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Aug. 20th, 2012

Fandom rocks

Sometimes I forget just how bloody incredible fandom can be. It takes a reminder like this to see how this community, which is so diverse and so disparate, needs to be celebrated, for WE ARE AWESOME.

Dec. 28th, 2010

Insta Yuletide Rec

I think I may be among the last to see this, but if you haven't read it yet, check out Rule 34... As Sung by TV Tropes And download the song, sung to "Make 'em Laugh" - it sure worked on me!

Jan. 11th, 2008

Homicidal pepper-pots!

Boy, have I got a fic rec for you: Out of Joint by HonorH (Firefly/Dr. Who (Nine) crossover). The TARDIS is stranded on Serenity. Kaylee's excited by the ship, Mal's suspicious of everything and everybody, Zoe protects her husband's virtue from Jack, and River and the Doctor have a meeting of the minds. It's got Reavers, a fistfight, more companions than you'd expect, and dinosaur soap operas. And the dialogue is spot on. Here's a sample:

“How’s it lookin’?” asked Mal.

“Like the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done.” Wash rubbed his hands together and plopped down in the pilot’s chair, grinning like a lunatic. “It’ll be fun! And terrifying!”

Jack slid into the copilot’s chair. “Weird how many people think those concepts are somehow contradictory.”

“I know,” said Wash. “Take my wife, for instance–-completely terrifying, yet a great deal of fun under the right circumstances.”

“You can stop right there, husband,” said Zoë mildly.

Jack grinned and winked. “Please, not on my account.”

Seriously, you'll love this story.

Sep. 1st, 2007

Saturdays are great, aren't they?

What a nice day. I woke up, posted porn, made a big breakfast, read some porn, took a long nap, read some more porn, made dinner, read more porn. Every day should be so peaceful.

And there's some really great stuff out there! I've read awesome Dead Poets' Society wankfic, lots and lots of hot HP stuff, some gorgeous Atlantis fics, and even several original pieces that knocked my socks off. Now I wish I'd bookmarked the ones I liked so I could rec them, but that would have required foresight and, well, my brain's taking a holiday too. But one I definitely recommend is "Tranquilo", a Burnt Money fic that just broke my heart. Oh, and if you haven't yet read [info]sarcasticchick's wonderful SGA/Torchwood x-over, you definitely should check it out. You can find all the rest at [info]bbtp_challenge.

You know, I think today finally broke the grip that LJ's had on me. I've been going to IJ first, reading it, and then heading over to LJ to read my flist hold-outs. But when I went over today, I spent about 5 minutes flying through, realising that the only thing that interested me were these cool goddess icons, and came flying back to IJ where I've been amused all day. *hugs flist*

However! I do have one small gripe. WTF is up with this "highlight to read the warnings" trend?** Do they think they're being sneaky and won't get caught by people looking for Very Bad Things™ in their fics? Sorry, but that's not how the Internet works. It's still text, even if it's white text, and it's still going to show up in a search.

But that's a small annoyance on an otherwise perfectly pleasant evening. Hope y'all are all enjoying your weekends!

ETA: And btw, I'm not talking about big spoilery warnings that give away things like "death of a major character." No, the ones I've seen today include things like:

* Unbeta’d, femmeslash crack
* Minor in a sexual situation...dripping come?
* Male/male sex

ETA2: Okay, I screwed up -- the highlighting was how [info]bbtp_challenge requested headers be formatted. Aaaand I guess that means I didn't follow directions. *facepalms*

Now, I have been seeing more highlighting recently, before BBTP, but hopefully most of it will go away now.