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Jun. 25th, 2008

*headdesks repeatedly*

I shouldn't have done it, I knew I shouldn't, but I did anyway. I watched the American Life On Mars. )

But then David Hewlett makes it all better.

Oct. 21st, 2007

I can't believe I'm glad the weekend's over!

Hope it's been a good weekend for everybody. Mine was kinda rough. It started off on a very high note with yet another viewing of SGA's "Doppelganger", which aside from some really odd OOC moments (since when does Rodney fear whales?) is quite possibly my favourite episode of the entire series. And that's saying a lot. Of course there are only the two of them in Shepherd's dream ... as if we didn't already know that.

Then yesterday was all aflutter with the news from JKR that Dumbles is a Big Gay Wizard. Well, duh. )

Sorry for the rant there. I have lots more to say about more of the ludicrous things she "revealed" in that interview (if you're interested, here's a transcription: Part 1 and Part 2) but I'll spare you. All I can say is I'll have what she's having.

Now, when I tell you that I've immersing myself in fandom to avoid the RL craziness that is my family, you'll understand just how bad things really are. :(

Finally, at 11:00 p.m. I'm starting to unwind. This picture helped immensely:

from LJ's verav

And I posted Chapter Six of Architects of Memory, right on schedule. Not sure if I can keep up this pace, work's picking up drastically, but I'll do my best.

Now it's time to sink into Farscape and knitting, and brace myself for Monday.

Sep. 28th, 2007

Late night update

So ... I got on a crazy roll tonight and kept working and working and working ... and before I knew it, I'd finished with all my client work that's due tomorrow. I shipped off the last set of edits about 15 minutes ago. I'm still kind of in shock. And I'm completely wired, so I figured I'd have a glass of wine and get chummy with my journal for to calm down and plan my extra-long weekend.

I think this might merit a trip to IKEA tomorrow. Which would be GREAT because I've been wanting to go, but on weekends it turns into the 8th circle of hell. And I need to test mattresses, which could be time-consuming. Yes, I've decided that, at 40+, I should no longer sleep on a futon.

I'm also thinking that this is the weekend to dig out my winter clothes. When I took Rudy to the dog park today it was so nice and cool out. I know in a few months I'll be cursing, but I love this time of year.

It's also SGA time!!! Which reminds me, A Dog's Breakfast came yesterday. No spoilers, I just want to say that I was really impressed! Frankly, I was trying to keep my expectations for it relatively low. I figured it couldn't be as good as people said, that they were just being supportive of David and that it'd be amusing but overall a definite debut filmmaker's attempt. I was wrong, so very wrong. I haven't laughed that hard in I don't know how long. Hewlett's comic delivery is genius, I was never in doubt of that, but as a director he's got a wonderfully sharp eye. And Kate Hewlett was divine. I lusted her and her outfits. And then Paul McGillion ... I love the guy, and he was really good in this, but I just think his real accent sounds so *fake*. Anyway, BUY THIS MOVIE! I promise you won't regret it.

So that's pretty much going to be my weekend. A little shopping, a little fall cleaning, a little telly. Might go see Shake Hands With the Devil if I'm in the mood to handle man's inhumanity (and Roy Dupuis). Oh, and writing, lots and lots of writing.

I should be getting tired by now but I'm still wide awake. Hmmm ...

Sep. 6th, 2007

Verse Thursday

Inspired by David Hewlett's owl impression I bring you a much beloved poem.

The Owl and the Pussycat )