October 2015




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Oct. 27th, 2010

This is what I've been doing!

Aug. 28th, 2010

Vidding copyright disputes

I have a question for the vidders on my flist. I just moved some of my fanvids to EKP as a pre-emptive measure. One of them immediately got hit with a copyright block in Germany. *shakes fist at Sony* I've had good luck challenging music claims before, so I decided I'd file the dispute. I'd heard the process had been simplified (it's been a while since I had to challenge one), and it is -- it's laid out now as if Youtube understands the concept of fair use now. But in the past, the block remained until the dispute was decided in my favour. This time, the block immediately disappeared. Has the burden of proof shifted toward the vidder?

If so, \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/!!

Off now to stock up on booze and popcorn for movie night. A sexy cocktail, just the thing!

Aug. 10th, 2010

I made a vid!

And then I forgot to post it here. Oops!

Title: And Then You Opened Up the Door
Fandom/Characters: Lady Pochoir, Yv/Sascha
Summary: The battle of the heart isn't easily won.
Warnings: Femslash, some scenes NSFW.
Disclaimer: Lady Pochoir belongs to sistas inspiration. "Soldier" belongs to Ingrid Michaelson. I own nothing at all.
A/N: Hello, Sascha, my lovely new girlcrush. So you've just met someone intriguing, someone who's just messed up enough to make you want to know more. Yeah, I know how it is. See, I'm doing the same thing with you and your frustratingly minimal backstory. Damn minor characters piquing my imagination again! So yes, dear Sascha, please accept my sincere apologies for the blurry porn-like shots that aren't you, I know, but Schatz, this just means there's room for a sequel.

Jul. 21st, 2010



And an (quite long) excerpt from the film (check out those awesome subs, btw!). VERY EXTREMELY NSFW FEMSLASH!! (Also, when did Nadine get so hot? Because OMG?)

Jul. 14th, 2010

Surprisingly sparkly?

I've apparently forgotten how to post in IJ without resorting to rants about stupid people (why do people keep emailing us asking if DeRo have really broken up?) or breaking down into torrents of tears (yes, yes, I am wearing extra mascara for the occasion). So I thought I would try to write something that doesn't have anything to do with obsession or heartache, soapy or RL.

Welcome to PROJECT AWESOMESAUCE in which I will reach for my pink fluffy sky (and then force it on you as you look askance and ask "omg what's happened to Lil?")

Today's happy things are:

  • The utterly delightful little film that I've been cheerleading for, and which we've just submitted to the Reeling Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in Chicago.

    Look at all the utterly sparkly people! *loves beyond belief*

  • "Eve" apples, direct from Aldi's backyard (except not literally because I think all that's in her backyard these days are frost-covered sheep wandering among the rambles of frozen weeds). They're my newest find at Sloblaws, crisp and tart and absolutely perfect.

  • Molly, who's bounced back from her surgery with flying colours and is at this very moment stretching herself over my arm which I obviously don't need to type nearly so much as she needs to use it as a brace to clean her paws.

  • My shiny new purchases of Momo and Neverending Story that just arrived yesterday and are sitting there whispering to me with their tempting voices. Forget your clients, come reeeeeaad ussssss... (Why do my books speak to me in the voice of the One Ring?)

  • Looking at ridiculously overpriced flats in Köln and thinking, "You know, why the hell not?" Money's just money, right?

Yeah, wow, I'm almost feeling like I don't want to cry and/or kill anyone anymore. (Don't worry, I'm sure Show will put an end to that soon and I'll be back to normal!)

Jan. 21st, 2010

My life is weird

Just when I think life cannot possibly get any more surreal, I wake up to email from German directors sending the pre-production soundtrack from their latest film. *hyenas*