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Jul. 23rd, 2012

I have always thought this

I ordered Chinese delivery tonight, which I should not have done because money, but it was totally worth it for my fortune.

Mar. 29th, 2012

Yeah I got nothin'

I wish I could Apparate just long enough to get down to Fort Worth and Joe T. Garcia's. I'm having a craving BAD.

Mar. 15th, 2012

Lunch and stuff

I just met my website designer/marketing dude for lunch. I always feel so upbeat after our meetings! I know that he's in marketing and it's not only his job but also his personality, but still... his enthusiasm about my business chances is contagious, and it makes me believe that going off on my own isn't such a crazy idea after all.

And he bought me lunch. WIN.

May. 18th, 2010

My icon says it all

Today I...

* got a new client *ka-ching!*
* finished a bit of writing and sent it off to Aldi
* got thinky thoughts over the next chapter, which is really exciting because I want to dive into this new character
* heard from a dear and sorely missed friend *squishes Rosebach unbelievably tight*
* got squeeful over [info]paraka podficcing one of my stories *bouncebouncebounce*

And now I've got a spread of Lebanese olives, a Spanish wine, and three different kinds of cheeses, which I'm savouring while watching Alice In Wonderland. This movie has the best look ever! And it's like Lord of the Rings on acid. Also, may just I say that Crispin Glover is like walking sex. Walking sex with an eyepatch. He can take me right now yes.

Tonight I refuse to think about the Gulf Coast as a dead sea, Alabama geometry teachers, or my incredibly frustrating father. Nope, right now, life is pretty close to perfect.

Jul. 14th, 2009

Since I've been feeling poor lately, I'm cleaning out my cupboards before shopping and was excited to find an unlabelled seasoning packet that I thought was taco mix. So I got all the fixings for tacos and whipped it up last night... and turns out it's curry spice instead. I'm trying to convince myself that I've created this funky new fusion cuisine, but no, really it's just kinda nasty. But it can almost be disguised with enough salsa, so yay?

However! What's confusing me is that I'm way too busy to be this poor--work's killing me. Clients, go away now! No, wait, pay first, then go. I think it's all the specials we're running to attract business. I know I'm lucky to be working, I just want more time to do nothing.

Having no time of course means I'm buzzing to write something, although the only solid story ideas I have at the moment are a post-"Children of Earth" tag for Alice/Johnson and a reveal/episode tag for "The Moment of Truth" which the world needs like a hole in its head. [info - personal] nefernat, we should talk!

And that's my week so far in a nutshell.

Apr. 20th, 2008

What's for pudding?

Quickie question for any British folks on my list. If someone were to bake something, and they weren't particularly a master chef (for the sake of argument, say they work as a tea-boy for a secret alien-hunting organisation), what would they bake? I'm thinking brownie mix wouldn't be quite the thing.

Mar. 14th, 2008

Fly-by post

Ooh, I like the new posting format. Shiny!

Finally wrestled my [info]ides_of_march fic to the ground and made it cry "Uncle." This was one of the most difficult pieces I've written and I've been worried about getting it in on time. It's a different style than I'm used to, which was good practice in itself, but that was compounded by the fact that it's from Draco's POV. I have newfound respect for people who can nail that! I find it much easier to write a Harry who is uncertain about Draco's motives -- I wonder if that's because all we get in canon is a shell of this character. When I started digging into there ... phew!

Speaking of Draco ... I feel awful that I'm just now getting around to thanking her, but [info]twilightsorcery gave me a gorgeous drawble for my birthday. I love the expression, he looks like something dark is going on there. Thank you so much, darling!

I'm sure y'all are tired of the weather updates, but it snowed again today. I'm betting this puts us over 14 feet for the year. The snow removal trucks have slowly made their way through, though, and the strip between the sidewalk and the street (what's that called) is clear now. Unfortunately I saw quite a few mangled bikes attached to fences, but I guess if you leave your bike to be covered in snow you don't care too much, right?

But Jackie shared the secret to the perfect winter meal. Take a good handful of tiny potatoes (they call them "potato gems" here, they come in all colours; the larger ones I cut in half), throw them in a baking pan with a generous helping of olive oil, and bake uncovered at 450 degrees for 40 minutes. They come out crispy on the outside and fluffy inside; eat with ketchup mixed with a hearty dash of Thai chili sauce. Have a Guinness while you're at it. Hey, I never said it was healthy, but it's wonderfully filling.

