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Sep. 19th, 2012

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

But since I suck at languages of all sorts, instead have an episode of Warrior Women featuring Lucy Lawless' accent and Granuaile, Ireland's pirate queen.

Sep. 18th, 2012

SGA feels

For nostalgic reasons, I watched the pilot ("The Rising") of Stargate Atlantis tonight. I think I'd forgotten just what a wonderful start that series had. The world building was insanely intricate, the underlying themes were progressive and positive, and the characters were ridiculously good with realistic motivations and complicated relationships. What amazing potential it had back then, before the showrunners failed so, so hard.

And how beautiful was the Lost City?

You'd also be hard-pressed to find anybody made of more awesome than David Hewlett.

Sep. 17th, 2012

Books books all the books

(Ganked from [info]fileg.) It's international book week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your update.

"Our quest to chop off his head might not be well received."

*is dying*

Sep. 3rd, 2012

Best thing I've seen all day!

I was not going to post again until I'd caught up with comments, but then I saw this, and I couldn't resist...

Queen Latifah as Ursula in an Annie Leibovitz photoshoot!

See lots more pics of the actual photoshoot here. I want to know where to get the costume. Think of all I could do with tentacles!

Sep. 1st, 2012

Saturday musings

First things first - it's Bring Back the Porn day at InsaneJournal, and you can find it all at [info]bbtp_challenge (master list). I even got my act together this year and wrote Our Scandalous Days Behind Us about the secret sex lives of the inhabitants of Downton Abbey. I've never written these characters before, so I'd love to hear what you think.

Second, Doctor Who's back! And I thought it was both frustrating and fabulous.

Third, I'm excited that I just this minute ordered Space Fluxx after playing a similar game (Martian Fluxx) at a friend's birthday last weekend. Anybody ever played it? I'm crap at card games that require you to remember numbers and stuff, but this is fun and silly and the rules change often enough to suit my limited attention span.

I thought I deserved a little gifty for myself because fourthly, I dyed my hair a colour that can only be described as "shit brown." It was supposed to be a lot lighter - I didn't want to go darker because I had such trouble getting it out the last time I dyed my hair black - but this is almost as dark as the black and not nearly as pretty. Am now contemplating pink or purple to fix this. But at least the profusion of white hairs I'd gotten in the past two weeks are gone, as is the source of the white hairs, so that counts as a win.

Fifth, there's really no fifth, other than that I'm relaxing tonight with some Upper Canada Dark Ale, cuddling a kitten on the couch beside me, and exploring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Youtube. I don't know much about hip-hop so I can't say how unique Macklemore is, but I find his music so moving in how he's using it to say something important, whether it's speaking out for music or for hope in his community or against consumerism and disconnectivity, or here, with SAME LOVE, for gay rights and marriage equality.

And if you want one more, this vid left me in sappy tears, partly because I got the worst homesickness for Seattle but also just because of the joy and the potential he sees in the kids, and in what they can become, and his acknowledgement that it won't ever be the same and the RKcndy's not coming back, but they need to have something like that too, they need that chance.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

Aug. 30th, 2012

Because my muses are demanding to be wined and dined first...

Aug. 22nd, 2012

Handwriting meme

I got tagged by [info]dani_meows to:

1. Username or real name,
2. Favourite musical artists.
3. A sentence.
4. Location or where you would like to live one day.
5. Draw a heart.
6. Tag the people!

I actually tagged people this time, which I usually don't do because it feels so pushy. But this time I kinda got a kick out of being tagged myself. So do it if you feel like it!

Aug. 21st, 2012

That's why I would go

Last December, I went to a Christmas party in Hampstead. The host was a woman I'd never met before, a benefactor of the foundation where I volunteered; each year, she opens up her gorgeous home for the group's party. I knew nothing about her, other than that she was American. But at the party, we were both sitting over to the side, both kind of outsiders, and I asked her about her little dog, a Jack Russell terrier, that was shivering by the fire. I told her my brother's JRT looked just the same (and had the same afflictions), and from there the conversation rolled on to other similarities in our lives: our love of the UW campus in Madison, our studies of Irish lit and history, our mutual alma mater University College Dublin, the translation projects we'd both been involved in, the Spanish art she had in her house (I was headed to Granada for Christmas)... it even turned out that she hailed from a place not 200 miles from where I grew up. The similarities were uncanny, and I left calling her the Future Me.

