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Aug. 7th, 2010

Layout tutorial

So, here's that layout tutorial I was talking about. I must start this with a qualifier: I am NOT an expert at this stuff, I have never made a custom layout on my own and don't have any interest in doing so, but I am pretty good at following instructions. And for most of these, that's all you have to do. (For those who might want to brave CSS, the lovely [info]seleneheart has put together a tutorial that puts that into normal language. Recommended!)

So what I'm going to do here is walk you through a new design for my page. By following it, I think it'll be pretty easy to recreate this for yourself.

May. 12th, 2010

Schilling for Squeaky

This is mainly for all you lovelies who recently got sucked into joined InsaneJournal. Just wanted to let you know that Squeaky's running an account sale and prices are amazingly low. There are one-month options for if you just want to spiff up your journal with the paid-member customisations, all the way up to some great deals on permanent accounts and extra user pics. (And we ALL need extra user pics, Y/Y?)

Dec. 3rd, 2009

PSAs and soapy musings

Public Service Announcement #1: InsaneJournal's running a permanent account sale for the next month. I know I've got some new friends at IJ *cuddles you all* and if you can at all afford it, this is a very good deal. *cuddles my 500 icons*

Public Service Announcement #2: Speaking of things that must be purchased despite being unreasonably outrageously priced: the Gays of Our Lives con FINALLY got their website up and running. Looks like all the DeRo-centric stuff is scheduled for Saturday; I'd love to try to swing the VIP ticket, seeing as it's for charity and all, but it'll be tight. And to be honest, the other stuff doesn't appeal. (Brunch? Do I really want to see these people in the morning... or have them see me before I've downed a bucket of coffee? [info - personal] shellydkitty and [info - personal] aldiara can verify that it ain't pretty.) But there will be an EKP kinda thingy there during some of the free time, and we will have to get our "AWZ: This show's not for wimps" t-shirts.

Anybody else thinking of going?

So [info - personal] aldiara and I are rewatching DeRo v.1 together, and I haz thoughts...

And now? Now an intervention is required before I set out to make an AWZ moodtheme. Somebody handcuff me to my laptop and make me work, please!

Apr. 18th, 2009

This is my brain ATM

Time for a disjointed post, facilitated through interpretative dance. Um, I mean bulletpoints. Divided into thematic divisions, of course, because I desperately need to control some part of my life.

Merlin )
Other )

There were other bits and bobs I wanted to include in random post of randomness but the sticky notes have fallen off my brain and gotten lost in the clutter of obscure trivia and strings of miscellaneous foreign words. Gone forever.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!

Jan. 28th, 2009

PSA in case you missed it

IJ is offering one month paid accounts for $5. If you've got a community that you want to make look spiffy, this is a good (cheap) way to do it!

Nov. 15th, 2008

I really hate thinking up titles. I don't have enough brainpower for this.

I don't seem to be double posting now, but I'm still double-commenting. If I'm spamming you, I'm really, really sorry. I've opened a support request and hopefully they can fix it soon. I'm hoping it's not a nasty thing from one of the many programs I've d/led in the past 24 hours. And I'm hoping that it will behave like nice self-healing technology and I'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be back to normal. But for now, I'm trying to hold back on commenting unless I really, really must say something. It's hard!


So I should have spent the day writing or maybe even cleaning up for company tomorrow. What did I do instead? Pretended I spoke German, battled video editing software, and wrote a crack!ficlet to prod [info]sdk's Harry muse. If this doesn't get him talking, I don't know what will.

And check this out: This is your protest! SO COOL! It just goes on and on and on! Did any of you guys see/attend protests today?

Now I've got my rubber gloves, scrubbing implements, and enough chemicals to bring down an Oliphaunt. I'm off to tackle the bathroom. Wish me luck, I could be stuck in there a long time.

Aug. 9th, 2008

I'm a lemming so...

I'm following [info]sdk and [info]omarandjohnny in wishing myself a Happy IJ Birthday! I opened my journal in June 2007, but my first post was August 5. I came here, like so many others, in the wake of strikethroughboldface. Some of my old friends came over as well, and I'm so glad that we've built something new here.

But the vast majority of my flist are people who I would never have met at LJ. I was just dipping my toe into the HP waters then and the LJ-based fandom was more than slightly intimidating. Here I felt braver and welcomed, and with [info]bbtp_challenge and [info]phoenix_flies and [info]ides_of_march, I've had a great time playing in this sandbox.

I've made incredible friends both in and out of fandom, and I'm continuously inspired by your creativity and all-around awesomeness. And I feel so lucky to be here with you!

*massive hugs all around*

And now, since you poor things had to listen to my rant about Brideshead Revisited, today you'll get to hear me go completely gaga about today's movies.

