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Aug. 20th, 2012

Fandom rocks

Sometimes I forget just how bloody incredible fandom can be. It takes a reminder like this to see how this community, which is so diverse and so disparate, needs to be celebrated, for WE ARE AWESOME.

Dec. 30th, 2009

HD Hols rec

It's been a long time since I've sunk into a good H/D fic, but the title of this one caught my eye: Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice). So I had to click...

When Blaise finally comes, I've stopped paying attention and moved on to planning what to wear to lunch at L'Oranger with Mother tomorrow and wondering whether to order the navarin d'agneau or the filet de saumon. He collapses on top of me, his ragged breath warm against the curve of my neck. With a bored sigh, I push him off and sit up.

The salmon, I decide. Laurent tends to overcook the lamb.

This is the Draco I've always adored most -- older and at least a bit wiser, cynical as hell about love, still so damn prideful tho his cracks are getting harder and harder to spackle. It's a really simple story, not much plot at all, but I highly recommend it if you're drawn to the gorgeous messiness and terror of love.

Nov. 7th, 2008

Finally, the weekend!

Hmmm. I took Rudy to the dog park this afternoon, where we met a woman who had a sheltie as well. Sheltie people have to gab, you know, and her dog was *beautiful*. (Unlike my ungroomed mess of a pup.) Anyway, she asked where I lived, and when I told her, she said that she'd been attacked right across the street from my apartment by a man who didn't like her dog being on "his property" (the sidewalk in front of his condo). And when I say attacked, I mean he hit her and had her pinned on the ground. Some people helped her, and the police came and nabbed him, but turns out he attacked another woman with her dog -- and *kicked* her dog several times!! -- before this. He's being charged, but now I'm more than a little freaked out. I walk Rudy along that way a couple of times a day. Or I did, I think I'll be changing my route. WTF is *wrong* with people like that?!!

But on to happier things. First off, it's Friday, how great is that? This week definitely overstayed its welcome. I'm looking forward to a weekend of reading, writing, and brunching with my slasher girls.

Speaking of writing, it's going ... well, it's going. I don't usually do fic recaps here, but I want to keep track of what I've got to show for myself after the first week of WriSoMiFu:

Inevitable (Harry/Draco, R, double-drabble)
Refuge (Draco, Gen, drabble)
Dawning (Deniz/Roman, Gen, drabble)
The Best Thing About Halloween (Harry/Draco, Gen, drabble)

I may be able to add to that total tonight with a longer fic, as I'm so close to finishing another. The ending just keeps eluding my grasp. *wrestles it to the ground*

And I've been reading some amazing stuff recently:

[info]aldiara wrote Different, an Alles Was Zählt fic that just stole my breath away. It does not matter in the least if you don't know this pairing -- this is one of the best first-time stories I've ever read, chock-full of humour and clumsy head-bumps. And if you know the characters at all, you'll see what a tremendous job she does in getting into their heads. It's a scary and beautiful place. Go read it! I command you!

Speaking of smut, [info]pushdragon finally posted the third installment of her Tale of Horns series (here are parts One and Two -- remember the sexy Quidditch calendar? Draco all hot and bothered?) Push says this yummy addition, Claws That Catch, will be her last H/D, which makes me very sad. I think her story The Astronaut Phase will always be one of my favourite tales.

I'm also about halfway through [info]furiosity's Interregnum and I'm loving it. It's all about what would happen if magic was "outed" -- how the world would change. Really different and incredibly imaginative. I'm not holding out hope for a happy ending -- her stories always manage to break my heart at the end, but it's worth it.


And finally, in a desperate attempt to lure my darling [info]goddessriss out of hiding (what are you doing? admit it, you're already putting up Christmas decorations, aren't you?) I wanted you to know that your Renaissance man John Cusack also writes poetry. And it's not bad!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends. Be nice to dogs!

Oct. 5th, 2008

A whole lot of random

It's been an onion dip night. For some strange reason, that stuff is my comfort food when I'm feeling stressed. I resisted all week, but tonight, once I relaxed, I gorged.

