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Aug. 23rd, 2010

Two Sides of the Same Coin

I've been reading too much Merlin fic this weekend. Now I'm craving a fic where there's a Slash Dragon chained in the basement under the Steinkamp Centre who is always raging on about Destiny, and everybody has always ignored him and gone about their own business, until the day Sir Marc arrives and rips apart the fabric of Essen and the Slash Dragon goes mad and fumes until the ice rink melts.

But because I can't be bothered to write that, have a rec: Like A Fish Needs a Bicycle by netgirl_y2k. So much fun! It's got snappy modern dialogue and sensibility but within the canon of Camelot. And I love Morgana even more now for her feeble seduction attempts.

And with that, this weekend is, sadly, over. Good night, all!

Dec. 13th, 2009

$%"*@#$*# Merlin

I owe a real update soon, but it won't be today. Suffice is to say that real life is surreal these days, blending with fandom in unexpected and amazing ways. Instead, have a snowy picture:

I took ton of pictures yesterday, and as usual there was only one I liked -- it's the lines of the buildings and the railing, kinda flow-y. By the way, that's the Rideau Canal, aka my skating rink. The snow's pretty, but it's going to be ages before it freezes at this rate. It's hardly ever open for skating before Christmas, I know, but every year I hope.

Got to bundle up now, I'm off to Slasher's brunch with my girls!

Nov. 20th, 2009

Oh you cheesy wonderful show

Oct. 15th, 2009

My shallow thoughts on Merlin

What they lack in character development this series, they're sure making up for with half-naked writhing-in-bed Arthur.

Sep. 20th, 2009

I'm way too sleepy to title this thing

So I've apparently given up sleep. I've been trying to wean myself down to just 5 or 6 hours a night -- I'm not about to be sleeping away my vacation while [info - personal] aldiara and [info - personal] shellydkitty are bouncing around Köln!!! So far, my plan seems to be working ... a bit too well, since I'm still up and it's past 6am and I'm only now getting tired...

I'm heading to bed in a second, but first I just had to squee at bit about Merlin. And especially, about Bradley and Colin. How adorkable is that? I'm going to have to watch the episode again pretty soon, to separate the shallow (hello, Bradley!) from the (hopefully) thinkiness, but this recap sums up a lot of my thoughts about it. And is far funnier about it than I could be!

I was about to say that I wish the series premiere had triggered my muse because I haven't been very involved in fandom lately, and then realised that I spent all of last week doing nothing but. I don't know why I haven't squeezed in a fic or three in the spare two minutes I have each day.

Oh wait, I do know -- because I spent hours repairing the sabotaged AWZ entry on Wiki. Someone with way too much time on their hands rearranged the character lists, moving current characters to the past list and making up deaths for them. I reverted it (and did a heavy edit of the site and of Dennis Grabosch's entry too, which I'd been wanting to do for a while, so yay, motivation!) but then I checked today and they'd gone back in and resabotaged it. And when I checked the other edits this person had made, I saw they'd the other German shows too: VL, GZSZ and Marienhof)!! Uncool! Who's does that?

In other news, I'm working really, really hard to learn German in a month. Ha! But I'm actually picking up a bit. And amazingly, just from listening to CDs on my iPod when I go for my walks, I'm understanding more of what's said on AWZ. (Or at least I think I am -- who really knows?)

And as the sun comes up and the night creeps away, I think I'm going to start that meme that all everybody's doing:

Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Belasco's Butterflies -- "You're king of the world 'til the next one is born." Another find from the geniuses in the RTL music department.

And now I truly am fading, so I'm off for a nap before tomorrow's Slasher brunch. Three and a half hours of sleep should be enough for anybody, right?

Aug. 1st, 2009

It matters!

Dear BBC:

I love you guys, truly I do, but please straighten out your Merlin canon! You need to decide whether your villian's name is Kanan or Kanen. Even within a single slideshow you spell it both ways.

Do you need somebody to nitpick things like this? Because I'm up for hire.

Confused by you,

Jul. 3rd, 2009

Sugar + caffeine = random post

For the past two days I've subsisted on nothing but coffee and Bourneville chocolates. I really need to go to the store tomorrow. In the meantime, my dear flist, you are getting an even more random post than usual. But it's filled with Things of the Awesome.

Thing of Awesome the First: India decriminalises homosexuality. Right on... and about time!

