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Nov. 26th, 2011

My rage, let me show you it

I've known for a very long time that the Youtube fandom, of which EskimoKissProject was necessarily a part, was plagued with a complete lack of etiquette. With EKP and also with the AWZ communities on IJ, we tried to bring what all three of us had been taught was normal fandom interaction to that world. I'm talking about the very basic niceties of fandom here - you know, the "credit others for their contributions" and "comment when you like something" and "for the love of god, don't steal other people's shit." I'm not saying we did a perfect job, but at least we tried. For Pete's sake, I even gave Dennis Grabosch an earful when he took somebody's fanvid and put his own music to it because he hates "My Immortal". I do too, btw, but that shit is just not on.

As we expected, the fandom really went rogue after we quit our regular posting last year. It's turned to ugly consumerism, where people just grab what they want without any concern for the time or effort that others took to make it. And I'm not even talking about EKP's subtitled videos, which people are uploading at will, without asking, saying thanks, or anything. That's kinda crappy, but we did tell people they could download our stuff. I'm talking about fanvids that have been archived without the creators' knowledge or permission - just because apparently anything on YT is fair game.

Seriously, people! Archiving stuff that is not your own without permission!!! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!!!!

So if you've created any AWZ vids in the past few years, you might want to check here* and see if your stuff has been pillaged. I recognise quite a few of them myself. Some of the original vids are still on Youtube, where viewers could leave a comment if they were so inclined. And I know that others were taken down for a reason by the creator. I think it's really shitty that their wishes are not respected - hell, not even considered.

WTF is wrong with this fandom?

* Update: She's now made the folder private (and I was asked to remove the link to my vids in her post. Um, no.). If you've created vids that you don't want archived, you might want to write to her anyway. ([info]amilee123 and [info]redcouchaddict, I know she had included some of yours.)

Nov. 1st, 2011

Our very last post


Tonight, in about five hours actually, we put EskimoKissProject to rest. I have been grasping for my feelings about this, and had hoped to put them into words, because it seems like this occasion should be marked in some Significant Way. But that didn’t feel right at all – I can’t explain how I’m going from relief to ecstasy to bereavement in the blink of an eye, and when I try to write anything Significant it just sounds false.

Sep. 30th, 2011

12000 subscribers!

Aug. 4th, 2011

11000 subscribers! Where do they all come from?

May. 8th, 2011

FIC: At The Moment (AWZ)

Hi Momo! I finally finished your birthday fic - sorry it's so late, brain wasn't cooperating.

Title: At The Moment
Author: Lilith
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Deniz, Roman, Marc with mentions of others
Word Count: 3500 words
Rating: Gen
Summary: A night at home with the GBWI and their favourite show.
Disclaimer: Not mine, though if they were they would not be suffering through this shit.
A/N: Dear Momo, your birthday fic started out as a just a simple update on what the boys and Keule were doing these days. Then it turned into a cathartic braindump that's half crack, half meta, and half the state of my current feelings on fandom. (Yes, that's three halves, just go with it - it makes as much sense as anything else happening on Show these days.) This fic would not have been possible without the input of many people: [info]aldiara and [info]praderwilli and the other tweetskimos for cop school and Alkim, [info]redcouchaddict for ~walking~, Hans von Hozel for his inspiring stories, the always lovely Celine LaFraud and always crappy Antoine Doucheford for At The Moment, George and Sheepie and others whose names have thankfully disappeared in the anals of time (typo intended) for generating such mockable wank, the possum and his pompous predictions of preposterousness, and finally to Alles Was Zählt who has become like the best friend I had in college who turned right wing and now supports the death penalty now; love her still, love what we had, but just don’t know her anymore. In any case, I hope you enjoy it, and know that my love for you and the sane corner of this fandom abounds.

At The Moment

May. 2nd, 2011

I swore I wasn't going to care (but then hope does die last)

From this...

...to this...

The lovely [info]aldiara translated the lyrics so we could wallow in the pain together. (Which was magnified a thousand times when she compared them to the lyrics of Unzertrennlich.)

You’ve long been guiding my hand
I write the way we were in the sand
What you liked one moment ago, the sea takes away
Write deep within the water, cut my feet
I can’t do more than that anymore, for
Everything we were, the sea takes away
I’m not who I used to be, so
Exhale me
Wash me up to shore, for everything we
Wanted, the sea takes away
Burn me out like a too-proud cliff
As ghosts and ruins were ground to sand by the sea
You see I wish we’d done this differently
See how we end up in ruins
See how we fight for nothing really
You know it’s hope we’re
Giving up last

(German lyrics are here.)

