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Nov. 17th, 2010

Superquick update

1. My fic for the Ho-Fest exchange is not going well at all. After a brief burst a few weekends ago, the muses have pissed off, leaving me with an outline that doesn't quite work and a floor cluttered with empty vodka bottles. Thanks for nothing.

2. My plans for productive writing tomorrow night have been abandoned because the always-fabulous-but-never-more-so-than-now [info]kabal42 just snagged an extra ticket for the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows. Sorry, Ho-Fest recipient, I love you dearly but I have priorities.

3. Life feels extremely precarious at the moment and I don't like it. But I am trying my best to ostrich and enjoy the present. Which, it has to be said, is a pretty damn good present, because...

4. Copenhagen rocks. So hard.

Mar. 5th, 2009

I am so confused

OK, there's some severe dissonance here. David Yates keeps coming out and saying that HBP is lighter, that it's a comedy, that "now we're just having a bit of a laugh." And then something like this comes out...

...and I'm scratching my head and wondering if the trailer people are talking to Yates, or if they are and they just don't care and are doing the trailer the way they think the movie should be, and then I have to ask why they're not doing the entire movie instead, because holy cow this looks good!

Between that and Tom Felton's photoshoot, I'm actually kinda maybe looking forward to this again. (Yes, I know, I'll be crushed, won't I?)

Feb. 22nd, 2009

Just a bit more HBP bitching then I'll shut up, I promise

A reminder not to engage on general HP forums -- in response to my comment about David Yates saying the angst was over in book 5, the mod replied:

The dark themes in HBP don't necessarily have to do with angst, though (with the sole exception to Draco's plight), so Yates has a valid point there. Harry's angst is very much gone by 6, and now he's ready to do battle, etc. Plus, serious and important plot-related scenes aside (Draco, Voldemort's past, big battle at the end, general depressing atmosphere of the Wizarding World), HBP probably is the funniest of the series.

Ummmm, okay. Apparently there *was* another version of HBP going around than the one I got. I agree that much of Harry's angst did vanish (which I just attributed to sloppy character development), but how you can dismiss Draco so out of hand like that ... And really -- "the funniest of the series"? Are you kidding me? HBP was what reeled me back into the HP fandom (after struggling through what was IMO the atrocious OotP), because it was dark and gloomy and felt like a suitable buildup for the horrors we were promised in the final book.

*is obviously not the target audience here*


Firefly people: Vote for Serenity as the new name of the NASA space station node. If for nothing else than to confuse NASA when they wonder why all these people want the name Serenity.


Last night's dinner with the Slashers was wonderful -- I just love these women! Where else does your conversation float from killer squirrels to Berlin punk clubs to dancing ninjas and glowy-eyed schoolboys? And I got to meet our lovely visiting slasher -- who had better be writing her reel_merlin fic now because it sounds fab!!

Today there is much to do ... but I think I'll just write instead, and clip some more Alles Was Zaehlt videos for EKP. Because it's just that kind of day.

Feb. 21st, 2009

"You can enjoy the two boys all the time!"

Yep, that's what the GMTV host said about Bradley and Colin when they were on his show this morning being ridiculously cute. Have a look! Colin's accent is adorable and Bradley's wearing last-night's clothes over Colin's too-small black t-shirt, and his hand rests possessively right behind Colin's shoulder through the whole interview. And for an instant he goes to touch Colin and pulls back at the last minute. And no I haven't watched this a zillion times today, why do you ask?

So yeah, that took up much of the day. And my DVDs finally arrived too, so there was much fondling there. (I can enjoy the two boys all the time!) I've seen all the extras already but they're still so shiny! But I still managed to get down about 1000 words of my ebook, which isn't nearly enough but is so much more than I have been doing that I considered it a productive day.

I might have had a little more luck with Big Bang:

But even with the outline, getting started is still very hard. I bashed my head over the intro, then gave up, jumped ahead to another later section, and it just started to flow. *sigh* I wonder if the intro will be the very last thing I write.

For inspiration, I might just have watched "The Labyrinth of Gedref" again and felt a little breathless during the confrontation between Uther and Arthur.

I also decided to give Skins one more chance and they knocked it out of the ballpark. This episode ("Freddie") felt just like the old series and I loved it! The adults weren't caricatures this week, and I actually cared about the kids for a change. And dammit if I don't want to shake Effy and say "what are you thinking?"

Another rambly Friday night post. Here, have some wine!

ETA: Here, enjoy another WTF moment from David Yates and HBP.

Dec. 6th, 2008

Another HBP WTF???????

A comedy? What about that book says comedy? Have any of them even read it? Seriously?

This is the 5th of 5 "sneak peeks" but I'm too disheartened to post any more. hbpmoviepics has links to them all if you're interested.


Also, since [info]randombastery tagged me,

Nov. 14th, 2008

New HBP trailer!!

