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Aug. 10th, 2010


I've been looking for a new knitting project, and I found it! (Much less tricksy than the last pair of gloves!) And in pretty, pretty green. *pets*

[insert relevant transition here]

In complete randomness, I just discovered that someone I went to high school with now writes gay erotica. Exceptionally good gay erotica. What's extra weird is that I bought a compilation of Best Gay Erotica years ago, and he has a story in it, although it's a common enough name that I never imagined it would be him. But yeah, some Facebook stalking confirmed it is. Crazyskates!

In somewhat-related news, I finished my porn for [info]bbtp_challenge last night. Have you?

[info]bbtp_challenge banner by [info]maybe742

Dec. 28th, 2009

Make poverty history... cheaper drugs now!!

Oh dear. Amazon.co.uk is a dangerous place to wander into with Christmas money. Damn their irresistible box-set sales!

I've spent the past few days in a blur of movie watching/knitting. I watched Dorian Gray, 500 Days of Summer, An Education, Moon, My Favorite Year, and A Film With Me In It. No, there's no pattern there, but my dad's lap quilt is now a metre-square and just might be done by his birthday at the end of January. If my hands don't fall off first.

Also, this:

*bouncy bouncy bouncy* Is it January 10th yet?

Dec. 18th, 2008

Extreme knitting

This is so cool!


Sep. 20th, 2008

Update on Rudy. And some random links of interest.

The short version is that the vet thinks he's going to be okay. The long version is longer.

So it turns out I missed Talk Like A Pirate Day. I can't really talk like one, but I love songs about them and I wanted to share one of my favorites: Stan Rogers' Barrett's Privateers, about the "privateers" from Nova Scotia who raided American ships during the American revolution. And here's a live video of Stan singing it (which admittedly I first watched for Stan's sexy brother Garnet ... he's the one with the long luscious hair).

There's a nice interview with Neil Patrick Harris at the Onion's AV Club: I would say I'm about 75 percent technique, and 25 percent Red Bull.

The new Stargate: Universe sounds ... well, awful. Could these characters get any more clichéd? And speaking of Stargate, I think Keller ought to be climbing Ronon like a jungle-gym and bring Rodney in for a threesome. Meanwhile, Shep can find solace with his new Runner. That's how I would write it anyway.

Are you a knitter? [info]sarcastic_jo found this cool Java charting tool that I'm going to have to try out.

And finally, I found this article on white privilege really thought-provoking.

Now I think it's time for a good long nap. I hope you're all having a great weekend!

Sep. 15th, 2008

Home again, home again

I'm back from my trip, and now I'm feeling a bit worn out and having an awfully hard time getting back into the swing of things. I'll try to put together a recap soon, but I can say that the best film I saw was Danny Boyle's brilliant Slumdog Millionnaire and that Ethan Hawke has an extremely cute bum.

[info]angela_snape, I'm so sorry we couldn't hook up, I didn't check my email once while I was there. Sadly, I never made it to The Purple Purl either, there just wasn't time to do everything I wanted to do. Next year I should plan to stay even longer.

I'm going to try to ease myself back into IJ-land, I've missed you all so much, but I beg your forgiveness if I don't go back into last week's posts. I did come home to those delightful HBP pictures of Harry and Draco. Damn, were the UST sparks flying or what? I also got the most fantabulous package from [info]goddessriss, chock full of dark chocolates and Jaffa cakes. That woman knows the way straight to my heart!

Meanwhile, since [info]omarandjohnny and [info]bunnysquee have now both been subjected to my knitting, it's safe to post the pictures.

And now ... I'm thinking I just might need to watch Gattaca again ...

Jul. 20th, 2008

Messing About

So [info]sarcastic_jo and I were discussing Joss Whedon's fondness for sharp metal objects in the gut. It must be his preferred mode of death -- he's chalked up quite an impressive list of casualties: Stomach wound, anyone? )

Yes, that was the burning question of the day. Today started slow and ended slower. I've had a blissfully useless day: playing with my critters, reading some fic, learning what "flangst" is. (I've encountered it obviously -- I read Drarry after all -- I just had no idea it had a name.)

I also played around a bit on Ravelry too. What a cool site, I've already seen about a zillion projects I want to try! I'm "lilithilien" there if anybody wants to friend me.

Oh, had a funny conversation with my dad too, who told me that he spent all day Friday changing banks because his bank's started charging a service fee. And that's fine, service fees are annoying. But Dad drove around in person, visiting every bank in Greenville until he found one that he liked. All to save $5/month. (And I thought I was cheap!) I said, "Dad, why didn't you just call around and save on gas?" Long pause, then he chuckled and said, "You know, I just didn't think to do that." (This is the man who, the last time he had to fly somewhere, went up to the airport counter on the day he wanted to leave, like it was a big bus in the sky.) I swear, sometimes I wonder how the man's lasted for 82 years.


Here's today's happy place...

I wonder if the kitty played with his hair. If you were a kitty, could you resist?

Mar. 9th, 2008

Overdue update

It's been a while since I've posted, and I'm just as far behind on commenting to people's posts. I apologise. I'm afraid I've sunk into a pretty hefty winter funk, that wasn't helped by this weekend's storm that dumped another 50 cm, on top of the 377 cm (11.5 feet!!) we had before. I'm losing the will to live!

Well, not quite, but unfortunately I've lost the ability to say anything witty or engaging. I'm reading through my flist every day, but I just can't summon the energy to comment, even when I'd very much like to. And that bothers me because you guys are very important to me -- you're my sanity check. (And isn't that a scary thought?) I really hope I can snap out of this soon.

Daylight Savings Time is *not* helping.

