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Aug. 6th, 2009

I was on the way to bed, my finger worn out from hitting refresh over and over again, when VOILA! [info - community] boxofmagic went live. And OMG PEOPLE LOOK AT MY ART!!!!! [info - personal] chosenfire28 captured exactly how Merlin and Arthur and Nimueh would look 20 (or would that be 1500?) years later, and [info] mamoru22 somehow vidded this monstrosity in two perfect minutes that I will have on eternal loop for the rest of my life!

Go look at this amazing stuff and join me in flailing towards them with indecipherable comments!!


Aug. 3rd, 2009

Big Bang and Loud Jams

The Merlin Big Bang previews are going strong and I just posted mine! I can't wait for Wednesday when the site goes live!

Also, it's probably too late to be playing this so loud. The Oasis Song )
Sorry, neighbours, I hope you're Amanda Palmer fans...

Aug. 1st, 2009

A mixed bag of an update

It's been ages since my last update -- and really I should go to bed, but after 1/2 of a bottle of prosecco, what better time to update?!

Lots of good things recently... let's see where to start:

-AWZ is off-the-charts brilliant these days. I could gush but Today's episode really says it all! )

-Making plans with [info - personal] takhys for Carnivàle Lune Bleue. (Must reread Geek Love before that!)

-Got a call yesterday from an old friend--she'd moved out to the country, which meant I never saw her, but she just recently moved back into the Glebe. Now we can hopefully be more social! We're going downtown soon to check out the Busking festival.

-re: said Busking festival: I was at the bank a few days ago behind a bunch of mimes. The RBC tellers have enough trouble when I talk to them, god knows how they handled miming!

-The Merlin Big Bang previews look AMAZING! I am so excited about all this!

-We made it through two days with almost no rain--could summer finally be here?

I really should go to bed now ... but it's much more amusing watching my catnip-crazed cat go nuts! *taunts her*

Jul. 7th, 2009

Tickled Tuesday

I am ridiculously tickled about this: David Tennant will be in the next St. Trinian's! (I do hope my gorgeous Head Girl is back for this one.)

Also in the ridiculously tickled department: Look at all the Merlin Big Bang stories and art! Wow! This is going to be incredible!

I'm still ridiculously tickled and reeling from the AWESOMENESS that was last night's Torchwood. I was going to write something about it, but others have already done it so much better, so all I'll add is is it tonight yet?!!!!!

(Oh, I lied, I have to add one other thing: when did Gwen get awesome? I know, she's got four more nights to revert, but damn! That thing she did with her hands... It's like the world's gone topsy-turvy!)

Jul. 5th, 2009

Squeeful as can be!!

THE BEAST IS SLAIN!!! ...er, I mean the Big Bang is FINISHED! All tweaked, betaed, and ready to upload soon as I whip up some author's notes. It's 57,277 (mostly pretty good) words, making it the second longest story I've ever written.

But the deadline to upload stories was extended until Wednesday, so here's another instalment of Ask The Flist: Is there anybody who is familiar with Old English who might be willing to take a quick look at some of the words I'm using? I tried to keep them pretty simple, sticking with imperatives for spell commands, but a pair of educated eyes would be really awesome. Man, [info - personal]aesc is speedy! Thank you so much!! You're awesome!!

Random Old English/Merlin-related factoid: "Ealdor" means (1) life/the vital parts of the body (2) old age/eternityh. I'm sure there's fic in there somewhere.

Now off to edit some episodes of Alles was zählt before bed! Strip poker, ice show, and singing in Spanish, wheeee!!!

*I need to upload more icons to DW one of these days. I have no squeeful ones!

Jul. 3rd, 2009

What makes a good fanmix?

My BB artist offered to illustrate a fanmix for my story. And I just love the idea, but I'm also a bit overwhelmed. I don't have songs that inspired me as I wrote; I write to music in languages I don't understand (thank you, Sigur Rós) or wordless soundtracks or celtic music.

So I thought I'd ask the flist: What do you think makes a good fanmix? What do you look for/listen for? Is it more important that the songs flow together musically or that they follow the story? Is it bad to have some really gorgeous Basia Bulat and Regina Spektor, and then throw in Elliot Minor's atrocious songs with the scarily appropriate lyrics? Does the entire song need to connect with the fic, or just some key verses? The songs I'm picking out also seem to be coming in pairs -- two songs from the same artist. Is that okay, or is it a no-no?