But I had a wonderfully refreshing Saturday. Having a clean house helped immensely -- not just because it was clean, but more because I didn't have that guilty "I should tidy" feeling. Instead I lounged about, napped with my cat, caught up on hd_inspired's Back to School Fest... Which reminds me: I've been meaning to rec Snugs and Slails. It's a completely crackfed idea that turns into something more, and so far it's my favourite of the fest.

I poked at a bit of writing too, made a miniscule amount of headway on one story, and outlined another that has grown from a manageable medium-length fic into an epic. *headdesks* I wonder if it'll ever happen. Seems the only dependable writing I can manage is my weekly drabble for [info]draco100 ... oh, and [info]harry100, which is starting up this week! YAY! Go join!!

I've been spending too much time reading the US political news, I'm afraid, and I fear this next month is going to get really ugly. Not looking forward to it. I do wonder why commentators (mostly male ones) keep saying that it's "surprising" that Sarah Palin does better with male voters than female ones. Women have long known that few things work faster than a wink and cloying smile from a pretty girl in getting a man to change a tire or open a stuck pickle jar. To see those same tactics used by someone aspiring to a major office is disgusting.

I am feeling cautiously optimistic, though. I've never in my adult life voted for the winning presidential candidate (I missed the 1992 vote because I was living in Ireland), but I wonder if this could be the year (at least in the US -- Canada looks like a lost cause). Maybe I'm just feeling a little more hopeful because who doesn't when the Boss talks like this?

Aug. 26th, 2008

Happy fic and vexing fic

I read the most delightful story last night: Hate

I went to bed smiling, and when I woke up today I knew I had to rec it so you don't miss it. Really, it's fabulous, managing to be funny and sweet and still IC throughout. I have no idea who wrote it, it's one of the [info]hp_summersmut entries, but it's got a Draco who is just on fire. He reminds me of [info]pir8fancier's Draco (although I'm pretty sure this is somebody else), smart and oblivious all at once, and he has plans! always plans! In this story, Draco is a wizardguard who hates his job...

Until now. He had a new assignment. Harry Potter. And things were finally starting to look up. Not that he particularly fancied having to protect Potter with his own life, mind you - but he would. He'd deal with that unfortunate detail. Potter was in danger and where were his friends now? Where was the little Weasel now? Surely he'd have jumped at the chance to protect Potter. It'd been years since Voldemort had been defeated; Weasley had to be hard up for another chance at playing sidekick. But no. Potter had turned to his department. Clearly he had no one. No friends. No Weasley bint. No one. He was probably all washed up, with no Dark Lord to battle. Probably lying in a gutter somewhere, cold and alone, trying to save puppies from the big bad Muggle vehicles, or some such. Draco couldn't wait to rub it in his face.

I love this Harry too. Clever Anon Author doesn't give us any insight into his thoughts, just these little touches that you'll wonder about just like Draco does. The build of their relationship is wonderfully paced and believable, and worth waiting for. Soooo worth waiting for.

Please, go read this story -- it will make you happy, I promise.


On the opposite side of the reading spectrum: Things that make me scorn. This guy writes novelisations of Burn Notice and comes up with the profound observation that "I've learned that writing about a cool ex-spy I didn't create can be a gratifying experience." I've learned that if you're male and write fanfic for profit, it's called novelisation.

Aug. 7th, 2008

Halfway to the weekend

OK, I'm seriously out of shape ... and I need to buy better walking shoes. I met J to see Mamma Mia last night, but it was sold out so instead we walked to the Market for gelato and then roamed all over Parliament Hill. (The Catman* wasn't there, but for some reason there was a beaver in the hutches chowing down on catfood. I don't know if he was supposed to be there, but he looked pretty darn content.) I'd forgotten just how pretty it is back there, with the views over the river. But miles later, my shins were screaming at me, and I won't be wearing *those* sandals again for awhile. Ouch!

And speaking of sandals, that's as good a segue as any to A Private Fitting. I love when my flist uncovers kinks I didn't know I had, and [info]inamac does that so well here. I get every bit as squirmy as Hermione just thinking about Lucius in 5" heels. It's a very decadent and very enjoyable fic that is just begging for sequel.

Sadly, it also reminded me of my really, really bad joke, so I feel the need to inflict it on you all: Did you hear about the fire in the shoe factory? Over a thousand soles were lost. Some heel must've started it. *cackles* [info]girly_curl_3, I hope you enjoyed it as much the second time around!

