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Oct. 16th, 2010

This will make no sense to non-AWZ people. )

May. 3rd, 2010

My guilty pleasure

Yes, I've been addicted to this show since the beginning, when Henry and the King of France were shirtless wrestling while something that sounded like bom chicka wah wah was being played on lyres. HELLO! But tonight it reached new heights in trashiness. I love the Canadian-Irish mix of the cast, resulting in something that looks like jPod meet Dirty Epic. I mean srsly, the 23 yo virgin in jPod is boffing the queen of England. Who has ant-bite sized tits, by the way, there's a bit of history you probably never knew until the cameraman zoomed in on them. Also, the men on the southern coast have west of Ireland accents -- who knew? But I do like that it's not clean and sterile olde England, there's crap in the banquet halls and people spit and such. Which lends an air of authenticity to the trashy. Because did I mention the queen's tits? Which we see A LOT OF. And then there are the ghosts, who at first were just a sign that dude had drunk too much wine at the feast, but are now TALKING. And getting quite stroppy, actually. And my own bottle of wine is joining in and reinforcing just how much I love my histori-soap!

Bottoms up!

Nov. 11th, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Just buzzing through to wave hi to everybody. *waves* It's going to be a very late night tonight, and unfortunately not nearly as fun as staying up late soaking in the soapy bathtub last night with [info]omarandjohnny, [info]aldiara, and [info]sdk. Hours and hours of bees and boys and boxing. And pretty, pretty shirts. (See icon.) Because we're shallow like that. Our marathon viewing of German soaps just left me craving more, and made my head think of doing silly things. (And no, stalking their Köln studio is not silly at all, that's destined to happen.)

Oh, [info]omarandjohnny, that Hot Chip song that they use in Verbotene Liebe is "Ready for the Floor." (Download here.) And I thought you'd be happy to hear that your Duffy covered it in that languid, soulful way she has. (Download here.) It's quite lovely!

I'm going strong on WriSo, at least. I finished a smutty little fic that I just started on Sunday: Connecting Flights. It's Roman/Andrew from AWZ and will probably have a readership of one (*waves at [info]sdk*) but that's okay. Roman needed to get laid.

And now it's time to get back to work. Wasn't I complaining last week about having nothing to do? Feast or famine, I swear, feast or famine.

Nov. 10th, 2008

It works!

Wow! Have you guys seen this? [info]eeyore9990 posted it yesterday, and I've been using it this morning, and cranked out over 200 words in 20 minutes. I think that's a new record for me. I don't know if they're good words or not, but still!

(I'm only using the normal mode -- I'm totally chicken about kamikaze mode, but I bet it's effective!)

(Oh, one thing to note -- when you finish, the program removes line breaks and coding marks for the count. So just be sure to copy your work and paste it into your doc before you click "Done".)

But now it's time to put the writing aside. For the rest of the day you'll find me in the Chatroom O'Fluff with Verbotene Liebe and my eeeevil enablers.