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Nov. 3rd, 2009

Random muse on the loose

Yesterday I knuckled down to do my ten mandatory minutes of writing for [info] wrisomifu and almost pulled my hair out.

Today I woke up and spent an hour scribbling down 500+ words of DeRo sling porn without breaking a sweat.

My brain baffles me sometimes.



Oct. 30th, 2009

It's that most miserable time of the year

That's right, time to dust off the laptop and pretend I remember how to write. No, not NaNoWriMo, I'm not that insane. Luckily [info] wrisomifu is gearing up for another round of miserable fuckitude. If you'd like to join in ten minutes of grumbling over how hard it is to write, go here and sign yourself up. The community's open until midnight on October 31st in some timezone that I'm not sure of, and sorry for the late notice but that's how life is these days.

Now off to finish my Halloween costume for tonight's party. Which you can see modelled here:

Nov. 29th, 2008

First and foremost: How I'm spending all my days (and nights): WE HAZ A PLAYLIST! Granted, it's only got two videos now, but we're rolling along now, full steam ahead! And we're the #61 most subscribed-to channel on YouTube, for what that's worth!

I'm sort of having a RL too, which is quite the enjoyable change. Last night I took [info]paraka to my favourite restaurant in Chinatown, where we entertained the guy at the next table by talking loudly and freely about slash and squicks and AWZ (she's hooked!). After dinner we wanted to talk more, so we stumbled down to the cutest little bubble tea café -- don't care for the bubbles myself, but I had a yummy pineapple slushy. The café was just adorable tho, all Asia modern -- the kind of place you'd find in Toronto or Seattle or somewhere that's not Ottawa!

Now [info]paraka and I are making plans to hijack the Ottawa Slashers. See, we always goes to the same Irish pub for our monthly brunches, which frankly is nothing special -- just your standard eggs/bacon/toast fare. One month the cook surprised us with a French toast option, and we went into paroxysms of delight, but the next time it was back to the basics. So we're thinking it's time to spring dim sum on the group, or bubble tea...anything different!

(I really shouldn't complain when I have a pack of intelligent, engaged, slash-friendly women to hang out with, should I? I do feel awfully lucky to have found them (or to have them find me, as was the case). And I have a whole new audience to lure into the AWZ love.)

But plans are for later -- I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I've got lots of things to catch up to, work and reading and even TV, but no deadlines, thank goodness. And I want to try to write something, anything. I don't feel like I've been writing very much this week at all, but my WriSo round-up says differently. I've topped 2200 words! Not too shabby!

Making Out (Deniz, 350 words)
All the Sweeter (Angel/Nene, Plata Quemada, 600 words)
Something Old, Something New (Deniz/Roman, 1000 words)
...and my latest, Empty Glasses (Roman, 275 words)

Since I've been vidding a lot this week, I'm letting my computer churn away while I write in longhand. I haven't done that in ages, and it's showing me that I write in chunks of images rather than in stories. When I'm in Word, that's okay -- I can cut/paste, move stuff around, and almost construct the story like I'm using Lego blocks. But when I try that on paper, I end up surrounded by scraps covered with words and arrows pointing in every direction. It's awfully chaotic, perhaps best for little character studies like the one I popped out tonight, but pretty unworkable for anything longer or more involved.

This weekend, though, I write. I don't know what... but I'm writing. I'm making these last two days of November count!

Lastly, I want to share the colours of my rainbow cuz it's pretty. Wanna see? )

Nov. 23rd, 2008

Battling the pink robots

Is it the right-brain or the left-brain that best handles technical stuff? Whichever it is, I think mine's overloaded. I've been wrestling with technology since pretty much the moment I woke up. It's all because of the soopersekrit project (the one that isn't really secret at all, but I don't want to jinx it with premature squees) that my darlings [info]sdk and [info]aldiara and I will have ready very soon.

I *love* it when technical things go smoothly. There's such a rush of accomplishment when you pick something apart and it finally rewards you. And then there are the times when you don't and it doesn't. That's what's been happening today.

Granted, some things did go beautifully. That's all due to the amazing [info]paraka, who spent all day with me yesterday going over vidding techniques, sharing her favourite vids (you see them so differently when you know what to look for!!), and giving me just enough taste of vidding theory to want more. It's really fascinating stuff! I don't know that I'll ever become a serious vidder (famous last words, right?) but because of her I feel much more capable of handling this project. And check out her lovely QAF video.