Saturday's in sight, hooray! And tomorrow, Brideshead Revisited!!

* Check out the Cats Blog, with some great pictures of the kitties about halfway down. This, this is why I love Ottawa.

Jul. 2nd, 2008

H/D Recs of the Undead Persuasion

I'm quite embarrassed to admit this, but ... I'm addicted to vampire!fic. *facepalms* I swear, this fandom has the slipperiest slopes I've ever seen! Last year when I read my first H/D, I swore up and down that I would only read them as adults. How wrong was that? Then it was veela!fic ... then Animagus ... and now, vamps, Lord help me.

But I'm resolved to embrace my embarrassment, and because nothing beats shame like having company, here are some extremely sizzling hot vampire fics to cool off these hot summer days.

Remembered Fire by [info]oldenuf2nb: This was my absolute favourite fic from the Free Range Vamp Challenge, and the one that convinced me that I'm an irredeemable goner when it comes to vampire stories. It starts out by breaking your heart (but don't worry, [info]sdk, it puts everything back in place better than before). It's Draco's story, and his heart's been broken too; his quest to put it right takes him to Charleston, South Carolina, where [info]oldenuf2nb has constructed an American wizarding world that, remarkably, doesn't make me cringe. The Southern Gothic theme just works here, with such lush descriptions that you're breathing in the humidity and feeling the soft heat on your skin. There's an awful lot going on here but it's paced so perfectly, with the mystery unfolding just enough to make you feel both uncertain and hopeful. And when the inevitable happens—because this is, after all, an H/D story—it doesn't feel inevitable. It feels well-earned, it feels right. This story gets my absolute highest praise: it's the kind of tale that I wish I could write.

(Note: You have to join the community to read; if I find a separate link I'll switch it out later.)

A Matter of Perception by [info]drachenmina: This story's chock-full little gems, like self-help pamphlets on vampirism and vampire singles groups, Ron's undying suspicions of both Draco and "culture", legalese in foreplay (guh!) ... all delightful details that make me gleeful, all the while juggling misunderstandings and mistaken identities:

"You think I'm a monster, don't you?"

No! No. But I wish you'd told me, instead of leaving me to find out - that way."

Draco looked away. "Oh, use your head, Potter. You're an Auror. I'm committing a crime. How the hell could I tell you?"

Potter had his deeply unattractive village-idiot look on again, which really should have made the obviously impending break-up easier to bear, but unfortunately didn't. Draco hated himself for just how much it would hurt him to see Harry walk away.

"What crime? Look, Hermione checked it out, there's nothing in the law, or ministry regulations, to say a Veela can't hold your position. At the most, you might get reprimanded for concealing it - "

Draco had the uneasy feeling that he probably now resembled the village idiot's better-looking yet equally gormless cousin. "
Veela? You think I'm a bloody Veela?"

Not Quite Like You'd Imagined by [info]canis_lupus03: This wonderfully sexy tale begins with the premise that Harry, traumatised by battle, is nauseated by the taste of blood; makes being a vampire a bit tricky. Thankfully Draco and his vampire kink come to the rescue. Very, very NC-17, with an absolutely delicious club scene. What I especially liked about this story is its attention to sensuality, to Harry's hyperawareness of touch and taste, and the way it seems to pour off the page is almost as overwhelming to the reader as it is to Harry. Trust me, you'll need a cold shower after this one!

And after all, isn't that what vamp!fics are for?

Jun. 27th, 2008

Belated HP Beltane fic recs

I've been awfully remiss about reccing fics lately, although I've been consuming them like they were oxygen. I'm going to try to do better (even if it's just for me to remember what I've read). And for starters, I want to go back to some of the stories I loved in LJ's hds_beltane fest. This was a great festival and there were so many stories that I enjoyed; I've already written about two of these here and here, but there are quite a few more that I thought were truly outstanding.

Bealltainn. Sanntach tàrladh. )

Japanese legend has it that a rabbit who got his own way all the time by tricking others, was forced to peel off its own skin. Okuninushi healed it and made it mend its ways. )

Shah Rukh Khan Breaks Up With Gay Mystery Lover. )

*sighs blissfully* I don't care what anybody says about there being too many fests – as a reader, I love them to death. I'm only about halfway through the hd_inspired's Animagus fest, but I'll have recs for that next time, along with a real rec for the hot, hot story Remembered Fire, for hpvamp. But off to bed now, where I was supposed to be an hour ago.