Mamma Mia )

So yes, movies. The perfect end to a crazy, crappy week. I'm going to read some fic now before bed to hopefully give myself pleasant dreams, but first I have some fun links for you:

* If you've ever worked in tech support (or, like me, have lived with somebody who does) you'll appreciate this: You can't arrange them by penis.

* I don't follow the Olympics, but I do follow Neil Gaiman, and he told me to watch this, so I did: BBC Sports' very cool Olympics ad. The bitey creatures reminded me of Yannick Puig's I Live On the Moon, which enchants me every time I see it.

Night, kittens!

ETA: I got an odd message on Skyehawke just now, it said that the site was infected and to avoid it for my safety. Does anybody have any news about what's going on? ETA again: Not good. I really, really hope they can fix it! I need my Skyehawke fix!

Jul. 29th, 2008

HBP trailer and something happy

omgomgomgomgomg!!!!! This looks good! It has the right look and feel and creepiness, and there's no sign of romantic comedy in sight ... dare I hope ...?

And did anybody else snicker just a bit when Tom said, "You're the Doctor, aren't you?"

OK, that wasn't the reason I decided to write a second post today. I was going to share a happy little moment since my previous post was all grumpy. This is something good. Well, it started out not so good -- my paycheque never arrived this month, and I had my boss re-send it because we thought it was lost in the mail. But the good part is that I just got a call from someone at a restaurant on Elgin, just one street over from where I live. It was accidentally delivered to them (thanks CanadaPost) and he saw it was a cheque, looked up my phone number, and called to let me know. I was so surprised that I hardly even thanked him, but after I hung up I realised what a nice thing it was to do. So I wanted to share it with somebody, even if I forgot to tell him.

Oh, and because [info]paraka did it, and I'm really curious, Who comments the most on this journal? )

And I hope you all know that I love each and every one of you beyond belief!

Jul. 14th, 2008

Belated birthdays

I just realised that I missed three very important birthdays. Although none of them check IJ often, I still want to mark (albeit belatedly) the occasion:

Dernhelm )

Happie_Bunnie )

Frayach )

Happy birthday wishes to all you ladies, to last the whole year through!

And tonight I put up a new layout courtesy of [info]scotchbonnet. It was truly painful to give up the gorgeous Tara MacPherson layout that the wonderful [info]seleneheart made for me a year ago, but I felt the need for change. This one's bright and the text area is clean, with just enough curlicues along the edges to keep me happy.

I also discovered the best add-on for FF3: No Squint, which ups the text size (I've got it set on a 20% default) without increasing the size of graphics. And I love how FF3 organizes my bookmark library. It's just awesome when my online world gets simpler.

Jun. 1st, 2008

Thoughts on that poll

Thank you to everyone who's taken my poll on journalling preferences. It's still open so if you haven't taken it yet, please come on over. At this point, I just want to take a look at a few of the (hopefully) interesting things I noticed. tl;dr like whoa! )

May. 30th, 2008

IJ vs. LJ

This is something I've been wondering for a while now, but in light of LJ's announcement, I'm even more curious. Please feel free to distribute this poll on InsaneJournal! I'd like to get as many answers as possible from IJ users. Thanks!

Poll #1842 Journal prefs
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

What do you currently consider your main journal?

View Answers

My InsaneJournal
193 (65.0%)

My LiveJournal
99 (33.3%)

My journal at another site (JournalFen, CommieJournal, etc.)
5 (1.7%)

Where do you now prefer to post?

View Answers

I only post at InsaneJournal
107 (35.7%)

I always cross-post to IJ and my other journals
85 (28.3%)

I sometimes cross-post to IJ (when I remember)
22 (7.3%)

I sometimes cross-post to my other journals (when I remember)
37 (12.3%)

I make different posts to IJ and my other journals
35 (11.7%)

Another permutation that I'll explain in the comments
14 (4.7%)

If you have more than 1 journal, what do your flists look like?

View Answers

My flists are practically the same everywhere
66 (22.4%)

There is some duplication, but they are mostly different
179 (60.9%)

My flists are completely different
49 (16.7%)

Where do you prefer to read your flist?

View Answers

At InsaneJournal
124 (41.6%)

At LiveJournal
77 (25.8%)

At my other journals
4 (1.3%)

I use a newsreader
5 (1.7%)

I don't have any preference
88 (29.5%)

Where do you keep your fanfic/fanart?

View Answers

It's at InsaneJournal only
91 (34.2%)

It's at LiveJournal only
14 (5.3%)

It's hosted/archived somewhere else
64 (24.1%)

It's at both IJ and LJ but contains different content
29 (10.9%)

It's at both IJ and LJ and contains the same content
68 (25.6%)

How do you think LJ's new policy announcement will affect your posting decisions?