Of course, as soon as she left I started fumbling. I never truly realised how much patience you have to have for this kind of work. And how much I just don't have. That 50 min. downtime for rendering drives me batty, since I have to devote my entire computer to it.

I'm trying my best to be zen though. I played with the animals, I finally got out my exacto and salvaged some of my graphic novels that got wet and the pages stuck together, I remembered how much I loved Sandman: The Dreamhunters when I reread it, I tried to take a walk but it was -9 so I didn't get far. I even picked up a pen and pad and wrote a silly little story by hand, which I haven't done in forever:

Making Out (Alles Was Zählt, Deniz, 350 words, PG-13)

It's just a little thing, but I'm quite pleased that at last one of my stories is inching towards porn. It's about time. And that alone beats my entire 3rd week of WriSo, in which I wrote one AWZ drabble and a Dumbledore crackfic. Not my best week. I'm one paragraph away from finishing another story, but I haven't been able to touch it for a few days. Do your muses ever scare you? Mine took a very dark, very disturbing turn down Obsessive Avenue and I had to coax him back. I let him wander down there one of these days, but it needs to be in another setting -- this story did *not* warrant that kind of behaviour!

I'm thinking bed now, and musing, and rendering more video files, all at the same time. Good night, kits!

p.s. Oh, and if you were ever thinking of getting a perm account, now's the time. $30 for forever? That's hard to beat. (And I really don't need 5000 icons, do I?)

Nov. 15th, 2008

WriSo Round-Up

I forgot to post my WriSo record for the week. I'm quite proud of myself this week -- in my first week I had just 500 words, and this week I'm just shy of 5000! (Although I'm kind of cheating, since I just posted one a few minutes ago. Yeah, I'll probably regret that next week.)

Wahr (Roman/Deniz, Gen, 1000 words)
Connecting Flights (Roman/Andrew, Smutty, 2800 words)
Left Behind (Roman, Gen, drabble)
Something Borrowed (Deniz and Marian, Gen, 1000 words)

Nov. 13th, 2008


My but I'm dragging today. I didn't even have that much work, but I was just crawling through it and barely made a couple of deadlines. Then I realised the problem: I'm out of coffee, and for some silly reason thought tea would do the trick. Wrong wrong wrong.

Living without coffee reminds me of poor [info]takhys who's now living in her grandmother's caffeine-free house, poor baby. But joy! She's coming into town this Sunday and sleeping on my lumpy futon for a few nights. I'll have to ply her with alcohol so she doesn't feel a thing. I can do that.

As for me, I think I might head to bed early tonight. I tried to drabble for my HP comms, but of course nothing came out except more Roman. It's kinda fun having a loud muse again. But I'm not getting anything else done tonight, and I had some hot chocolate with mint Baileys, and now my bed looks so comfy...

But first I want to share something that was posted in WriSoMiFu today. I just loved it:

Good night, people!

Nov. 7th, 2008

Finally, the weekend!

Hmmm. I took Rudy to the dog park this afternoon, where we met a woman who had a sheltie as well. Sheltie people have to gab, you know, and her dog was *beautiful*. (Unlike my ungroomed mess of a pup.) Anyway, she asked where I lived, and when I told her, she said that she'd been attacked right across the street from my apartment by a man who didn't like her dog being on "his property" (the sidewalk in front of his condo). And when I say attacked, I mean he hit her and had her pinned on the ground. Some people helped her, and the police came and nabbed him, but turns out he attacked another woman with her dog -- and *kicked* her dog several times!! -- before this. He's being charged, but now I'm more than a little freaked out. I walk Rudy along that way a couple of times a day. Or I did, I think I'll be changing my route. WTF is *wrong* with people like that?!!

But on to happier things. First off, it's Friday, how great is that? This week definitely overstayed its welcome. I'm looking forward to a weekend of reading, writing, and brunching with my slasher girls.