Nov. 11th, 2008

*le sigh*

Oh, HP costume designers, how can you get it so right...

...and then turn around and get it so wrong?

Penishead )

Oct. 29th, 2008

You've got to be kidding...

HBPmoviepics has new pictures of, obviously, HBP. Some of them are pretty cool.

And then there's Narcissa...
On a happier note, I watched The Edge of Love tonight. I really enjoyed it. Matthew Rhys did an amazing job as Dylan Thomas, Keira and Sienna had a lovely friendship (and yes, I could easily see some femslash there), and Cillian ...

Aug. 25th, 2008

holy hell

I worked 11 hours today. GAH! Well, no, I did make a quick run to the post office ([info]goddessriss and [info]omarandjohnny, watch the post!), and I had to shower before that (really, I had to). Now my brain is incapable of doing anything but wallowing in some fic.

So what do you wallow in, when you feel the need to wallow? Got any good wallowing fic to recommend? I prefer Harry/Draco, of course, or McShep. Or a pairing in a fandom I don't normally read. I'd say I'd be open-minded but I don't think I'm capable of twisting my poor brain around Snarry or Snako tonight. Gimme some pretty! Gimme gimme!

ETA: I'm giggling like crazy over this. Apparently this gal recced the story she liked before plagiarising it. Not sure whether that takes balls or a lobotomy.

ETA WTFery: Twelve months of HBP and no frickin' Draco Malfoy? WTbloodyF? It's Faramir all over again.

Aug. 16th, 2008

Lazy day

I got to hang out with [info]takhys yesterday -- just in time too, since she's about to be relegated to an offline existence in surburbia. I wish we'd done this earlier. She's one of those people who it's easy to talk to and laugh with, even when the heavens were opening up and we were diving into the pub.

And I spent money. Lots of money. About 15 years ago in Dublin, I saw a charcoal grey woolen cape. It was lovely and warm and swishy and hooded, and I lusted after it immensely, but I couldn't justify spending ₤200 on my student budget. But I bought it yesterday! The Irish store in Ottawa is going out of business and they had the cape, Snape-black instead of grey, in just my size, for CDN$179 -- less than half price! It's swishy and warm and has pockets and a hood, and will help me embrace the coming winter. (Or autumn, at least, it'll be pretty useless against our winters!) I wish I could take a picture of it, I tried but it comes out as a big black blob.

Even blob-like, it's better witch-wear than what the HP costumers have done to Narcissa Malfoy. Why is she wearing something from Saks' bargain basement sale? They had a chance to do something really amazing with the witches' robes and instead ... this?! And for the love of god, what is that thing perched on her head? It looks like one of Debbie Harry's bad dye-jobs.


But no matter. I've had a wonderfully lazy day. A little SGA, a little fic reading, there was tomato soup made at some point. And during a very short bout of productivity I even wrote a wee drabble for IJ's new [info]draco100 community: Glitter. Now I'm enjoying a little Blackpool. Thanks for mentioning it, [info]randombastery -- this is where I fell in love with David Tennant's tongue. (Exhibit A and Exhibit B.) I'm also trying to read what you all have been up to. I've skipped back 200 now, and I'm flagging, so if I've missed anything do let me know.

Now if I can just figure out what to knit next, this'll be a pretty perfect weekend.

Aug. 14th, 2008


Well, that was lots of fun! Turned out it was the first night of Ottawa's Greek Fest, so Rhonda and I met her bf there, enjoyed great music and delicious food (meat-on-a-stick! dolmades! olives! and wine, so much wine!), and then we danced off all the calories. And watched the Zorba Dancers, a male dance troupe who apparently enjoyed touching each other as much as they enjoyed dancing. Oh, and during the belly dancing portion of the evening, there were also a few men dancing, and boy could they shimmy!

Just skimming my flist tonight -- I will catch up this weekend, I promise -- but I found a great article on Rocknrolla. (Heads up, [info]omarandjohnny!) I'm looking forward to it ... a little something to temper my disappointment over HBP. (As is this drool-worthy Draco/Harry picture. As [info]sarcastic_jo says, "They're so shagging." Damn WB for delaying my eyecandy!)

And I promised a Porny Snippet tonight -- [info]bbtp_challenge is in just 17 days! Not wanting to neglect the artists, I went looking and found this amazing thing by [info]artisticentropy ...

*takes a moment*

Now I'm beat, so I'm going to turn in. Sleep well, chickadees!

Aug. 2nd, 2008

Saturday ramble

The Guardian posted pictures from the dress rehearsal of Hamlet.

Quite a few more here.

And how's about that SGA last night? I think I read this episode on Wraithbait a few years ago. )

I am studiously avoiding all mention of anything HBP related, I know there's news surfacing about some new scenes lalalalala. I'll just be over here imagining how the Septumsempra scene should have turned out.

