them ages and ages, all to just melt away into a puddle when they're done. Crazyskates!

The Korean display is neat too. I'll have to go at night, when their lanterns are all lit - I bet it'll be stunning.
*paws* Aaaaah, it's so pretty!
Yeah, they're gorgeous!
These are amazing works of art! They are all gorgeous, but I think the sea horses have to be my favourite.
They really look like they're alive and moving!
Absolutely fantastic!
The seahorses were very cool, yes. And these are all the little ones, made by "beginner" sculptors! After Winterlude's over (if it hasn't warmed up), these small ones are "sponsored" by businesses all over the downtown area - restaurants and bars and banks all have them outside their doors. At least until they puddle. ;)
They are so pretty! And in combination with the sunlight they look even better. So sparkly!
Thanks for sharing this with us.
They're gorgeous in the sun, but I think they're even prettier in the dark when they have coloured lights shining through. [info]paraka and I are going tomorrow night so I will try to get more pics!

So pretty!!

Love your pictures of actual Winterlude!!! As a near Torontonian who escapes most of winter ;) I have been to Winterlude twice.......and twice I have pretty much seen puddles and slush :(
Fun sculptures not so fun when melting away and skating on the canal - only if you like skating in several inches of slush and surprise dips in the canal!!
Thanks for sharing your pictures of a real winter Winterlude!

Re: So pretty!!

Oh I know, when the weather doesn't cooperate, it's dismal. You should be here this year, it's been so beautiful and clear and sunny! You just have to really bundle up!