Jun. 3rd, 2008

Time for a quickie (fic rec, that is)

Like I told the mystery author of this story, I don't do het. But what I do do is obsession. Yeah, yeah, there's a fantastic world in JKR's books and there are some interesting characters and there are some really pretty boys in the movies. That's all fine and good. But what I love about Harry Potter (its fandom specifically, and Harry/Draco in particular) is the exploration of obsession. Same reason I love the King Arthur stories. Same reason A.S. Byatt's Possession is my favourite book. Same reason I love Cillian Murphy in Disco Pigs and why Rodney McKay in "Trinity" and John Sheppard in "The Storm/The Eye" make me weak-kneed.

So when you combine twisted obsession with sizzling hot wanking, I am so there.

Please, read one of my very favourite stories from [info]hp_wankfest: Infatuation. It's Harry, with side helpings of Draco and Hermione. Some het. And lots, lots more.

May. 25th, 2008

Headachey pseudo-post

One of these days I'm going to have a real update. I'd hoped to do it today, but I've got a migraine telling me that I need to step away from the computer right now.

But first, I have a wonderful rec! Fear and Loathing at the Phoenix, an entry by Brilliant Anonymous Author in the HDS Beltane fest. This is an astounding retelling of a book that changed my life. When I first read it back in high school, it made me think about politics and reporting and writing in a new, vibrant, and utterly unorthodox way. Here that story is set in the HP verse (with a fan con instead of a sheriff's conference) and like the original it's a whirlwind ride of verbal sparring and insanity all grounded in something much deeper. Here's a sample:

Draco checks his bags when Harry's done packing, which leads to yet more legal advice.

"As your attorney, I'd advise you to lose any and all baggage contents with Wheeze provenance," Draco says, eyeing Harry's tote like he can see through it. Which he can't, Harry's packed around Draco before, he knows how to hide things now.

"Can't," Harry says, beating back the urge to clutch his bag in maidenly fashion. Draco makes ready a well-phrased Accio and Harry says, "No, no, I need those things for
Journalism," before Draco can say it, and Draco looks ridiculously smug.

"As your attorney, I'd advise that taking a sack of ill-meant Wheezes and obscure, low-grade weaponry to an event you know will put you in prolonged contact with your fan club and its ilk has prolonged litigation and a potential stay in Azkaban written all over it. In big, fat, Gryffingit letters."

Read it here!

May. 21st, 2008

Animagus rec: Potty Wee Potter!!

I'm so sleepy and I've vowed to go to bed early tonight, but a few things before I go:

First, huge hugs to the lovely [info]larian -- your package arrived today. Thank you so much, darling!!

Next, I want to quickly rec a story from LJ's animagus fest:

Title: Potty Wee Potter and a Newt in Transfiguration
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, default canon pairings in the background
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry can't remember how he's ended up as Draco Malfoy's personal house-elf.
Warnings: Epilogue-compliant, (partial?) cross-dressing, rimming, some gore, fruits.
Total word count: ~23 500

Initially it took a little effort to get into this story -- partly because I was interrupted by a phone call (annoy!) and partly because the author doesn't spell everything out. After hanging up I went back and read the beginning again, and boy, was it ever worth it. I don't want to give too much away, because much of the beauty of this story is how its secrets unfold. What I do want to do is encourage you to turn your phone off and read it without distraction, and just immerse yourself in this writer's fantastic imagination and oh-so-droll sense of humour.

Finally, I started watching Hex today. Why did no one tell me about this show before? Demons should *always* wear eyeliner like that.

And now, bedtime. Night-night, kittens!

May. 13th, 2008

Mostly recs today

Ah, the Lusty Month of May. I never before realised just how enjoyable it could all be. Take [info]seleneheart's The Masturbating Men of Atlantis. Somebody must write the female version of this, please!

