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Jul. 21st, 2012

My obsession, let me show you it

For the past while, I’ve been wallowing in a new obsession: Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, Apostolic Queen Consort of Hungary, Queen consort of Bohemia and Croatia, etc. etc. It’s led me to read several histories of the late Habsburg era, as well as to watch the truly atrocious period drama Crown Prince. (And we shall not even mention how many times I’ve watched Elisabeth in the past month. In German and several other languages I can’t understand, but mostly Japanese. Because reasons.)

May. 6th, 2012

My last week Down Under

It's with not a little bit of shame that I have to introduce the Show That Ate My Life. If I tell you it's an Australian soap that isn't Neighbours will you think less of me? (But but but… there are kangaroos! And they say "mate" a lot! A lot!) What if I tell you it's a teen drama? (Less in the Saved By the Bell more in the My So-Called Life vein, but still "teen drama".) And what if I admit it's about students at an elite dance school practicing ballet all day long?

INORITE? How could such a thing be watchable?

May. 18th, 2010

My icon says it all

Today I...

* got a new client *ka-ching!*
* finished a bit of writing and sent it off to Aldi
* got thinky thoughts over the next chapter, which is really exciting because I want to dive into this new character
* heard from a dear and sorely missed friend *squishes Rosebach unbelievably tight*
* got squeeful over [info]paraka podficcing one of my stories *bouncebouncebounce*

And now I've got a spread of Lebanese olives, a Spanish wine, and three different kinds of cheeses, which I'm savouring while watching Alice In Wonderland. This movie has the best look ever! And it's like Lord of the Rings on acid. Also, may just I say that Crispin Glover is like walking sex. Walking sex with an eyepatch. He can take me right now yes.

Tonight I refuse to think about the Gulf Coast as a dead sea, Alabama geometry teachers, or my incredibly frustrating father. Nope, right now, life is pretty close to perfect.

Feb. 21st, 2010

Is it easter yet? *bounce* Also, activist hats

I know Steven Moffat's already married, but I wonder if he needs another wife... or maybe a love slave... even just a slave...?

In more serious news, Dennis asked us to use our powers for good and spread the word about what's happening in Uganda. [personal profile] aldiara made a fantastic post urging people to speak out against the fuckwittage. I never know how useful petitions are, but hopefully the increased awareness will do some good.

Dec. 3rd, 2009

PSAs and soapy musings

Public Service Announcement #1: InsaneJournal's running a permanent account sale for the next month. I know I've got some new friends at IJ *cuddles you all* and if you can at all afford it, this is a very good deal. *cuddles my 500 icons*

Public Service Announcement #2: Speaking of things that must be purchased despite being unreasonably outrageously priced: the Gays of Our Lives con FINALLY got their website up and running. Looks like all the DeRo-centric stuff is scheduled for Saturday; I'd love to try to swing the VIP ticket, seeing as it's for charity and all, but it'll be tight. And to be honest, the other stuff doesn't appeal. (Brunch? Do I really want to see these people in the morning... or have them see me before I've downed a bucket of coffee? [info - personal] shellydkitty and [info - personal] aldiara can verify that it ain't pretty.) But there will be an EKP kinda thingy there during some of the free time, and we will have to get our "AWZ: This show's not for wimps" t-shirts.

Anybody else thinking of going?

So [info - personal] aldiara and I are rewatching DeRo v.1 together, and I haz thoughts...

And now? Now an intervention is required before I set out to make an AWZ moodtheme. Somebody handcuff me to my laptop and make me work, please!

Nov. 5th, 2009


Which was kinda weird to see -- I mean, mentally I've been trying to brace myself*, but when I looked out the window to see things moving nearly horizontally across my view, my first thought was "what an odd rain." (Followed quickly by nooooooooooooooooooooo.)

Also, [personal profile] deakat is a goddess! She waved her magic wand over my laptop (she called it installing drivers, but I caught a glimpse of her wand before she stashed it away) and now my screencapture software works, and we maybe have an (albeit imperfect) workaround to nab episodes of AWZ.

To celebrate, we watched Bandits, which was AWESOME! Wonderful cracky fun right up until the end. (The end which I have recut in my head.) And now I have a long list of new movies I must see staring Katja Riemann *sigh* My work is never done.

So in conclusion, today looks a bit brighter than yesterday, despite the grey snow clouds overhead.

* Sorry, much as I love Canada, this transplanted Texan is never going to fully embrace winter. At least I don't run screaming to the Dominican Republic anymore...

Aug. 3rd, 2009

Big Bang and Loud Jams

The Merlin Big Bang previews are going strong and I just posted mine! I can't wait for Wednesday when the site goes live!

Also, it's probably too late to be playing this so loud. The Oasis Song )
Sorry, neighbours, I hope you're Amanda Palmer fans...

Dec. 9th, 2008

This post has no purpose but to share the pretty

You know, when it's -11 out, the snow falling should not be wet! I needed to slog to the post office, but halfway there I gave up. But I did grab some cabbage rolls at the cafeteria ... mmmm perfect-for-wintry-days cabbage rolls!

Now I'm home, where I should be working because OMG so much to do. And instead, I've lost I don't know how long staring at my new girlcrush. Isn't she just stunning? *pets her shiny hair*