I've completely blown my budget today ... not only did I go to the yarn store, but I just ordered Thai delivery because I'm in a lazy, lazy mood. Oh, did you hear the television calling to me, telling me to have a glass of wine and relax with dinner? I think I did...

Jul. 29th, 2008

HBP trailer and something happy

omgomgomgomgomg!!!!! This looks good! It has the right look and feel and creepiness, and there's no sign of romantic comedy in sight ... dare I hope ...?

And did anybody else snicker just a bit when Tom said, "You're the Doctor, aren't you?"

OK, that wasn't the reason I decided to write a second post today. I was going to share a happy little moment since my previous post was all grumpy. This is something good. Well, it started out not so good -- my paycheque never arrived this month, and I had my boss re-send it because we thought it was lost in the mail. But the good part is that I just got a call from someone at a restaurant on Elgin, just one street over from where I live. It was accidentally delivered to them (thanks CanadaPost) and he saw it was a cheque, looked up my phone number, and called to let me know. I was so surprised that I hardly even thanked him, but after I hung up I realised what a nice thing it was to do. So I wanted to share it with somebody, even if I forgot to tell him.

Oh, and because [info]paraka did it, and I'm really curious, Who comments the most on this journal? )

And I hope you all know that I love each and every one of you beyond belief!

Jul. 18th, 2008

Trianne, your prayers might've been answered

Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let this be true!

And to counter that very cool news, check out the lamest trailer EVER. Come on, can't you guys give us more than Mumbledore?

I took some time to play around with my fic journal layout. If you have a sec, can you take a look? One big change is that I set it to show just one page at a time, which is people use the index should work just fine -- it will take them to the first posted entry for each fic. But it does make it difficult to freely browse. How do you prefer to explore someone's fic journal? Do you like the ease of scrolling through?

Finally, if you are heading to Comic Con, please read this. Make fandom count, people. And if you manage to abduct Gareth David Lloyd, email me and I'll be on the first flight down. I have duct tape.

As of 8 minutes ago, it's officially been the weekend. As of 4 minutes ago, I've been sucking down wine. There may be drunken posts later.

Jul. 11th, 2008

A mixed bag

Did 2/3 of my flist go to Portus? *listens to crickets chirping*

Not me! I'm enjoying another quiet weekend in the country, critter-sitting while the Ex goes camping. I'd hoped I'd get the writing bug, but mostly I'm playing traffic cop, moving my dog from his favourite spot (blocking the closet with the catbox), keeping the cats from trying to get in there at the same time (fighting in the catbox isn't pretty), and caaaarefully opening the door to let pups in and out without disturbing the hornet's nest.

It's always such an odd feeling being out here. The Ex and I split in 2004 and I moved into the city, where I don't know any of my neighbours. In the two days I've been out here, two sets of neighbours have stopped by to see how I've been, to invite me to the farmer's market tomorrow, and let me know they're here in case anything happens. It's bizarre. I truly appreciate the anonymity of the city, I felt awfully claustrophobic when I lived out here, but ... I'm just a little touched by this now.

Another thing I've noticed is that this place completely saps my energy. Maybe it's because I look at it as a mini-holiday, but I've got no motivation to do anything other than nap on the deck. I did take my camera on one of my walks tho, so on Sunday expect some baby pet pics. And corn. Lots and lots of corn.

And now, couple of very random links, a little politics, a little fandom, a bit of IJ goodness. Actually, let's start with that one. [info]squeaky has put up six new site schemes—I like them, they're more, um, subtle than the previous ones. To change yours, go to http://www.insanejournal.com/manage/settings/.

Now on to the unsubtle extreme, some inexcusable behaviour from Bush: The American leader, who has been condemned throughout his presidency for failing to tackle climate change, ended a private meeting with the words: "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter." He then punched the air while grinning widely, as the rest of those present including Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy looked on in shock. I'm just gobsmacked! This sounds like what you'd expect in a frathouse, not a G8 summit. Only 192 days to go. Hopefully there won't be another war on his way out.

More politics and more hypocrisy: Alabama Attorney General Troy King, a conservative Republican Christian who has called homosexuality the 'downfall of society,' has been caught with his pants down—literally—in a gay sex scandal. King was reportedly nabbed having sex with a male assistant by his wife, Paige King, in the couple's own bed. *smirk*

The real world is too weird. How's about some fandom news instead?

More Joss: Dollhouse, created by Joss Whedon...will turn out 50 minutes of programming in each hour-long episode instead of the usual 42 to 44 minutes." They're going to have fewer, more costly commercial breaks. I love this idea!

More Draco: Yes, I admit, I'm getting excited. Finally, some Draco!

There was also some less good news... spoilers )

Jul. 4th, 2008

Too late for second guessing

So that little drabble inspired by this picture exploded into full-blown fic...