And then there's [info]hd_wankfest where I've been spending more time now that the [info]hd_worldcup is finished. [info]seleneheart asked which stories I'd recommend, so here are my favourites: How to Handle An Enemy (Draco)***, Hard At Work (Harry), Taking The Chill Off (Viktor), Ensnared (Draco), and Maduro Split (Percy). Yes, I said Percy. Just trust me.

I've also collected all my favourite World Cup entries. It was close, but in my votes EWE is ahead by a little lamb's nose. I can't wait to see the results!

For some more serious reading, check out [info]angiepen's interesting blog on Building Your Own World that some of you might find interesting. She's got a lot of good points that are just as relevant for fanfic writers. There's plenty of room to fill in the gaps in canon in my favourite fandoms.

Finally, [info]sarcastic_jo says this ad, AMP's Walk of Shame, aired tonight. I didn't see it, but thank goodness for youtube. It's ... it's almost like the Mountain Goats are writing commercial jingles now. And ... I like it.

May. 11th, 2008

I read an amazing story tonight

Actually, it goes beyond amazing. I think it's changed how I think about the wizarding world: Lost Roses, an anonymous post for [info]gin_tonic in LJ's hds_beltane.

I need to preface this by saying that one of the things that draws me to the HP fandom is that I think JKR was negligent in describing the wizarding world, especially when it comes to history. History is at best irrelevant, at worst boring or a joke (as we see every time Hogwarts: A History is mentioned). Apart from a few historical events, all relevant history takes place in the 20th century—and really in just the most recent two generations. Viewed as a children's book, I suppose that makes some sense—it's hard to get children to understand what came before. As a history nut who needs backstory and world-building, though, I find it unsatisfying. I've turned to fanfic to fill in a lot of the blanks. (<3s fandom!)

But I don't believe I've ever read anything that gave me such a deep understanding of the magical world, or of the pureblood psyche, as this writer has done. More thoughts here... )

Oh, and since I haven't updated in a few days I haven't mentioned this yet ... another late night inspiration resulted in a little bit of my own writing: Epilogue: Five Years Later based on one of my favourite [info]hd_worldcup entries, Lamp in the Cooling Room. The story of the little girl and what happened to her after kept haunting me and I had to write something to get it out of my system. (I'm convinced she went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff.)

Now I really am off to bed, where I should have been hours ago. My arms are all achey from the smoke detector that kept going off when I was trying to grill chicken. Yes, I burned it, I know. Having to stand under the smoke detector and fan it with a towel really didn't help. Quite a workout, though.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

May. 6th, 2008

What I did with my offline day

YAY! IJ is back! *clings y'all*

But amazingly enough, I actually got some things accomplished today. Seems like the most productive Monday I've had in a long time.

  • Finished swapping out my winter clothes for summer ones! Shorts and fishbelly white legs. Woot!

  • Caught up on client work. (No headway on that ebook, alas.)

  • Made lots of headway with my latest WIP. The non-smutty one I started as procrastination on my smutty WIP. I hope I get back in a smutty mood soon. (Note: My non-smutty mood only extends to writing; I am still in a smut-reading mood, and point you to [info]alisanne's just filthy story Dangerous Ministry Liaisons and [info]seleneheart's very sexy To Dream of Death as proof.)

  • Watched the latest ep. of the Tudors. Mmmmmm nekkid!JRM having fantasies fantasies about Jeremy Northam.

  • Watched that darned ending of the latest Doctor Who about 10 times to try to spot Rose's face, only to learn that I was looking in the wrong place.

  • Read the latest Under the Radar cover to cover. Love this magazine! This month's feature interview is with Flight of the Conchords, and in their photoshoot they're posed as famous musicians. They didn't have my favourite online (John & Yoko's bed-in) but here they are as Captain and Tenille. Or as I prefer, Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam )
    And here's Mick and Bowie. We'll be swinging swaying. )

  • Installed CCleaner, which was great in that it freed up 386MB of space on my laptop, and not so great in that it deleted all my passwords.

  • Spent a long time trying to remember passwords.

  • Ate cake. Spice cake with cream-cheese frosting. It was really tasty.

Hmmm. Seemed a lot busier when I was actually doing it.

So what did you do with your offline day?

May. 5th, 2008

Go look at the pretty!

The other day I recommended Lamp in the Cooling Room, one of my favourite of the HD Worldcup fics. Raitala just painted it! It's gorgeous!