At one point in the evening, she asked me if I'd seen Another Earth. She was so cute as she asked it, saying something like "it's science fiction, which I know isn't everybody's thing..." After I reassured her that no, no, it was very much my thing, she told me about this wonderful little indie film that she had just seen.

Aug. 20th, 2012

The drug of the nation

It's the first Monday evening without Teen Wolf. I am bereft.

But it got me thinking about the next series I might want to watch. I have quite a few in the queue, but I'm having trouble deciding what it's going to be. So I thought, "Why not ask the flist?"

Fandom rocks

Sometimes I forget just how bloody incredible fandom can be. It takes a reminder like this to see how this community, which is so diverse and so disparate, needs to be celebrated, for WE ARE AWESOME.

Aug. 19th, 2012

Saturdays are for memes

I did this fandom meme ages ago for AWZ (oh, how times have changed). Figured it was time to update it with - what else -

Teen Wolf )

Aug. 18th, 2012

The theme song of my weekend

Aug. 17th, 2012


Buck up you melancholy Dane

With a long, long, very long hiatus ahead of us until the next season of Teen Wolf, I thought I’d take this opportunity to pimp another series. It’s one of my favourite Canadian shows that – like most of the television I love – has never gotten near the attention it deserves.

Slings & Arrows is the story of the New Burbage Theatre (loosely based on Ontario’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival) and its quest to bring classic theatre to the masses despite financial hurdles, larger-than-life egos, a deceased artistic director who might or might not still be haunting the theatre, and an artistic director who may or may not be completely nutters. It’s one of the funniest shows you’ll ever see (in a wonderfully cynical, snarky way), but alongside the comedy is a genuine emotional intensity that you find rarely enough, and even more rarely of this calibre.

Aug. 14th, 2012

Hunger Games vid recs

With the release of the Hunger Games DVD, we should be getting some beautiful fanvids - this is a fandom that still knows how to make vids! Here is the first I've seen and it is truly stunning:

Link to the artist's page with download link.

Having said that, I still love the urgency of this one, made with a shaky cam. There's something so visceral and real about it, I think it just really captures the heart of the story.

Aug. 13th, 2012

TWoof Flailpost

Are we ready for this? I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. I am so very, very not ready for this.

Ruthlessly killing time

Because I'm very, very bored tonight, and because I haven't done this meme for over two years, and because I've recently changed a lot of my icons...


Aug. 8th, 2012

It's that time of year!

I'm really sorry, I'm resurrecting this banner from years ago and I don't know who made it. If it's yours, please let me know and I'll credit you!

Aug. 6th, 2012

Tweetskimo Teen Wolf Squee Post

Since we're all watching Teen Wolf at different times over the next few days, I'm popping this up here. Figured we could converse about the episode without worrying about spoilers. Feel free to flail at will!

Aug. 1st, 2012

I'm gonna get so lost!

I have to go to a volunteer orientation meeting tonight - blerch, can't we all just skype in from our couches? - so I looked up the bus instructions on the handy OC Transpo trip planner. It tells me to get off at a stop from where I'll still need to walk 12 minutes to reach my destination. When I clicked on the walking instructions (which are usually pretty helpful), it says...

Walking Information: Take TRANSITWAY and walk to TRANSITWAY, it is the next street. Turn left and walk to TRANSITWAY, it is the next street. Turn left and walk to TRANSIT, it is the next street. Take TRANSIT and walk to ROADWAY, it is the next street. Turn right and walk to WOODROFFE, it is the next street. Turn right and walk to [address], it is on the left (+/- 12 min.).

I'm sure this is one of those situations where it'll all be completely clear once I'm there, right?

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