Title: Stoic
Author: Lilith
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Never, ever, admit that it hurts.
A/N: 700 words, rated PG for language, beta-ed by [info]sarcastic_jo (who was denied mpreg, sorry).


In the real-life, grown-up world that I prefer to avoid, I'm feeling a bit maudlin. It's been a frustrating money day. I put most of my savings into a money market account at the end of March, and three months later $700+ is gone. Poof! Yes, I know, this happens, and it might come back. But it's really hard to think about that much money as an abstraction, and I'm fighting the urge to withdraw the little bit that's still in there and hide it in my mattress.

On the other hand, I keep reminding myself that I have a nice apartment in a place that I love, I've got more than enough to eat (*pets the belleh*), and I'm not extravagant but I can afford a few luxuries. I'm not hurting, and I'm aware of what a privilege that is. I know that many aren't nearly as lucky.

I'm also very thankful that I can escape into fandom so easily. Reading and discussing fics with other passionate people is bringing me a lot of joy these days, as is sharing the squee over silly things and seeing all the creativity being poured out all over my flist. It's inspiring, truly.

Speaking of squee, some new promo shots have appeared, ranging from the ridiculous (SGA) to the sublime (HBP). In spite of myself, I'm getting excited about HBP. Cynicism quails and flees in the face of high-res Draco.

And if you haven't yet, go tell [info]ponderosa121 just how damn talented she is. I haven't seen anything this lickable in ages!

I take that back. Cillian on an Irish stamp is more lickable. (Colm Meaney gets a stamp too, if anyone wants to lick Chief O'Brien!)

There, see, I'm in a better mood already. Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it ... Happy Doctor Who-eve to those who celebrate that ... and Happy Friday to everyone else!

May. 15th, 2008

Lots of good things

A day of awesomeness all around! First off (because it is all about me), I got the most fantastic package from [info]noorie! Lots of movies that I can't wait to watch AND an awesome handmade gift care AND the coolest silver bracelet with blue beads on this flexible wire so it wraps right around my wrist -- I absolutely adore it!

Then there was good news in California!

And youtubey goodness from Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku.

And there was fic posting, which thanks to [info]sarcastic_jo's poking turned out much better than it was just a few days ago. Feels so good to post something after so, so long!

And then there was Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. Cute movie, not one I'll end up thinking much about afterwards, but lots of eye candy in the shape of Mark Strong and Ciarán Hinds (who keeps getting hotter the older he gets) and Lee Pace (who can't ditch that Oklahoma accent to save his life). The costumes were gorgeous too, it's that 1930s style -- we decided that Shirley Henderson should always dress like that, it suits her so well.

Speaking of Shirley, some not so good news here: Moaning Myrtle won't be in HBP. Cut no doubt so we can have more Lavender Frickin' Brown. Which means that there will likely be no sympathetic ear for Draco, which means that he's just going to be bad, bad, bad, because even JKR's simplistic handling of him is apparently too complex for the filmmakers. *is not impressed at all*

*sighs* I did say it was a day of awesomeness, didn't I? Well, it was mostly all good.

Oh, and flisters, help please: [info]bridgetmkenna is searching for Asians in fanfic -- she's compiled a list of Asian characters but also wants links to fics -- go and rec her your favourite Ronon Dex stories!

Mar. 15th, 2008

Did I read a different version of HBP?

Excuse me, what? Cho Chang's getting the cursed necklace now? WTF?


*ignores Potter money-grubbing franchise and focuses on fandom shiny*

Speaking of, only 30 minutes in and [info]ides_of_march is well underway! I'm so tickled about this -- I'm looking forward to reading some pairings (and some fandoms) that I usually don't read. This is going to be fun!

Nov. 25th, 2007

der hell?

From the Edmonton Sun: "The Harry Potter series will lighten up on the darkness and turn into a romantic comedy for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Emm ... did the scriptwriters read the same book that I did? The one about Tom Riddle's horrific upbringing? And the sense of dread surrounding Harry's foray into the dark arts? And surely I'm not the only one who read HBP as Draco's story ...

This part of the article was interesting though:

"When I mention that "everyone's delighted" to have a tonal shift from the brooding atmosphere of The Order of the Phoenix, Radcliffe smiles and says: "Everyone's 'not' delighted to be on this!" He is referring to himself. "I think the script's great and I think it's going to be a really great film. But I'm just one of those people that, in what I'm doing, I always lean toward the dark side and I really enjoy doing the dark stuff. I know Emma and Rupert really, really like the lighter stories and all that. And Rupert particularly is really going to have a field day on this, because he's got fantastic comic timing and he'll be able to use all of that to great effect on this film with his relationship with Lavender Brown. (But) I'm actually going to miss doing all the morbid stuff, I think."

:: :: :: :: ::

On a completely different note, behold the adorableness that is the Flan!