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Feb. 21st, 2009

"You can enjoy the two boys all the time!"

Yep, that's what the GMTV host said about Bradley and Colin when they were on his show this morning being ridiculously cute. Have a look! Colin's accent is adorable and Bradley's wearing last-night's clothes over Colin's too-small black t-shirt, and his hand rests possessively right behind Colin's shoulder through the whole interview. And for an instant he goes to touch Colin and pulls back at the last minute. And no I haven't watched this a zillion times today, why do you ask?

So yeah, that took up much of the day. And my DVDs finally arrived too, so there was much fondling there. (I can enjoy the two boys all the time!) I've seen all the extras already but they're still so shiny! But I still managed to get down about 1000 words of my ebook, which isn't nearly enough but is so much more than I have been doing that I considered it a productive day.

I might have had a little more luck with Big Bang:

But even with the outline, getting started is still very hard. I bashed my head over the intro, then gave up, jumped ahead to another later section, and it just started to flow. *sigh* I wonder if the intro will be the very last thing I write.

For inspiration, I might just have watched "The Labyrinth of Gedref" again and felt a little breathless during the confrontation between Uther and Arthur.

I also decided to give Skins one more chance and they knocked it out of the ballpark. This episode ("Freddie") felt just like the old series and I loved it! The adults weren't caricatures this week, and I actually cared about the kids for a change. And dammit if I don't want to shake Effy and say "what are you thinking?"

Another rambly Friday night post. Here, have some wine!

ETA: Here, enjoy another WTF moment from David Yates and HBP.

Feb. 10th, 2009

They're killing me, they really are

The second Merlin DVD was released yesterday, and the extras are slowly trickling onto the webz. Needless to say, my day's not been very productive. Here's what I've had to deal with:

Feb. 8th, 2009

Assorted links

Just some quickies because I really need to go to bed.

Fidelity: Don't Divorce: You've probably already seen this. It's lovely, you should probably watch it again, and then forward it to everybody you know. It makes me all sniffly.

Joss Whedon continues to rock my world: I still call my iPod "my Walkman." OK? I am old. I have gray in my beard -- which, by the way, is terribly sexy. (I'm especially amused by this because I often work with Wharton and they're all so serious, and don't have a clue what to do with Joss.)

Anything Sam can do, Sam can do better: Battle of the Life On Mars versions. I think you all know who I'm rooting for.

([info]sdk, that last one is for you. I also want you to watch this vid after you see 1x07. Will you flail as hard as I do?)

Feb. 6th, 2009

Good stuff, good mood

I'm playing dutiful daughter: I booked a flight to visit my dad in S. Carolina later this month. For 6 days. *whimper* Still, anything to keep him from coming up to stay with me. That's just a Very Bad Idea.

However! The fabulous [info]sdk lives down thataway! SQUEEE! We are (well, she is, really) already planning my birthday escape! I cannot wait for our meet up! *bounces with giddy glee*

Also very cool (tho to a much lesser degree than meeting Shelly): I got these boots for $14! Well, $114, really, $100 is from an Amazon.com certificate from my boss that doesn't work on Amazon.ca. Since I'm going to the U.S. I'll just pick them up down there! (And just in time, too: my old hiking boots are falling to pieces. Still, I bought them in 1997 and have worn them almost constantly, so I've definitely gotten my money's worth.)

More glee: Winterlude starts tomorrow! Sadly, it's supposed to get up to 7C and rain on Saturday. Yuck. I'll still try to run by and get some pictures of tomorrow's ice sculptures, tho, before they're washed away. (My pics from 2007 and 2008 are here if you want to see--the sculptors are amazing!) There are a lot of good bands this year too, including Ariane Moffatt. (Watch her awesome video for Réverbère and then go write femslash, I know you'll want to. Even if it is kinda Stepford-femslash.) Colin James is playing too tomorrow night; I'm trying to decide if he's overrated and soulless or genuinely talented. Maybe seeing him in person will help.

Today was the most balanced day that I think I've had in at least two months. Since the crush ended, I've really just felt like a slug. But today I got some work done but didn't feel overworked, I tidied up the house but didn't feel like it was an overwhelming job, and I got some writing done that flowed well and didn't feel like pulling teeth. However:

Dear Bradley!muse,

You lured me into RPF with your false promises of quick and dirty porn and now you're angsting. I do not have time for this! I'll give you one more day to have sex with Colin; otherwise I'm writing in a poisonous spider who will bite you and you will die, the end.


Jan. 30th, 2009

A sleepy picspam before bed

Far too much time today was lost this evening staring at this page by Mabo. I'd seen icons from this set of pictures before (they're from the DVD which I will be getting as soon as I get to London) but I hadn't seen the full set before. Here are my favourites:

And I know I just recced stories yesterday, but here's one hot off the presses that you must read: [info]sarcastic_jo's A Most Generous Gift. What I said about fluffy fics? This is not one. This is delightfully twisted and creepy with just the slightest hint of Repo: The Genetic Opera. Which means I absolutely love it! Go read!!