View Answers

I will stay at InsaneJournal
153 (52.2%)

I will continue cross-posting to IJ and LJ
132 (45.1%)

I will begin cross-posting to IJ and LJ
7 (2.4%)

I will return to LJ
1 (0.3%)

What will be the deciding factor determining #6?

View Answers

Trust in LiveJournal admin
45 (15.2%)

Trust in InsaneJournal admin
191 (64.3%)

Friends/communities based at LJ
134 (45.1%)

Friends/asylums based at IJ
125 (42.1%)

Permanent account at LJ
24 (8.1%)

Permanent account at IJ
139 (46.8%)

Don't want the hassle of moving again
75 (25.3%)

IJ icons!!
133 (44.8%)

Something else that I will tell you in comments
26 (8.8%)

If you were on a desert island and could only take one thing with you it would be:

View Answers

Captain Jack Sparrow
69 (23.5%)

Captain Jack Harkness
67 (22.9%)

Captain Morgan Original Spice Rum
50 (17.1%)

Captain and Tennille's Greatest Hits
6 (2.0%)

Holy Captain, Batman! Where are the ticky boxes?
101 (34.5%)

OK, who besides me thinks it's odd that MS Word's spellchecker can correct the spelling of "Tennille's"?

ETA: If you're interested, I've updated with some impressions of the poll (June 1, 2am EST).

May. 6th, 2008

What I did with my offline day

YAY! IJ is back! *clings y'all*

But amazingly enough, I actually got some things accomplished today. Seems like the most productive Monday I've had in a long time.

  • Finished swapping out my winter clothes for summer ones! Shorts and fishbelly white legs. Woot!

  • Caught up on client work. (No headway on that ebook, alas.)

  • Made lots of headway with my latest WIP. The non-smutty one I started as procrastination on my smutty WIP. I hope I get back in a smutty mood soon. (Note: My non-smutty mood only extends to writing; I am still in a smut-reading mood, and point you to [info]alisanne's just filthy story Dangerous Ministry Liaisons and [info]seleneheart's very sexy To Dream of Death as proof.)

  • Watched the latest ep. of the Tudors. Mmmmmm nekkid!JRM having fantasies fantasies about Jeremy Northam.

  • Watched that darned ending of the latest Doctor Who about 10 times to try to spot Rose's face, only to learn that I was looking in the wrong place.

  • Read the latest Under the Radar cover to cover. Love this magazine! This month's feature interview is with Flight of the Conchords, and in their photoshoot they're posed as famous musicians. They didn't have my favourite online (John & Yoko's bed-in) but here they are as Captain and Tenille. Or as I prefer, Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam )
    And here's Mick and Bowie. We'll be swinging swaying. )

  • Installed CCleaner, which was great in that it freed up 386MB of space on my laptop, and not so great in that it deleted all my passwords.

  • Spent a long time trying to remember passwords.

  • Ate cake. Spice cake with cream-cheese frosting. It was really tasty.

Hmmm. Seemed a lot busier when I was actually doing it.

So what did you do with your offline day?

Apr. 22nd, 2008

Hobbity news?

You may have seen seen this already. It must be good news -- no one would go to that much trouble for bad news, right? If you have any clue what it means, please to be telling me.

The city's working on the pipes right now and my street's in pieces. Jackhammers are breaking my brain!!! (Hmmm. I'm thinking I should switch my tunes to something harder. I think Amy Winehouse has met her match.)

Oh! I almost forgot -- has anyone else had trouble feeding [info]official_gaiman? It used to feed into my IJ, but stopped a little over a week ago. I thought he'd just gone quiet (silly me!) but when I go to his page I see he's written every day. I'm wondering if it's just me or if something's changed somewhere that's affecting the feed (I'm still getting my other feeds with no problems).

And my quicky post gets longer with this picture that [info]sarcastic_jo just sent from the next Doctor Who Christmas special. Not really spoilery, but some people might not want to know anything )

Mar. 22nd, 2008

Migrating and squees

A few people who just ventured over from LJ have mentioned that it's quieter over here. That made me smile. It was really quiet when I first got here too. Over the months, that's slowly changed. My flist isn't quite as big as it was at LJ, but they're definitely more talkative -- thank goodness I had yesterday off, since I spent practically the whole day responding to comments!

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't give up. Community doesn't happen overnight. When you first joined LJ it probably didn't think feel very active either -- I know it took me a while to make the right connections. But I think you'll get out of it what you put in. And there's a chance to build something new here, which has been really enjoyable.

I don't have a clue whether the strike had any effect, but the hostility surrounding it has really turned me off LJ. Whatever. I'm finding myself not caring too much. I'm discovering that the less time I spend over there, the less stressful my life is, and I like that. And I can follow LJ's cock-ups with amusement instead of feeling like my online world's being threatened. (Speaking of, [info]strangemuses has a hilarious recap of the latest. I almost feel sorry for LJ. Almost.)