It's not like I've been sitting around moping, though. I actually slogged through the snow (and only fell once) to see two movies: Juno and In Bruges. Juno was a lot better than I expected (I was very suspicious given all the hype) but I don't think it deserved an Oscar nom for best picture (then again, I did think it was better than that eye candy Atonement). In Bruges, however, was exactly the kind of dark humour that I needed. Ralph Fiennes' performance alone was worth the price of admission.

Back home, I've been nesting: cleaned the house (dusting?!!!!), cooked a huge pot of veggie chili, baked banana bread, and finished knitting my shawl. Wanna see it? )

I'm also on a mission to bring the frozen plant in my window back to life. I'm hoping warm water and plant food will help. I need a Risen Mitten like on Torchwood... (Speaking of, do read sam_storyteller's Trying to Communicate, but only with beverages at a safe distance.)

Finally, I've just read the new LJ "conversation". At last they've admitted in a policy document that there's nothing legally wrong with fanart, they just don't like it so it's banned. Nice. I just don't understand how people in fandom can continue to support that company. (Oh, that reminds me, I've got pics uploaded in my LJ photo album, I need to grab them before my account expires next month.) And is anybody else getting Cyrillic spam? For the past week, my gmail spam box has been DELUGED!

I'll try to be around more. Stay warm!

Dec. 16th, 2007

So much stuff

I've been dismal at keeping in touch with the flist this week, so I do apologise. I've spent most of the week trying to catch up on work I missed while I was away. (Someday I'll have a real vacation, not one where everything needs to be crammed into the days after I come back. I suspect a month off would do it. A month off, wouldn't that be dreamy?)

Nonetheless, I wouldn't have traded last weekend for the world. I decided it'd be a good idea to recap a bit of it -- I had some good times I want to remember and a few pictures to share with y'all. Holly came from Miami FLA )

Came back to work work and more work, but still, it's been a pretty good week. Yesterday I received some amazing news -- one of my stories was nominated for a Men of Middle Earth Award in their "classics" category. I'm gobsmacked! Not only is this my first nomination ever, but it's for the very first fanfic I ever wrote. And yes, the story's entirely predictable with hideous clichés, but still! Giddy!

And I've made some tremendous headway with Architects of Memory and I just posted another exciting chapter. Woot! After so much buildup, it's finally all falling into place ... and hopefully avoids being predictable or clichéd. *hopes*

I've also found a new knitting project: the storm water shawl. Some day soon this will be draped over ME! I'll have to go buy some yarn first though, and I'm not headed anywhere for awhile. It's snowing now. Except it's not snowing so much as blizzarding in every direction at once. It's like those first few seconds in a snow globe when everything is swirling around too fast to see the figures inside. Hi, that would be me!

*waves frantically tho no one can see through the white*

Oct. 18th, 2007


I finished knitting the back and left side of my sweater.

And after getting about 3" into the right side, I realised that I did the left side dart on the wrong side. Gaaaaaah!

*starts ripping*

But I have hot chocolate, so I'll survive.

Oct. 14th, 2007

A wonderfully lazy Sunday

It was very hard to crawl out of my warm bed today. Even so, I didn't make it much farther than the couch, where I've been curled up under a warm blanket for most of the day. I had a long list of things I intended to do today, but they just didn't happen.

The lovely [info]telesilla is responsible for keeping me fed today, since she recommended this tasty little meal in her journal the other day. Seeing as pasta, eggs, and cheese were about the only things in my fridge, it was the perfect meal that kept me from having to leave the house.

Most of my day was absorbed with my knitting. I finished the back, but when I got to the sides I realized that this is the most complex project I've ever tackled. The sides require shaping on three fronts at the same time! I got about 8" in and then ripped it out when I realized that I'd miscounted. I ripped it out and then put it away for the night so I could relax with some wine; I've got my graph paper handy for when I start back in on it later.

Despite that little snafu, I found that Farscape is the perfect crafting accompaniment. I blame my knitting misfortune on Ben Browder, and the fact that he and Mark Dacascos are buddies, and that I'm very distracted by the idea of them in a threesome with Jason Momoa...

Not that I have time to write that. I just posted the latest chapter of my HP fic Architects of Memory, and I'm speeding ahead on the next part. And trying to keep the muses apart. I'm thinking I might just have to write some PWP to get it out of their/my system, so I can stick to the plot!

I love weekends.

Oct. 13th, 2007

Some movie recs, and a domestic Saturday

I watched two incredible but heartbreaking movies last night. Spoilers under the cut.

Away From Her )

This Is England )

Much less impressive was the latest episode of SGA. It's another of Joe Mallozzi & Paul Mullie's caricatures of Atlantis, which means that the less said about this episode, the better. At times I was certain I was watching a bad SGA cartoon by someone who's only seen a few episodes. Or reading bad fanfic with the MS OFC who sweeps in to save the day. ([info]sarcastic_jo's commentary says it much better than I can.) Thank goodness I've already seen "Doppelganger" or I'd mourn the demise of my show.

While sobbing last night (and groaning during SGA today), I started a new knitting project; it looks so cozy I couldn't resist. I'm making it with a wool-silk yarn, in this rich plum colour, and I think I'll trim the edges with the red/plum yarn I bought in Spain years ago but never had a reason to use.

And to continue this trend of domesticity, I'm in the mood to bake something ... anything. I feel the need to fill my apartment with the smell of spices. I think some oatmeal-raisin cookies with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg might be in the forecast (along with the snow flurries expected tonight). Brrr! Yes, I think it's definitely time to pop in An Affair To Remember and knit and bake.

Hope everybody's have a good weekend!