And my guess at who the anon author might be is apparently wrong. *g*

Apr. 20th, 2008

My weekend brain dump

This has been the most gorgeous weekend that Ottawa ever has had, in all recorded time, forever and ever. Temps in the mid-20s, sunshine all day, and a stunning full moon at night. It really doesn't get any better.

And I have watermelon. Yeah, I know it's probably shipped up from Mexico in a truck spitting out enough emissions to end the planet a year earlier than expected, but it was still delicious. It tasted like summer.

After some nail-biting writers block, I've also made some great progress last night and today. What do you do when your smut-writing skills are blocked? If you're me, you decide to write a piece that requires extended graphic smut sequences. But what else can you do—a Torchwood fic without smut is like … well, like a Torchwood episode without smut. It's just unthinkable. And then Harry and Draco wanted to get in game too. How could I argue? It's been hard (shup!) but very good practice. I find myself rereading to Calanthe's stories a lot—not copying her style or anything, but just admiring her ease in writing about bodies and sex. Her level of comfort is inspiring; I hope I've been able to get some of that into my writing.

Speaking of inspiring writing, there have been just a handful of [info]hd_worldcup fics that have knocked my socks off. Three of them have appeared in the past day. A few thoughts. )

Wow, I apparently have a lot to say about the WC. I'm pleasantly surprised that I've been able to keep up. Or rather, that there's been nothing too pressing in my life that can't slide a bit while I devote myself to the important job of reading fanfic. ;)

And now I've got a glass of wine, a bar of Lindt dark chocolate, and last season's Doctor Who finale on the screen with the audio commentary that BBCA just posted. David, Freema, and JB all getting silly over the last episode. JB's lusting the other actors, David's got screwdriver envy, and Freema has the best laugh ever!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend too!

Mar. 28th, 2008

"Spring seeps north"

Today's one of those grey spring days, where the city's so wrapped in clouds and the sun is so pale that it feels like the world's largest fluorescent light. Sometimes I think I could write a book about the weather, but then I remember that Annie Dillon already did, and much better than I ever could:

So. I have been thinking about the change of seasons. I don't want to miss spring this year. I want to distinguish the last winter frost from the out-of-season one, the frost of spring. I want to be there on the spot the moment the grass turns green. I always miss this radical revolution; I see it the next day from a window, the yard so suddenly green and lush I could envy Nebuchadnezzar down on all fours eating grass. This year I want to stick a net into time and say "now," as men plant flags on the ice and snow and say "here."

And I want to notice this too, but I think I've already missed it. The air feels different; even if the thermometer still hovers around 0, it lacks that undercurrent of cold that it did a few weeks ago. Spring seeps north, like Annie promised.

And my plant—the one that had frozen in the window—is sprouting new leaves!


[info]pushdragon just introduced me to a new (to me) artist at LJ, Raitala, and I'm absolutely floored by her Lucius and Draco. She perfectly captures Lucius' angry disappointment and that inscrutable mask that the Draco in my mind has always mastered. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Feb. 27th, 2008

Post-birthday thoughts

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday greetings yesterday! You guys are wonderful, I feel so lucky and loved! <3 A special thanks to the fabulous [info]omarandjohnny who treated me to a drool-worthy picspam of Mitch Hewer (see my icon) and to my beloved noorie who sent cake.

I had a very nice, relaxing day, with lemon & buttercream cupcakes and a nice bottle of Spanish wine. After extensive research, I've decided that Spanish wine is the very best for long evenings of drinking, when you want to stay relatively sober and enjoy a wonderfully warm talkative buzz for many hours. By the time my dad called, I was feeling no pain.

It definitely helped me not think about my age. ;)

I also sank down deep into a story that made me fall in love with Harry and Draco again: [info]fourth_rose's Seven Days In June. It takes place during Harry's holidays in Vienna, and I truly felt like I was taking a vacation of my own as I read it. Draco's grown up in a very realistic way, and with Harry you get to discover just what he's been through to bring him to this place. Mix in some lovely theories on magic and some believable OCs, and you've got an amazing adventure that's such a pleasure to indulge in. If you want a wonderful escape, read this fic!

Feb. 20th, 2008

I have to think of a subject line too?

