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Dec. 14th, 2012

Hobbity stuff

Saw it. LOVED it. Want to go again!

Also adore this review: "I have no idea what film the “meh” crowd of critics saw, but it must not have been The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey..." It handily dispenses with all the reviews by the cranky begrudgers. And I appreciate that.

Apr. 24th, 2011

Greetings from Middle Earth

Two days of left-hand side driving with no crashes, roadkill, or panic attacks. (Okay, I confess, one panic attack at Porter's pass with a SHEER DROPOFF just a few centimeters the road. Had to talk myself through that one.) But it's some of the most gorgeous countryside I've ever seen. Also met a "wild" parrot at a car park who, once he discovered I had almonds, practically attacked me for the bag. Pictures coming soon.

I spent last night on the shores of Lake Palmer, listening to the rain fall. Typical camping, right? But woke up to a stunningly gorgeous day, had a couple of very strong flat whites loaded with zucker, and met the van to take me to Edoras. (Well, Mount Sunday to the locals, but Meduseld to us, right?) Wow! I can't describe how amazing it was to be standing there on this craggy outcrop surrounded by the scenery that I recognised so well. The tour guide was quite a character himself - an ex-pastor who sure liked to talk (glad he enjoyed LOTR talk more than god talk) and seemed to be having as much fun as we did. Our group was interesting - an Indian family from Tasmania with a little baby, two Norwegian guys, a Chinese guy from Melbourne, and a girl from the Hague who's working in Auckland now. The family kept to themselves so the rest of us just tramped all over the place, and had some interesting discussions with the Dutch girl and Australian guy who bemoaned how people didn't work hard enough in NZ and Australia and had good lives without working hard and never had to want for anything; the Norwegians and I were going, "Yeah, sure do hate that!"

And then we slaughtered them with our genuine Middle Earth swords! MWUAHAHAHAHA. No, but we did have swords (Narsil and whatever Eowyn's was called) as well as Gimli's axe, so we could have. Instead we just exchanged email addresses for photograph swaps and were terribly civil about everything.

But no, we really did all get along pretty well. Guess that's the thing when you're submerged in geek culture. It really was a lovely day. And it was clear and unseasonably warm and the winds were whipping past me and it was just unbelievable. I can't even imagine how much more thrilling it's going to be when I get to Gondor. (Er, um, Queenstown.)

That's a few days off still. Tomorrow I'm heading to Oamaru via a very winding route that our tour guide recommended, past Fairlie and Lake Tekapo and Pelennor Fields (er, Twizel), where I am sure to shed a tear. Then if I hit Oamaru at the right time, I should be able to see the Little Blue Penguins AND the yellow-eyed penguins. [info]alsha you should be getting a call!

But tonight I broke down and got a real hotel room in Methven, which was probably a good idea because being chauffeured around all day is exhausting. *g* I'll take a much-needed shower and then read a bit. I just started a great new book last night, but after the disappointment of the last one I just finished, I'm cautious of tremendous beginnings because they seem to always fall flat. (Please Emily Carr and Katherine Dunn, I know you are top-selling authors, but please let me rewrite your endings, okay?)

OK, that's enough blather I suppose. I can't wait to get my pictures uploaded, expect picspam soon!!

Apr. 20th, 2011

Quite likely the longest post I've ever written

There is way too much to update, and I don’t know where to start – and as it turns out, I know some of my friends don’t even know what is happening or where I am, since I’ve been so sporadic about updating stuff. So maybe I will do this with numbers. Yes, that’s a good idea.

May. 10th, 2010


LOOK AT THIS!!! It's a wee hobbithole! With wee little handmade rugs and wee baby hobbit clothes and wee dishes with food and wee veggies growing in the garden. I want to live here!

And strangely, I feel much more normal and less freakishly obsessive.

(Although now I want a scale model of the Igloo, complete with a teensy fanfic library and miniature laptop dock and trough-size fryer vat for fries, and rows upon rows of tiny prosecco glasses...)