Help would be much appreciated! *smooches*

Sugar + caffeine = random post

For the past two days I've subsisted on nothing but coffee and Bourneville chocolates. I really need to go to the store tomorrow. In the meantime, my dear flist, you are getting an even more random post than usual. But it's filled with Things of the Awesome.

Thing of Awesome the First: India decriminalises homosexuality. Right on... and about time!

Thing of Awesome the Second (that is admittedly less awesome in the grand scheme of things, but still incredibly awesome for me personally): Chosenfire is my other BB artist!!!! Wow, wow, wow! Look at the stuff she's done for the SPN Big Bangs! Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff--how lucky am I? *pinches self*

There was something else, I know there was... Nope, it's gone. Now I am giving myself a three-day weekend... and after working 13 hours straight today brain's gone bye! Tomorrow, food!

(And kicking, [info - personal]aldiara, if you don't have a skating scene ready for me to read.)

ETA: I remembered!!! Eon's ago, [info - personal]gealach_ros asked me the five questions meme. Her questions:
1/ Top! or bottom!Arthur?
2/ Bradley plays theatre. What play would you like to see him in (i.e. which role do you think he'd be amazing in?)
3/ Time travel, whom'd you like to meet?
4/ The best thing about being Canadian is...?
5/ Do you sing out loud when you're driving alone in your car?

Jun. 30th, 2009

Good stuff

OK, please ignore my early panic post--I am absolutely ecstatic about my BB artist assignment!! ECSTATIC, I tell you!!!

In other fabulous news, I've finally cracked Nimueh for this last scene. She changes a lot through these 50,000 words, but I was in danger of her going sappy--and Nimueh should never, ever be sappy! But I do think she might just appreciate life a little more, maybe, and that seems to be coming out now. So yeah, I'm definitely happy with where it's going.

And AND my day got even better when I got my mail and [info - personal]the_muppet's sweet card: a fairy princess with cupcakes--seriously, what could be better than that?! I love you, darling, and I'm so amazed that when your life is so topsy-turvy, you still make time to do stuff like this. *hugs you 'til you pop*

And now I will continue to ignore clients and technology debacles and everything else that's trying to put a damper on things, and eek out a few more hours of a really happy day.

*hugs and fondles you all*

Jun. 24th, 2009

Life is insane

Insanely insane.

And I just realised that I've been spending too much time on YouTube when, as I was reading my flist, I wanted to give journal entries a "thumbs up." Yes, I am that lazy.

And sleepy.

But I just sent off my Big Bang. *tired but happy dance* No, it's not finished. There is still smut to write, one battle scene and the epilogue. (No, there will be no receding hairlines.) But it should be enough for my artist to work with. (Clocking in at 53K+ words, I should bloody well hope so!)

And now I'm going to go pass out and sleep for 12 hours. One day I will catch up. I hope.

Jun. 13th, 2009


That's the secret word for this weekend. Last night [info] - personalparaka and I went out for her birthday. We started with pizza at the International Elvis Sighting HQ (aka the Newport), then wandered down to Westfest, a really sweet little all-Canadian festival. Jenn Grant, the new love of my life, was playing, and she was fabulous and darling and I wanted so much to bring her home with me! Instead I came home alone and engaged in youtube stalking:

Her band last night was pared down -- just herself on guitar, a fiddle woman, a guy on stand-up base, and another on bass clarinet with detours into xylophone. And help from the crowd. It made for a great sound, and a really mellow evening as we watched the sun go down.

(I also snagged a free CBC button, which pleases me in a more nerdy way than it probably should.)

Over the past few days I've made some writing progress. If I can just wrap this one scene up tonight, I'll have three more left. Granted, they're the biggest action scenes in the whole story (96 pages of build up before anything happens is fine, right?), plus I need to fix the smut, and come up with a title, and about a zillion section headers, and ... *breathes*

And I'm bummed right now because I'd like to read through the whole thing on one go, but my ancient printer is not working. :( It's not reading any black cartridge. I've replaced it twice, and no better. (But that's nothing compared to my panic today when my computer told me that Rodney [my external HD] was connected, but blank. OMGNOES! Fortunately it was just having a brainfart and when I restarted it remembered, "Oh right, I do have 500MB of your most valuable information here, sorry!")