Thing of Awesome the Second (that is admittedly less awesome in the grand scheme of things, but still incredibly awesome for me personally): Chosenfire is my other BB artist!!!! Wow, wow, wow! Look at the stuff she's done for the SPN Big Bangs! Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff--how lucky am I? *pinches self*

There was something else, I know there was... Nope, it's gone. Now I am giving myself a three-day weekend... and after working 13 hours straight today brain's gone bye! Tomorrow, food!

(And kicking, [info - personal]aldiara, if you don't have a skating scene ready for me to read.)

ETA: I remembered!!! Eon's ago, [info - personal]gealach_ros asked me the five questions meme. Her questions:
1/ Top! or bottom!Arthur?
2/ Bradley plays theatre. What play would you like to see him in (i.e. which role do you think he'd be amazing in?)
3/ Time travel, whom'd you like to meet?
4/ The best thing about being Canadian is...?
5/ Do you sing out loud when you're driving alone in your car?

Jun. 7th, 2009

I am obsessed with Bradley James. And miss Atlantis. That is all.

I've been missing SGA lately. There was always such anticipation before it aired, that sense of "are they going to fuck it up tonight? or will they maybe get it right?" Somehow having the boxsets and being able to selectively watch when they did get it right doesn't give me that same thrill of anticipation.

But [info] - personalsheafrotherdon wrote a beautiful snapshot of getting it right. It's called Chana, and it's a perfect bite-sized taste of the Pegasus Galaxy. Go read!

I've had a real mixed weekend. Yesterday I felt like I was in a cloud, kind of like I have been for a few weeks now, and I spent the whole day doing pretty much nothing at all.

Oh, but I made lemon cupcakes, YAY!

Then today it was as if the cloud was lifted. I've been in a much better mood, my head's clear, and I got past a huge mental hurdle on my fic (massive love to [info] - personalsarcasticchick for that). At the moment, I'm feeling better about it than I have in a long, long time. And also, these pictures did not hurt one bit:

Oh, also a community pimp: [info] - personalthe_muppet and [info] - personalgealach_ros have put together [info] - communitymerlin_sceneit, which looks to be a really awesome resource for writers and vidders. (Oh, how I wish that this had existed before I started my Big Bang and deciphered all the spells used in the series! After this madness is over, I hope to make that my contribution to their comm.) So go join if you're into that type of thing!

Now I really should call my Dad, who's going to gripe at me about not calling him earlier, which is why I've been putting off calling him. I'm a bad daughter, I know, but I really want to hang onto my happy just a little while longer.

*eats another cupcake*

Jun. 4th, 2009

Some random things

Oh, love:

Anthony Head: It has to be said also - can I just add that the rapport between Colin and Bradley, Bradley James who plays Arthur offset as well as onset leaves us all very confused. But they are - they are very funny on screen.

(From Movieweb interview with Colin and Tony.)

To celebrate 1000 subscribers to EskimoKissProject, we decided to do a spoof vid with our own subs. Of course by the time we finished we had more like 1136 subscribers, but whatever. I'm still so enamoured by what we're doing here. I've never been this involved in fandom at this level before and it's time-consuming and exhausting and crazy-making, and at the same time it's one of the most fabulous experiences I've ever been privileged to be a part of. And I have never worked with anyone like [info] - personalshellydkitty and [info] - personalaldiara, who dedicate themselves to this every single day without fail, and who are incredibly supportive and loving -- I really don't have words to describe how much I respect and adore them.

Other happy things -- I had so many heavy things I needed to buy that I splurged and had my groceries delivered today. What luxury! I will still go to the market for my fresh veg, but 3 bags of cat liter? 20kg of rice? Canned beans and tomatoes? Yeah, someone else can have a heart attack bringing that up the stairs, ta very much!

Tonight I'm listening to Neil Gaiman read The Graveyard Book (again). I'm not normally a fan of audiobooks--words go in one ear and out the other--but there's something about Gaiman's inflection and alliteration that just reels me in, especially in this tale. If you haven't heard it, you can listen to the first chapter here. But warning: You will want more!

May. 26th, 2009

Awesome new interview with Anthony Stewart Head

May. 10th, 2009


Happy birthday to my dearest, darlingest [info]kabal42!! I hope that you have a truly fabulous day, and that someday, when you look back on this year, you'll remember it as the one where your dreams took flight!

Here's a little something to help you celebrate. I hope it pleases you!

The Gift (Merlin/Arthur, 750 words/gen: After his coronation, Arthur realises what he's been given.)