But now, back to what we're here for -- SQUEE! Loved loved LOVED last night's episode of Torchwood. Spoilers? )

It's a gorgeous day out today -- sunny and only -2, which is a welcome change. I really should go out for a bit instead of watching yet another episode of Hustle...

Mar. 14th, 2008

Another reason IJ is made of Awesome

Squeaky is offering a one-day fundraising sale for Safe Harbor Animal Shelter after they went up in flames this morning. If you don't have an permanent account yet, and you can possibly afford it, it's a really good cause. And if you've already got all the accounts you need, please still donate what you can afford. I'm sure they'll be grateful for every little bit.

You don't want me to have to sic Frankie on you, do you?

Aug. 15th, 2007

Trying to stay positive...

Damn. That Other Site’s stooped to lows that I can’t even comprehend. Nazi beheading videos = one strike, while fan art is still conflated with child porn and art is still being removed. WTF is wrong with this world?

*breathes deep*

Screw that. Here's some happy.

Note how Jack's struggling to keep a straight face as Ianto's fingers trail up the back of Jack's thigh, up the curve of his bum...

But what's happened to Gwen? She's gone gaunt! Girl needs to be having a few more dinners with Rhys, I think.

Oh hurry up with Season 2 already. I'm dying over here!

I also have to confess that I find this site immensely entertaining. Especially with posts like this and this. Pedantry, grammar, and pop-culture history -- what could be better?

By the way, I would just like to point out that I have the most beautiful mood theme ever. LJ's enriana made it from art by Kamil Vojnar, and every time I pick a new mood I'm awed by what I see. Now that's something happy to be sure.

Aug. 13th, 2007

More Squeaky fangirling

New announcement in [info]announcements:

New Friends Limits
Free: 1000 friends
Paid: Unlimited friends


Previously all account types were limited to 5 links. Now Free Patients get 15 links, Self-Committed accounts get 50 and Permanently Insane accounts get 100.

Aug. 11th, 2007

Site schemes & picspams

I was having some trouble with the site schemes here -- the only one that appealed to me was "brown" but reading light text on a dark background always kills my eyes. Squeaky's apparently working on some new ones, but I figure his hands are pretty full these days. In the meantime, you can modify the existing ones with this tutorial. I'm still using "brown" but now it's on a white background, much more eye-pleasing.

I also want to pimp a new IJ comm, [info]dimensions, where we've been enjoying some drool-worthy picspams and I've discovered some new men to crush on. Check it out ... and then add your own to the mix!

Aug. 9th, 2007

IJ ups friends limit and nifty migration tool

Good news! InsaneJournal's just raised the limit on the number of friends you can have. Several folks said that they needed more than 100 friends, and now free users can have 250. Not to mention that Squeaky's said nothing short of a court order will make him close down fan journals. So come on over!

Here's another nifty migration tool -- this one supports communities! and there's a Mac method too. *eyes [info]melty_girl*


It also migrates the metadata (tags, music, etc.) that LJ-Sec loses. Still doesn't save memories, those have to be done manually.

(Later today I promise a post with no mention of LJ crappity crap.)

ETA: Go here to see why GreatestJournal's not a safe alternative.

IJ owner says advertisers will go before users. I love this man.

And response from LJ abuse says that LINKS to OFFSITE content will be subject to their same restrictions as if you post in your own journal. Further clarification has been sought, since this *would* violate LJ's TOS that says they aren't responsible for offsite content, but does anybody really expect them to be consistent?

Aug. 5th, 2007

Semagic, fandom stuff, and a bit of Harry Potter

This is my first attempt to post to my three journal simultaneously. If you've got multiple journals too, I'm sure you can consider it spam. But this is all a learning curve so I hope we'll all be patient with each other while things settle out.

I did learn something unfortunate about RSS feeds. If you use these, be sure to give them a different name than what the journal you're feeding. If you don't, the feed captures that name on the new journal, and the original owner of the name can't use it if they later want to create their own journal. (Yes, I did this, and I'm trying to get it undone now, but haven't gotten any info back from the IJ support team. Hopefully they can fix it soon.)

I've been amusing myself today by trolling the LJ news pages, where protests are being lodged with graphic smut snippets and macros. It's a bizarrely satisfying world where you can go from steamy Dilios/Leonidas orgasms to a terrifying cat demanding "GIMME MAH PRONS BAK!"

I also saw this news, which could convert me into a devoted Dr. Who fanatic. Did anybody see Jekyll? Only some of the most twisted television I've ever had the privilege of viewing. If these two teamed up for Dr. Who it'd be spectacular! (I hear it's probably just a rumour, but I can still dream...)

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