OK, I'm not to think of technology now. Oh, right, sociable, yes. Tomorrow is Slasher's Brunch, yay! Get to see my girls! *cuddles* It's been too long.

And, um, that's my news, I believe. I hope everybody's enjoying the weekend!

Jun. 8th, 2009

I've fallen in love with a crazy woman!

OMG I cannot stop laughing at this: [info]mclachlan is my very favourite person in the universe today! Check out her madness!! (So NSFW it's not even funny.)

Okay, now I really have to finish this thing, don't I?

Jun. 7th, 2009

I am obsessed with Bradley James. And miss Atlantis. That is all.

I've been missing SGA lately. There was always such anticipation before it aired, that sense of "are they going to fuck it up tonight? or will they maybe get it right?" Somehow having the boxsets and being able to selectively watch when they did get it right doesn't give me that same thrill of anticipation.

But [info] - personalsheafrotherdon wrote a beautiful snapshot of getting it right. It's called Chana, and it's a perfect bite-sized taste of the Pegasus Galaxy. Go read!

I've had a real mixed weekend. Yesterday I felt like I was in a cloud, kind of like I have been for a few weeks now, and I spent the whole day doing pretty much nothing at all.

Oh, but I made lemon cupcakes, YAY!

Then today it was as if the cloud was lifted. I've been in a much better mood, my head's clear, and I got past a huge mental hurdle on my fic (massive love to [info] - personalsarcasticchick for that). At the moment, I'm feeling better about it than I have in a long, long time. And also, these pictures did not hurt one bit:

Oh, also a community pimp: [info] - personalthe_muppet and [info] - personalgealach_ros have put together [info] - communitymerlin_sceneit, which looks to be a really awesome resource for writers and vidders. (Oh, how I wish that this had existed before I started my Big Bang and deciphered all the spells used in the series! After this madness is over, I hope to make that my contribution to their comm.) So go join if you're into that type of thing!

Now I really should call my Dad, who's going to gripe at me about not calling him earlier, which is why I've been putting off calling him. I'm a bad daughter, I know, but I really want to hang onto my happy just a little while longer.

*eats another cupcake*

Jun. 1st, 2009

My creative output, such that it is

Well, I didn't quite make my writing target for the weekend--fell about 800 words short, but I did get 2500 words closer. And through a bit of smut that had been driving me crazy. I've felt so paralysed writing smut recently, trying to keep it from sounding like every other sex scene that's ever been written. I won't say what I came up with is revolutionary, but I do quite like it.

So here's the current word count:

(I had a flash of panic yesterday when the Merlin Big Bang mod put my name on the MIA list and didn't think I was still continuing with the story, but fortunately she'd overlooked several names, including mine. Yes, I'm still writing -- yes, I want art! I've never had art! I want art!!!)

This weekend, I also "relaxed" making another Alles Was Zählt vid, this time a cracky one about the crazy EYEFLASH that they use at the end of every episode. Left at the altar? EYEFLASH! Discovered that the sleazy hunk you're shagging is your half-brother? EYEFLASH! Boyfriend's gay (or not-gay)? Partner's secretly a criminal mastermind? EYEFLASH! EYEFLASH!!! EYEFLASH!!!!!!

And I have another video rec: Memories of Firefly. I cannot stop watching this -- the editing is just fabulous and it's making me nostalgic for those days when I watched Firefly constantly as my comfort show, kinda like Merlin is now, I guess. (In contrast, I've seen Serenity only once; it's too hard to watch. I really hope Merlin S2 won't be like that!)

Right. Work is waiting. Oh, Monday, how thou doth vex.

May. 30th, 2009

So not a new development then

According to my handy dandy Old English Translator, the word wæpen means weapon, sword, or penis. Oh men, don't ever change.

*cracks knuckles* OK, this is Big Bang weekend. Here's where I am now:


And here's where I want to be by Sunday night:

*I'm over the min word count (35K) already, but it's going to take at last an extra 10K to wrap things up. Epic Crazy Is Epic.