Work's slowed to a crawl and my time's been almost completely free. You'd think I'd be doing something productive with my time. Nope! Instead I've:

* Changed a lightbulb and blew the fuse for half of my apartment. Since the fusebox is behind the fridge and the landlord couldn't come until this morning, I pulled out candles and sat in the dark and played Y2K all last night.
* Tried to rearrange my bookshelves to make more room, then decided that plan was silly and that I just need to buy bigger bookshelves. Ended up putting everything back exactly like it was.
* Watched 5 episodes of JPod. I'm so in love with this show. They've got the execs down pat.
* Clipped eight paws, then ended up chasing Rudy around as he bled all over my floor. My towels look like Dexter was here.
* Filed 6 months of records and pulled out receipts for taxes. That can go into the productive side of the list. But really, that's about all that's there.

Over the past few weeks, I've also spent way too much time trying to remember a book I read when I was a kid. Tonight I found it! Turns out it was Island at the Top of the World, the story of a Victorian expedition to the Arctic that discovers a forgotten Viking civilization and the graveyard of the whales. ([info]cocoajava, you would enjoy it -- there's an airship!) Yes, yes, I know it's probably a terrible movie. But for a time I was obsessed with their adventures and spent many hours pretending I was a Viking.

My need to find this book started after I read [info]roma_fics's Survival of the Species, an incredible decade-long adventure in Harry and Draco's lives. It has archeologist!Draco, talking dragons, and, to my great joy, non-squicky mpreg. Best of all, it's set on a remote Arctic island off the coast of Greenland. So much love for this story -- I read it a few weeks ago, but just went back for another read and discovered I love it even more.

(This rambly nonsensical post was brought to you by Bailey's.)

Jan. 5th, 2008

Kicking back

The first weekend of the new year, and as of January 3rd, another busy season is behind me! I always love this time of year, but after this crazy one it's even more welcome.

Of course, that means it's time to start digging into all the projects that I've put off for months. Finishing Architects of Memory's my top priority (2 chapters to go), and then I want to start on my Durmstrang fic. There's also closet organising ([info]aristoboule, I am going to ditch the grad school notes!), lots of knitting, and visiting Dad (who's started to say things like "I'll be here ... I guess I'll be here, at 82 you never know" when I ask when I should come). Guilt aside, I am looking forward to my new projects.

I'm also looking forward to reading, both offline and off. Speaking of reading, I think I might've found my favourite of the Drarry holiday fics: Now The Shining Sun Is Up. I haven't read enough yet to be able to peg this author, but when they're revealed tomorrow I want to read everything else they've written. Draco's perfect here, snarky and determined, and the story tackles the big questions of what it means to be a hero and who the enemy really is. I highly recommend it. ETA: It's tkp at LJ, who hasn't written any other HP, unfortunately. I hope she does, she brings such an intelligence to the HP-verse.

I want to say thanks for some fabulous packages I received this week. [info]sarcastic_jo sent me Heath bars (!!!) since I can't get them up here, a book on knitting shawls, and a gorgeous handmade card. And from [info]noorie I got CDs galore -- lots of Boosh and music -- and a very cool wooden keychain. My brother also sent me framed pictures of my nephew all dressed up in his monkey suit. I feel so loved!

This weekend also benefitted by the long-awaited return of SGA. I quite liked it. Wanna know why? )

In other news, I've been following the copyright debate here in Canada (I read Michael Geist's blog regularly) and found this really interesting article by David Byrne on models for recording artists. It's an interesting read, even for non-musicians like myself -- it's fascinating to see how technology has given music creators a real choice and different modes of control (and explains why the dinosaurs are so eager to hang on to the old ways).

Speaking of artists, check out this rice paddy art (and the harvest photos too). Amazing! I can't even imagine the effort that goes into creating something like that -- but then, I can't even keep my silverware drawer organised!

Finally, I did that Name Meaning meme that's going around (ganked from [info]angela_snape. I first did it with Lilith, my penname, and came out with a description that's nothing like me. I've been using my handle for four years now, and it feels like a second skin now, so I was surprised that when I did the meme with my real name, it was so much more accurate. Meme ahoy! )

And now it's time to put the mutt-lucks on Rudy now (oh, how he hates them!) and take a long walk in the snow.

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