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Feb. 16th, 2010

Five happy things

I'm always grumping these days, I want to share some happy things for a change.

Happy Thing #1: And Then The Heroes Came Along: Superman and Batman land in the Pegasus Galaxy. Yeah, my head just went splodey over that idea, too. Very witty, lots of fanboy fun, and Batman in a jumper, wow!

Happy Thing #2: So as not to leave out my other favourite superhero, Wes Anderson does Spiderman. Perfectly done!

Happy Thing #3: Argentina, AWZ-style, where apparently mariachi music plays 24/7 and it's impossible to remove mustard stains from shirts. Oh, Axel, you have been missed. (Also, you totes know that if Axel was stuck down there, he would have called Nina long ago and begged for help. Hopefully he did and her girlfriend wouldn't let her out of bed to take the call.)

Happy Thing #4: [profile] redcouchaddict has been a vidding maniac lately! My favourite's this one: Walk Through the Fire, where AWZ goes Buffy. It's inspiring me to procastinate with a heartbreaking MaJe video response... not that I have TIME FOR THIS MIND YOU.

Happy Thing #5: I am learning lots of useful new German words like sklaventreiber. Which means I must go back to work now. But in a much better mood.

Feb. 2nd, 2010

Update of randomy stuff

It's been ages since I had a proper update, so here's an attempt to catch up:

  • [personal profile] bridgetmkennitt is pimping chromaticvision, a multifandom character of colour challenge. I won't be able to participate -- the story I'm focused on is all about immigrants from western Europe, so no colour there -- but I hope many of you lot will sign up. I'm looking forward to reading these and seeing how characters of colour can be written well.

  • Speaking of reading, I have actually been picking up actual books lately. *gasp* I reread The English Patient, which always feels like a long luxurious soak in a milkbath of imagery, and I just started Middlesex last night. And okay, this is strange, but I love smelling the pages. The bookstore where I bought Middlesex has cedar shelves and the paper still retains it, while The English Patient smells like our house in Seattle. I think this is why I could never get one of those readers; I doubt that huffing on a Kindle could have the same sensory effect.

  • I'm learning German! I've had four classes so far, and the first three were horribly frustrating. The teacher wouldn't call on me -- she'd skip right over to the next person! -- and wasn't correcting my lousy pronunciation. But last night, it all kind of clicked. We were creating dialogues to sell things, and I got two classmates in a bidding war for the house I was selling in Monaco. :) It was a lot of fun, the teacher was engaged and helping me, and I finally knew I was getting something out of it. What a great feeling!

  • I'm also learning by writing a pen pal -- she writes in English and I write her back auf Deutsch. I feel like a real simpleton writing such basic things as "ich habe ein Hund und eine Katze," and all in present tense, of course, but my vocab's slowly building. I just hope there is room in my aged brain for this!

  • Aside from German, I've been spending inordinate amounts of time working on the The Gays of Our Lives event. We have less than 20 tickets to sell, which is great, but it's still making me nervous. But at least it's distracting me from the fact that my real paying work has dropped to almost nothing. I appreciate the free time; I'm less happy about the dent my savings is taking. That's supposed to go to travelling, not my hydro bill!

  • Despite my impoverished status of woe, I bought the most adorable boots!

And that is about all of my exciting life. And look, I didn't mention my AWZ obsession even once -- add in the weather (too damn cold!) and my health (pretty good for a couch potato), and this is just like a conversation with my father!