May. 14th, 2009

My life is so exciting I'm writing about my bathroom

Today I'm amused by my bathroom. Specifically, by my landlord who came by to fix the toilet and then looked up and said, "Oh my god, look at that!!!" when he saw the peeling ceiling that's been like that since I moved in back in 2005. "Yes, that's been like that since 2005," I told him, and he said, "OK, well, let me know if it ever starts leaking." And my insurance against a rent hike just got stronger.

(Really, tho, my apt. is very nice and I love my landlords, and they haven't raised my rent in over four years. For that, I can live with a bit of ceiling peel.)

Speaking of my bathroom, I finally hung up the dragon I bought in London. Here he is, with his friend. )

The Merlin fic is plodding along. Tonight I'm writing one of the first major action scenes (other than Merlin getting peeved at Nimueh and cursing her--there are loads of those). It's been a while since I wrote real action, and it's kind of exciting!

*stares at overused icon and is ever more tempted to buy DW account*

May. 9th, 2009

I don't sleep anymore

I know better than to drink coffee in the evening. It's just gone 5--the sun's that glowing blue it gets just before dawn--and I am still wide awake. But it was very tasty coffee.

And at least I've been productive. EKP is going great guns--I remember when we started, our goal was to post a clip a week. We've done like 6 in the last 24 hours. (I know that's nothing like the 40 that my other two Brain Thirds did in two days in April when they decided that sleep was verboten, but it's nothing to sneeze at.)

I also finished a WIP that'd been gathering dust on my computer. It's sappy fluff, at least as sappy and fluffy as I'll ever get. But more importantly, it's porn. Enjoy!

Title: Accidents Will Happen
Fandom/Characters: Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin
Word Count/Rating: 3000 words/NC-17
Summary: It isn't like Bradley hasn't thought about it. A lot. It's more that the timing's never right, that at first he's still reeling from a nasty split with Michelle, that he isn't even sure he's that into guys. Besides, he has no clue which side Colin comes down on, and he really doesn't want things to get weird between them... Valid excuses, all. In the end, not one of them matters.

I'm really lucky that work is always slow this time of year and I can devote plenty of time to porn and gay German soaps. On the other hand, it's starting to be pretty noticeably slower than it usually is. So far I'm holding off the panic but I hope that it picks up soon. (I'm also less than impressed with my company's marketing. We hosted a free informational chat panel the other day, and only 2 people showed up. They got a lot of personalised advice, obviously, but it was really a poor use of our--and by our I mean my--time.)

Oh well. I'm just waiting for my inheritance/trust fund/sugardaddy-or-momma to show up. Any day now.

This weekend, Big Bang! It's moving forward, but I feel like it's two steps forward, one step back. I'm leaving in too many placeholders like [EXPAND] and [FIX] and [SMUT GOES HERE]. Maybe it'll turn out to be a Mad Libs story and readers can fill in the blanks themselves.

My goal is to get that up to 30K by the end of the weekend--and hopefully fill in a few of those blanks. I think if I'm going to do that, I probably should get a little sleep. ;)

May. 5th, 2009

Ottawa's going to be interesting this summer

Oh, I am amused. A full 16 months since his arrest (that he's spent in office), our mayor is finally going on trial. Now the federal Tories are worried that he might say bad things about them, too. Oops! Sucks to be you!


Last night's meet up with [info]pierspaul was tons of fun. I shared squees from my European adventure, she had me in stitches with tales of DIY bathroom reno. All accompanied by Guinness and piles of assorted dips, mmmmmm. One was a hummus/roasted onion spread that was to die for. I'm going recipe hunting for that one.

Afterwards I futzed with DW until I got a layout I can live with. It's a modified transmogrified. Simple and clean. But I miss my Bradley/Colin banner--I'm tempted to buy a DW account just so I can fiddle more.

But I should not fiddle! I should write while work is slow and I have time! Only...I'm at the point of my Big Bang where I'm looking at all I've written, and looking at the outline for the rest, and none of it making sense anymore. ATM it's tempting to chuck the whole thing! Fortunately [info]seanchaidh is coming by this afternoon to write with me. She'll talk me down from the ledge.

I also realised that my writing style is being affected--for both good and bad--by my soap. Each scene is from a different POV, could be filmed in 1:30-2 minute segments, and ends on Dramatic Eye Flashes. Dun-dun-duuuuun!