Apr. 25th, 2008

A few happier things

I don't know about the rest of you, but my online life hasn't been much of a refuge these days. Between the Open Sores Project (thanks, [info]mirabile_dictu for that wonderful term), Oh John Ringo No, and assorted other idiocy, I've started and then deleted I don't know how many posts over the past few days. I hope that I can actually finish one soon, but I'm trying hard not to just throw out more negativity, which I really can't stomach right now.

In light of that, I would like to bring you some happier news:

Apr. 22nd, 2008

Hobbity news?

You may have seen seen this already. It must be good news -- no one would go to that much trouble for bad news, right? If you have any clue what it means, please to be telling me.

The city's working on the pipes right now and my street's in pieces. Jackhammers are breaking my brain!!! (Hmmm. I'm thinking I should switch my tunes to something harder. I think Amy Winehouse has met her match.)

Oh! I almost forgot -- has anyone else had trouble feeding [info]official_gaiman? It used to feed into my IJ, but stopped a little over a week ago. I thought he'd just gone quiet (silly me!) but when I go to his page I see he's written every day. I'm wondering if it's just me or if something's changed somewhere that's affecting the feed (I'm still getting my other feeds with no problems).

And my quicky post gets longer with this picture that [info]sarcastic_jo just sent from the next Doctor Who Christmas special. Not really spoilery, but some people might not want to know anything )

Feb. 29th, 2008

Time speeds by

I always liked leap year. It feels like bonus time ... like that "leap hour" we get when Daylight Savings Time ends (or begins? I can never remember). In any case, it's a day when I prefer not to have any big deadlines or places I absolutely must be. It's a day to recharge.

My batteries were definitely recharged seeing this. Go. Look. Reminisce. Four years ago today -- can you believe it's been so long?

I feel the urge to watch the trilogy again...

Feb. 8th, 2008

Honey, I'm home!

Man, I have missed you all like CRAZY! *cuddles each and every one of you*

I actually got back yesterday, but needed time to recover. Phew, what a trip this was! Eight flights in thirteen days, far too much time spent with my father (and no means of escape through his dial-up connection), and a very enjoyable time with my brother and some old Texas buddies -- and now I'm ecstatic to be home.

I got a wonderful surprise while I was away: one of my stories won a MOME Award. I was absolutely giddy -- it's the first time I've ever won anything like this before:

I know that [info]sweetsorcery also won an award -- congratulations, sweetie!

Of course, getting this news provoked an incident, as everything around my father does. I showed my brother the email from MOME -- he knows I write slash -- and excited, he told his partner. Well, my dad overheard. Then he wanted to see it. I muttered something about how it wasn't online anymore and I didn't have a copy, and he got all huffy. I came this close to saying, "Fine, here's my gay porn, Dad." Of course I know this is just him being proud of me, but in that house I revert to teenage self. And this came right just after his diatribe on how global warming has been proven wrong and everything Al Gore's ever said is a lie, so I dropped about 30 years off my mental age, rolled my eyes, and stormed outside to steal a cigarette from my brother.

One thing about families, they do make you feel young!

However, I did get to play with my nephew, who's now crawling at light speed but hasn't yet figured out how not to lead with his head when he falls. And my brother and I escaped to see the Asylum Street Spankers (they played in Asheville -- I love Asheville!) -- another thing that made me feel young, like I was reliving my Austin days. They have a hilarious new song, "My Baby's in the C.I.A.", that you can stream here (or download here). Absolutely brilliant!

Oh, and I have a sunburn and a bag of lovely shells as souvenirs from a great day at the beach.

Today there are no palm trees, and if there were they'd be snow covered, but I am very happy to be back, surrounded by my animals and my wonderful online world. I've also got TV to catch up on (TORCHWOOD! SGA!) and I'm gearing up to work on my story that's been sadly neglected -- I just can't think smutty thoughts with Faux News blaring in the next room!

Dec. 18th, 2007

Hobbits are go!

I know most of my LotR friends are still entrenched at that other place, but this might still be of interest to some of you here:


ETA: More info here!

I'm literally vibrating with excitement!

And speaking of vibrating, NSFW but absolutely hilarious.