May. 9th, 2009

I don't sleep anymore

I know better than to drink coffee in the evening. It's just gone 5--the sun's that glowing blue it gets just before dawn--and I am still wide awake. But it was very tasty coffee.

And at least I've been productive. EKP is going great guns--I remember when we started, our goal was to post a clip a week. We've done like 6 in the last 24 hours. (I know that's nothing like the 40 that my other two Brain Thirds did in two days in April when they decided that sleep was verboten, but it's nothing to sneeze at.)

I also finished a WIP that'd been gathering dust on my computer. It's sappy fluff, at least as sappy and fluffy as I'll ever get. But more importantly, it's porn. Enjoy!

Title: Accidents Will Happen
Fandom/Characters: Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin
Word Count/Rating: 3000 words/NC-17
Summary: It isn't like Bradley hasn't thought about it. A lot. It's more that the timing's never right, that at first he's still reeling from a nasty split with Michelle, that he isn't even sure he's that into guys. Besides, he has no clue which side Colin comes down on, and he really doesn't want things to get weird between them... Valid excuses, all. In the end, not one of them matters.

I'm really lucky that work is always slow this time of year and I can devote plenty of time to porn and gay German soaps. On the other hand, it's starting to be pretty noticeably slower than it usually is. So far I'm holding off the panic but I hope that it picks up soon. (I'm also less than impressed with my company's marketing. We hosted a free informational chat panel the other day, and only 2 people showed up. They got a lot of personalised advice, obviously, but it was really a poor use of our--and by our I mean my--time.)

Oh well. I'm just waiting for my inheritance/trust fund/sugardaddy-or-momma to show up. Any day now.

This weekend, Big Bang! It's moving forward, but I feel like it's two steps forward, one step back. I'm leaving in too many placeholders like [EXPAND] and [FIX] and [SMUT GOES HERE]. Maybe it'll turn out to be a Mad Libs story and readers can fill in the blanks themselves.

My goal is to get that up to 30K by the end of the weekend--and hopefully fill in a few of those blanks. I think if I'm going to do that, I probably should get a little sleep. ;)

Apr. 18th, 2009

This is my brain ATM

Time for a disjointed post, facilitated through interpretative dance. Um, I mean bulletpoints. Divided into thematic divisions, of course, because I desperately need to control some part of my life.

Merlin )
Other )

There were other bits and bobs I wanted to include in random post of randomness but the sticky notes have fallen off my brain and gotten lost in the clutter of obscure trivia and strings of miscellaneous foreign words. Gone forever.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!

Mar. 28th, 2009

Pierrefonds pictures, at long last!

OK, I am completely, utterly in love with Germany. We spent yesterday at Neuschwanstein castle (which is breathtaking both in beauty and in the climb up its many stairs). Today we went on a walking tour of Munich before meeting the lovely [info]dancing_serpant and her sister for coffee and yummy cakes. The people in Germany are so gorgeous and so nice, and we're such having an amazing time!

And I really should be posting my pictures from those places, but now that I've finally got free time AND Internet, it's Pierrefonds.

Mar. 24th, 2009

*points to icon*

Mar. 2nd, 2009

Testing 1-2-3

Well, thanks to the evil enabler truly fab [info]aelora I now have an LJ account again with shiny (mostly Merlin) icons. So I'm going to try this cross-posting thing, at least through the Big Bang. Which OMG I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT!!!! Today we broke into groups (this sounds like kindergarten, doesn't it? "...and then we got out our fingerpaints and made our noses blue...") for encouragement and cheerleading and general squee, and I'm with some of my favourite writers, and I'm just giddy about all this!

And then I saw that [info]aelora had busted ahead on her story, so I had to dive in and write some myself. Not that I'm competitive or anything. :P

I would've written more but my Eskimo Kiss girls were online for a sekritpartee and the lulz were too tempting. And all of a sudden, the night's gone!

Before I go to bed, just a reminder that the fandom fun continues with the IJ Merlin friending meme. We've got a HUGE response so far! If you've just friended me, then WELCOME! and if you want more Merlin friends on your IJ flist, please stop on by.

And post this in your own journal if you can help us pimp it:

Oh, also, IJ has its first Merlin comm now, [info]merlin_fanworks, very shiny, go join that too.

Yep, that's right, do everything I say. NOW!

Mar. 1st, 2009


I just kicked off a friending meme at [info]friend_me! Please, help me spread the word about this all over IJ -- I'd love to connect with more fans here!