And now I need to be writing trip report editing novel instead of moping and comfort-eating crisps. Stupid Show. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to say that.

Apr. 20th, 2011

Quite likely the longest post I've ever written

There is way too much to update, and I don’t know where to start – and as it turns out, I know some of my friends don’t even know what is happening or where I am, since I’ve been so sporadic about updating stuff. So maybe I will do this with numbers. Yes, that’s a good idea.

Apr. 12th, 2011

10,000 subscribers! Don't you know we've quit?

Mar. 18th, 2011

Morning blues

It's just gone six in the morning. I've been up for an hour. I woke up from a vividly awful dream in which AWZ had cast a faux-Marc who wouldn't even fool soap viewers. Then I indulged in lovely, soul-strengthening comments on our blog from people who believe in us. Now a man is singing drunkenly in the street outside. And something we all love ended today.

In some parts of the world it's St. Patrick's day. Here it's just a very interesting start to Friday.

ETA: A start? Screw that. I'm going back to bed.

Jan. 15th, 2011

AWZ Top Story of 2010

Dec. 17th, 2010

FIC: Falling

Title: Falling
Author: [info]lilithilien
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Diana, Jenny, Deniz, Vanessa, Lars, Roman
Word Count: ~1000 words
Rating: Gen
Summary: Every skater falls differently.
Disclaimer: Not mine. (Sigh)
A/N: For the brilliant, generous, gorgeous, loveable, and all-around fabulously sparkly [info]amilee123. With thanks to [info]aldiara for being the Beta Queen and to Show for being so full of suck these days that I am inspired to write again.


Nov. 17th, 2010

Superquick update

1. My fic for the Ho-Fest exchange is not going well at all. After a brief burst a few weekends ago, the muses have pissed off, leaving me with an outline that doesn't quite work and a floor cluttered with empty vodka bottles. Thanks for nothing.

2. My plans for productive writing tomorrow night have been abandoned because the always-fabulous-but-never-more-so-than-now [info]kabal42 just snagged an extra ticket for the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows. Sorry, Ho-Fest recipient, I love you dearly but I have priorities.

3. Life feels extremely precarious at the moment and I don't like it. But I am trying my best to ostrich and enjoy the present. Which, it has to be said, is a pretty damn good present, because...

4. Copenhagen rocks. So hard.

Sep. 24th, 2010

Du und Ich article

Scans and translation under here. )

Sep. 14th, 2010

[Insert witty title here]

Just a quickie update to say I'm still alive.

Aug. 31st, 2010

Oh ADL, how do you do it?

Antoine Langdouche is thick with fail today. I'm glad to see he's back -- last week didn't meet the level of pure stupid we've come to expect from him. I am massively overwhelmed with work (I'm not here, really!) so I'm just gonna sit back and see what you guys do with it. I can't wait!

(I'm also not rewatching this, no. And Igor's legs really aren't two metres long...)

Aug. 23rd, 2010

Two Sides of the Same Coin

I've been reading too much Merlin fic this weekend. Now I'm craving a fic where there's a Slash Dragon chained in the basement under the Steinkamp Centre who is always raging on about Destiny, and everybody has always ignored him and gone about their own business, until the day Sir Marc arrives and rips apart the fabric of Essen and the Slash Dragon goes mad and fumes until the ice rink melts.

But because I can't be bothered to write that, have a rec: Like A Fish Needs a Bicycle by netgirl_y2k. So much fun! It's got snappy modern dialogue and sensibility but within the canon of Camelot. And I love Morgana even more now for her feeble seduction attempts.

And with that, this weekend is, sadly, over. Good night, all!

Aug. 19th, 2010

Oh Show, Scrapbooking?

Spoilers for ep994 )

Aug. 12th, 2010


Can someone who still posts over at the Gays of Daytime Board please go here and tell that halfwit asking for pictures of IGOR'S CHILD that she is NOT a public figure, has not made any choice to be in the public eye, and is not the property of every fangirl to get her womb envy on?

You can phrase it more nicely than that, if you want. I can't.

Not a good day, people. Not a good day at all.

Aug. 3rd, 2010

7000 subscribers!

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