October 2015



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Have you taken the Internal Citizenship Test yet?

I'm not surprised that I got this result.

Now I just need to get a lovely little place in Christianshavn. And learn Danish.


I got Denmark as well. We can get a flat. ;)
I got Sweden. Not bad! :D
Lots of people are getting Sweden. I wonder what the difference is in our answers.
I'll be over in Sweden with [info]antiteb.
We'll wave at each other across the channel.
I got Sweden too. We'll be taking over Scandinavia!
Interesting! So many people are in Sweden!

I'm so curious what the differences are - I answered again, with the only change being no faith in the justice system, and got Iceland!
Yeah, I suppose they must all be very close except for an answer or two. Alsha got Iceland as well. I wonder if anyone got anything outside of Scandinavia, lol!
Hello Scandinavian neighbour! Here's another proud Swede waving to you across the Baltic Sea!

I'm ok with this in principal, but before I'll call the movers to reconcile my internal citizen with my external one, I'm afraid my soul mate country has to do something about their winter weather and the price of booze!
Srsly, why so pricey, Scandinavia? Oh yeah, it's that all the things we appreciate cost money. Bummer, that!
Another Swede over here!

I wonder if I could rig it to give me a specific country. First stop: Russia. (Biggest to smallest? East to west? I've got all night!)
(Update: I just put in the opposite answers for everything, and I got Turkey. Huh. Intriguing.)
If you look at the statistical data on the survey, it's pretty easy to tell which countries are opposite the Scandinavian ones (the south) and which are in the middle (basically, the middle) on pretty much all the values. There are some interesting distinctions amongst the Scandinavian countries - commitment to active political participation is higher in Denmark than the others and consideration of work as a duty to society, and most of the others have a lower faith in the justice system - but their basic values are all similar. It's fascinating stuff!