Post this in your own journal if you can help pimp:

Feb. 24th, 2009

Oi! This hurts!

OMG [info]leda_speaks, I have so much sympathy for you and your dial-up connection right now. On Dad's computer, it took 45 minutes to d/l the 7.1MB Firefox installation (which was essential because his version of Netscape wouldn't even work with gmail). And I've now been waiting 21 minutes for [info]aelora's gorgeous Merlin picspam to load. Fortunately this bit of loveliness did manage to load completely:

Yes, staring at this picture is calming me, making me forget these other pressing questions:

* How many gospel/religious stations does a town the size of Greenville, SC need?
* Why do they keep talking about "President Bush" on the local news? Did they not get the memo?
* How much grease can I consume before I explode? And how does my dad survive entirely on Bojangles fried chicken, Taco Bell nachos, and jello?
* How can I get out of going to prayer meeting with my dad tomorrow? And how many people will be sacrificed if I do go?
* Can I survive until Thursday?

Thank you so much for commenting on yesterday's post re: the friending meme. I'm going to do it on Saturday when I get back -- I don't want it happening without me! Now I'm giving up on the Internet. I went a little crazy at Walgreen's today with smelly stuff so I'm thinking a facial masque to remove the grease and maybe even a manicure. Look at me being a girl!

Fic recs and friending

reel_merlin just started at LJ and the two entries there so far have been exceptional! One is Ras Elased's What You Carry With You: Truth and knowledge are just as heavy as any yoke around the neck. For all Arthur's posturing, he is not Atlas, and he can't shoulder the weight of the world. Based on the movie Superman II. I haven't seen the movie so I can't say how true it is. What I took from it was an incredibly layered and complex depiction of Arthur, and I'm truly in awe of how deeply rich she's made this character. It's funny to say, but reading it, I think I've fallen in love with Arthur all over again.

And if I didn't need to go to bed so I can get up at 6, this would seque into how I find Arthur incredibly hard to write but Bradley stunningly easy, while Colin often proves difficult and Merlin is much more manageable. But that's for another day.

Instead we'll go straight into the other rec, art this time: Beeej's interpretation of Pride and Prejudice, Merlin style. I am just agog over the first one. The colours and the composition are just perfect!!

Now, AN IMPORTANT QUESTION for the Merlin fans on my flist. I know that there was just a Merlin friending meme over at LJ. Although I've made a few new friends over there (*waves to you guys*) I didn't take part in the friending meme just because I don't post at LJ. But I was wondering, do you think that having one over here would be a good idea? I just wonder if there are folks floating out there who are isolated. I'm happy to host it in my journal, and could even probably pimp it at some of the IJ comms. Maybe do it this weekend when I get back from SC? What do you think? Y/N/M?

And that's it for me, kittens! I'm off to the land of FOX News and boiled peanuts help me but I'll try to get online when I can. While I'm gone be very bad and write lots of porn!

Feb. 21st, 2009

"You can enjoy the two boys all the time!"

Yep, that's what the GMTV host said about Bradley and Colin when they were on his show this morning being ridiculously cute. Have a look! Colin's accent is adorable and Bradley's wearing last-night's clothes over Colin's too-small black t-shirt, and his hand rests possessively right behind Colin's shoulder through the whole interview. And for an instant he goes to touch Colin and pulls back at the last minute. And no I haven't watched this a zillion times today, why do you ask?

So yeah, that took up much of the day. And my DVDs finally arrived too, so there was much fondling there. (I can enjoy the two boys all the time!) I've seen all the extras already but they're still so shiny! But I still managed to get down about 1000 words of my ebook, which isn't nearly enough but is so much more than I have been doing that I considered it a productive day.

I might have had a little more luck with Big Bang:

But even with the outline, getting started is still very hard. I bashed my head over the intro, then gave up, jumped ahead to another later section, and it just started to flow. *sigh* I wonder if the intro will be the very last thing I write.

For inspiration, I might just have watched "The Labyrinth of Gedref" again and felt a little breathless during the confrontation between Uther and Arthur.

I also decided to give Skins one more chance and they knocked it out of the ballpark. This episode ("Freddie") felt just like the old series and I loved it! The adults weren't caricatures this week, and I actually cared about the kids for a change. And dammit if I don't want to shake Effy and say "what are you thinking?"

Another rambly Friday night post. Here, have some wine!

ETA: Here, enjoy another WTF moment from David Yates and HBP.

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