Speaking of my soap (gaze in awe at the smooth segue and see how all roads lead to Alles Was Zählt!), [info]aldiara noticed that AfterElton is picking up our translated clips now! Pretty exciting! And we've got over 800 subscribers now! *boggles* It's a good time for it too, because yesterday's episode was inexplicably good! Like two-years-ago good! And I know I'm just in store for more disappointment, but I'm biting my nails waiting for the next episode. Oh, Show, don't break my heart again!

May. 1st, 2009

Dreamwidth stuff

Last night I signed up for a DW account now -- I'm "lilithilien", same as everywhere else in the world. I haven't had much time to play with it yet, I need to mess around with the layout so I can bear to ook at it, and I need to figure out what to do with my flists. It took a while for the dust to settle after the IJ move and I expect I'll have some overlap in my reading for awhile. But since I barely have time to read now, I thought I'd set out kinda what I'm doing, and you can hopefully tell me where I can best find you:

  • My preference is of course to read *everybody* on IJ--so if you're on IJ and DW, I'll subscribe to you on DW but filter you off my default.

  • If you're on my IJ list but moving completely to DW, let me know so I can put you on my DW reading filter.

  • If you're on my LJ flist and moving to DW, let me know so I can put you on my DW reading filter.

  • If you're staying at LJ, I'll keep reading you there.

Other than that, I'm a wait-and-see kinda gal. TBH, I can't see how DW will be able to offer more than IJ unless whole fandoms decide to move, like QAF and Snarry did. This takes guts on the part of the community mods--while the huge LJ comms remain the place to go for fandom goodies, it's hard to compete. Although it does help that DW seems to be attracting the BNFs more than IJ did (for good and bad, imho).

That sounds more cynical than it should be. It's just been a few rough days. Headaches need to go away *now*. And I'm still searching for my 8th day of happy.

Oh, but there is this:

Apr. 28th, 2009

Day 5 of Happy

OMG it kept going out today, and not just little blips but for HOURS at a time. It was AWFUL! But then it came back and I got boodles of email and only a little work and all was good again. (Until it disappeared again but then came back.) *staples it to the floor so it can't run away again*

#2: Our Youtube Addicts: You know, this whole subbing soaps thing started out just so [info]sdk and I could know what was going on. And it still is, primarily. But then we get some people who leave us comments that make me glee for hours. And two days ago we posted a seminal (ahem) scene, and already it has nearly 1500 views! This is totally insane. And so much fun that I really can't believe it! NSFW!!

#3: This is a little one, but it was really nice: the way my box of Moroccan mint tea smelled when I first opened the box. It made me think of summer.

#4: Melrin and Arthuer: A ROMATNIC TRADGEY WITH A HAPPY ENDIGN This one comes with a liquid-warning as it's impossible not to spew upon your monitor while reading.

#5: Naked Swedish boys + crisp bread = WINWINWIN! Oh, and probably an unnecessary warning, but NSFW!!

#6: Big Bang progress: Yesterday I worked myself up into a right state of intimidation by watching ASH interviews and realising that he's hysterical and witty and OMG hard to write. Today, I said screw it and wrote him anyway. I'm taking a lot of liberties with him but I like how he's coming out. (And how he's making passes at Merlin.)

Apr. 25th, 2009

Day, Um, 3 of Happiness

OK, so I fail at this daily posting thing. I am reinterpreting this meme to mean I must post 8 concurrent days of happiness, not necessarily consecutive. Yes.

Happy things today!!!

A new icon! From [info]sdk, who is graciously allowing me to use it until Dennis Grabosch gets a journal. Then I have to give it back.

A video I made! Yes! Me! A vidder! I've had this song in mind for a Roman vid for ages, but I had to wait until we got to this part of the (dreadful) breakup to get the clips.

A huge storm front that just rolled in and dropped our temps from 27 to about 15 within five minutes. Right as I was complaining about the heat and stripping off. I's got magick!

Dollhouse which I'm falling more in love with each week.

Chateau de Pierrefonds 3D model. Please somebody tell me I don't need this!

A weekend of no work that I can spend with my beloved Eskimo Kiss girls and poke at the Big Bang. Which is moving along slowly but surely.

Have a fantatic weekend, my lovelies!

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