For lack of a segue ... LJ, it amuses me: Best comment ever on the account changes.

And now I'm wondering if the new IJ updates allow embedding. Here's a good one to test:

ETA: Woot! It works!

Nov. 5th, 2007

Falling back ... and over

This time change is not kind to night owls. I was getting about six hours of daylight before, now it'll be even less. On the plus side, when I went to bed at 4am, the morning sun was already peeking over the horizon. I do love that.

And I'm definitely not complaining about the extra hour yesterday. I wrote pretty much all day long, coming really close to finishing the next chapter of of Architects of Memory. Although I write very slowly as a rule, I write smut even more slowly. (I think it's because of all the breaks I take to watch porn. For inspiration, you know.) In any case, I posted Chapter 8 a short while ago, then had chocolate milk to celebrate. Because if you don't smoke, a big glass of chocolate milk's the next best thing you can have after sex.


It must be the weather changing that's gotten me thinking about living in the Dominican. The good parts of it, not the bad. One of those very best parts was the food. So I picked up the fixings for habichuelas (aka frijoles in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world) and I'm going to make up a batch with this, the tastiest rice I have ever had in my life. With a rum and coke or three, it'll be a feast tonight.


In other news, I'm addicted to the WGA strike news and have been maniacally refreshing this site. (Thanks, [info]boji for the link.) Jon Stewart's paying the salaries for the writers on his show and on the Colbert Report from his own pocket for two weeks. <3333 Jon.


Need inspiration for WriSoMiFu? (Or, if you're the masochist type, NaNoWriMo?) Here's They Fight Crime, to the rescue!


And finally, here's that book meme that's going around. (BTW, I was curious about how this list was compiled. Googling it found that the BBC's Big Read asked readers to nominate their most beloved novels -- these were the ones they came up with.) BBC's Must Reads. )

Oct. 14th, 2007

A wonderfully lazy Sunday

It was very hard to crawl out of my warm bed today. Even so, I didn't make it much farther than the couch, where I've been curled up under a warm blanket for most of the day. I had a long list of things I intended to do today, but they just didn't happen.

The lovely [info]telesilla is responsible for keeping me fed today, since she recommended this tasty little meal in her journal the other day. Seeing as pasta, eggs, and cheese were about the only things in my fridge, it was the perfect meal that kept me from having to leave the house.

Most of my day was absorbed with my knitting. I finished the back, but when I got to the sides I realized that this is the most complex project I've ever tackled. The sides require shaping on three fronts at the same time! I got about 8" in and then ripped it out when I realized that I'd miscounted. I ripped it out and then put it away for the night so I could relax with some wine; I've got my graph paper handy for when I start back in on it later.

Despite that little snafu, I found that Farscape is the perfect crafting accompaniment. I blame my knitting misfortune on Ben Browder, and the fact that he and Mark Dacascos are buddies, and that I'm very distracted by the idea of them in a threesome with Jason Momoa...

Not that I have time to write that. I just posted the latest chapter of my HP fic Architects of Memory, and I'm speeding ahead on the next part. And trying to keep the muses apart. I'm thinking I might just have to write some PWP to get it out of their/my system, so I can stick to the plot!

I love weekends.

Aug. 22nd, 2007

It shouldn't be this hard...

Oh, TIFF, how I hate you. Not only did you delay releasing the schedule, but now you've got a list of what films will be screened, and you're announcing ticket sales for the gala presentations, but you still haven't posted the full calendar and won't until August 28! WTF?!!! I know that the entire WORLD centres around Toronto, but there are a FEW of us who need to make travel arrangements and would like to coordinate this a little better.

I'm thinking that maybe I should just pick when I can stalk James McAvoy go and fit my film choices around that time. Seems to make more sense than trying to actually plan anything in advance. And really, I just need to get the hell out of Dodge! It feels like ages since I've gone anywhere, even Toronto sounds exotic!

This has been a long week already, and it's only Wednesday. Unbelievable! And swamped as I am, I've just taken on mod duties for a new forum my company's launched -- nothing fun either, I won't be discussing Atlantis weapons tech or Hogwarts holiday customs, but I do at least get commission. I just hope I have time to do it right, with the boss watching and all.

In cheerier news, I'm making carne asada for dinner. With fresh avocado and homemade salsa, numm. And I'm poking at a couple of PWPs. BRING BACK THE PORN IS IN TEN DAYS, PEOPLE! Get those smut gears greased!