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Aug. 20th, 2012

Fandom rocks

Sometimes I forget just how bloody incredible fandom can be. It takes a reminder like this to see how this community, which is so diverse and so disparate, needs to be celebrated, for WE ARE AWESOME.

Feb. 16th, 2010

Five happy things

I'm always grumping these days, I want to share some happy things for a change.

Happy Thing #1: And Then The Heroes Came Along: Superman and Batman land in the Pegasus Galaxy. Yeah, my head just went splodey over that idea, too. Very witty, lots of fanboy fun, and Batman in a jumper, wow!

Happy Thing #2: So as not to leave out my other favourite superhero, Wes Anderson does Spiderman. Perfectly done!

Happy Thing #3: Argentina, AWZ-style, where apparently mariachi music plays 24/7 and it's impossible to remove mustard stains from shirts. Oh, Axel, you have been missed. (Also, you totes know that if Axel was stuck down there, he would have called Nina long ago and begged for help. Hopefully he did and her girlfriend wouldn't let her out of bed to take the call.)

Happy Thing #4: [profile] redcouchaddict has been a vidding maniac lately! My favourite's this one: Walk Through the Fire, where AWZ goes Buffy. It's inspiring me to procastinate with a heartbreaking MaJe video response... not that I have TIME FOR THIS MIND YOU.

Happy Thing #5: I am learning lots of useful new German words like sklaventreiber. Which means I must go back to work now. But in a much better mood.

Jul. 21st, 2009

Notice of Impending Conviction?!!

Yes, that's what I got in the mail this morning. For a traffic violation in Brockville, Ontario on June 20, 2009. Seeing as I haven't been in Brockville for five years, at least, and haven't owned a car since May 2006, I was just a little surprised!

I did call the Brockville City Hall and spoke to a very nice woman who took care of it, but she suggested I call the DMV because I'm still associated with that plate. But the DMV says that no, I'm not, and that apparently the folks down in Brockville just magically plucked my name and address and previous plate out of thin air. Riiiiiight.......


I've had the grumps lately. Bouts of computer trouble -- nothing too serious, just falling offline randomly -- and feeling disconnected from fandom plus too much work does not a happy Lilith make. So I feel the need to do another of those happiness memes to remind myself of what's good. So here goes:

And you know, I think this meme really works -- I'm much less of the grumpy now.

Jun. 7th, 2009

I am obsessed with Bradley James. And miss Atlantis. That is all.

I've been missing SGA lately. There was always such anticipation before it aired, that sense of "are they going to fuck it up tonight? or will they maybe get it right?" Somehow having the boxsets and being able to selectively watch when they did get it right doesn't give me that same thrill of anticipation.

But [info] - personalsheafrotherdon wrote a beautiful snapshot of getting it right. It's called Chana, and it's a perfect bite-sized taste of the Pegasus Galaxy. Go read!

I've had a real mixed weekend. Yesterday I felt like I was in a cloud, kind of like I have been for a few weeks now, and I spent the whole day doing pretty much nothing at all.

Oh, but I made lemon cupcakes, YAY!

Then today it was as if the cloud was lifted. I've been in a much better mood, my head's clear, and I got past a huge mental hurdle on my fic (massive love to [info] - personalsarcasticchick for that). At the moment, I'm feeling better about it than I have in a long, long time. And also, these pictures did not hurt one bit:

Oh, also a community pimp: [info] - personalthe_muppet and [info] - personalgealach_ros have put together [info] - communitymerlin_sceneit, which looks to be a really awesome resource for writers and vidders. (Oh, how I wish that this had existed before I started my Big Bang and deciphered all the spells used in the series! After this madness is over, I hope to make that my contribution to their comm.) So go join if you're into that type of thing!

Now I really should call my Dad, who's going to gripe at me about not calling him earlier, which is why I've been putting off calling him. I'm a bad daughter, I know, but I really want to hang onto my happy just a little while longer.

*eats another cupcake*

May. 13th, 2008

Mostly recs today

Ah, the Lusty Month of May. I never before realised just how enjoyable it could all be. Take [info]seleneheart's The Masturbating Men of Atlantis. Somebody must write the female version of this, please!

And then there's [info]hd_wankfest where I've been spending more time now that the [info]hd_worldcup is finished. [info]seleneheart asked which stories I'd recommend, so here are my favourites: How to Handle An Enemy (Draco)***, Hard At Work (Harry), Taking The Chill Off (Viktor), Ensnared (Draco), and Maduro Split (Percy). Yes, I said Percy. Just trust me.

I've also collected all my favourite World Cup entries. It was close, but in my votes EWE is ahead by a little lamb's nose. I can't wait to see the results!

For some more serious reading, check out [info]angiepen's interesting blog on Building Your Own World that some of you might find interesting. She's got a lot of good points that are just as relevant for fanfic writers. There's plenty of room to fill in the gaps in canon in my favourite fandoms.

Finally, [info]sarcastic_jo says this ad, AMP's Walk of Shame, aired tonight. I didn't see it, but thank goodness for youtube. It's ... it's almost like the Mountain Goats are writing commercial jingles now. And ... I like it.

Sep. 1st, 2007

Saturdays are great, aren't they?

What a nice day. I woke up, posted porn, made a big breakfast, read some porn, took a long nap, read some more porn, made dinner, read more porn. Every day should be so peaceful.

And there's some really great stuff out there! I've read awesome Dead Poets' Society wankfic, lots and lots of hot HP stuff, some gorgeous Atlantis fics, and even several original pieces that knocked my socks off. Now I wish I'd bookmarked the ones I liked so I could rec them, but that would have required foresight and, well, my brain's taking a holiday too. But one I definitely recommend is "Tranquilo", a Burnt Money fic that just broke my heart. Oh, and if you haven't yet read [info]sarcasticchick's wonderful SGA/Torchwood x-over, you definitely should check it out. You can find all the rest at [info]bbtp_challenge.

You know, I think today finally broke the grip that LJ's had on me. I've been going to IJ first, reading it, and then heading over to LJ to read my flist hold-outs. But when I went over today, I spent about 5 minutes flying through, realising that the only thing that interested me were these cool goddess icons, and came flying back to IJ where I've been amused all day. *hugs flist*

However! I do have one small gripe. WTF is up with this "highlight to read the warnings" trend?** Do they think they're being sneaky and won't get caught by people looking for Very Bad Things™ in their fics? Sorry, but that's not how the Internet works. It's still text, even if it's white text, and it's still going to show up in a search.

But that's a small annoyance on an otherwise perfectly pleasant evening. Hope y'all are all enjoying your weekends!

ETA: And btw, I'm not talking about big spoilery warnings that give away things like "death of a major character." No, the ones I've seen today include things like:

* Unbeta’d, femmeslash crack
* Minor in a sexual situation...dripping come?
* Male/male sex

ETA2: Okay, I screwed up -- the highlighting was how [info]bbtp_challenge requested headers be formatted. Aaaand I guess that means I didn't follow directions. *facepalms*

Now, I have been seeing more highlighting recently, before BBTP, but hopefully most of it will go away now.

Aug. 15th, 2007

SGA fic rec

It's been a few months since I've seriously read any Stargate Atlantis fic -- I've been too buried in HP -- but MrsHamill is one of those writers who can reignite the sparks of an old love. Her new story, "Salt", is a heartbreakingly lovely tag to "The Tao of Rodney." It's all about loss and protectiveness and safety and home, and if it doesn't make you cry then I don't know what's wrong with you.