Speaking of writing, it's going ... well, it's going. I don't usually do fic recaps here, but I want to keep track of what I've got to show for myself after the first week of WriSoMiFu:

Inevitable (Harry/Draco, R, double-drabble)
Refuge (Draco, Gen, drabble)
Dawning (Deniz/Roman, Gen, drabble)
The Best Thing About Halloween (Harry/Draco, Gen, drabble)

I may be able to add to that total tonight with a longer fic, as I'm so close to finishing another. The ending just keeps eluding my grasp. *wrestles it to the ground*

And I've been reading some amazing stuff recently:

[info]aldiara wrote Different, an Alles Was Zählt fic that just stole my breath away. It does not matter in the least if you don't know this pairing -- this is one of the best first-time stories I've ever read, chock-full of humour and clumsy head-bumps. And if you know the characters at all, you'll see what a tremendous job she does in getting into their heads. It's a scary and beautiful place. Go read it! I command you!

Speaking of smut, [info]pushdragon finally posted the third installment of her Tale of Horns series (here are parts One and Two -- remember the sexy Quidditch calendar? Draco all hot and bothered?) Push says this yummy addition, Claws That Catch, will be her last H/D, which makes me very sad. I think her story The Astronaut Phase will always be one of my favourite tales.

I'm also about halfway through [info]furiosity's Interregnum and I'm loving it. It's all about what would happen if magic was "outed" -- how the world would change. Really different and incredibly imaginative. I'm not holding out hope for a happy ending -- her stories always manage to break my heart at the end, but it's worth it.


And finally, in a desperate attempt to lure my darling [info]goddessriss out of hiding (what are you doing? admit it, you're already putting up Christmas decorations, aren't you?) I wanted you to know that your Renaissance man John Cusack also writes poetry. And it's not bad!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends. Be nice to dogs!

Nov. 2nd, 2008

Self-absorbed rambly post

I love daylight savings time, at least on this side. But I'd much prefer one every weekend -- can't we do something to give us an extra hour every weekend? Anybody have trouble shaving some time off of Monday?

I'm sure by now you've heard of Sarah Palin being pranked, but I'm still giggling over it.

Tonight? A bit more writing, a bit of knitting, and a bit of Buffy S2. And it's only 6pm! *glees* Hope y'all are loving your weekends!

Oct. 27th, 2008

Catch-up post

I had such a good weekend, although I could definitely have used another day of it since I didn't get through nearly all the things I wanted to do. But I did plenty of other things that I wanted to do, so it balances out, I think.

I had a lovely yesterday with [info]paraka who suggested going to the Museum of Nature. Seeing as I live a block from it and had never been (not a fan of taxidermy), I agreed. It's a really neat museum, and that's even without the renovations that have been going on since I first moved here. The dinosaurs were my favourite, of course, but I have to admit the assortment of birds was really impressive. There was also an artist's work exhibited there who did beautiful impressionist-style nature scenes in those wonderfully dark, rich Emily Carr-style colours.

Then we came back to my place (I had houseguests! shock!) and talked for hours. I even got her to watch enough Alles Was Zählt to admit that Dennis Grabosch really was adorable. *glees* And we watched and bitched about the latest SGA because really, how disappointing was that? And such a promising premise--it could have been so good!

I also got into the kitchen this weekend and made homemade applesauce, which I think was one of the most delicious things I've ever cooked! Definitely high on the ease vs. tastiness scale anyway! I used this recipe without the white sugar--it really didn't need it, although it was more tart than store-bought applesauce. I liked it that way, tho. I *really* liked it that way, and I'm tempted to go buy a bunch more apples just so I can squash them too.

I caught up with the fam this weekend too, finally talked to my brother whose been MIA for weeks now. He sounded pretty good, which makes me suspect he's in one of his manic phases, but it didn't seem as extreme as it usually is. I just hope his crash isn't as hard. And dad, what a doofus--he told me that years ago my Grandma had left him and Mom a small parcel of an oil rig in Texas, and somebody just contacted him and offered to buy it off him. It's not a lot of money--it's not a big percentage of the rig--but he's not going to sell it because he likes calling himself a Texas oilman. *rolls eyes*

I managed my two weekly drabbles for [info]draco100 and [info]harry100 (although one was technically late). I've got to start writing more. Too many plot bunnies, not enough time/energy. But I did sign up for wrisomifu again this year to help me kill off some of these bunnies. Is anybody else doing it this year?

Today's back to the old grind. But I did get back to my walking, after taking the weekend off. Just did my jaunt up to the Hill--I think the mounties up there are starting to recognise me. Should I be worried?

Nov. 1st, 2007

October's gone?

Today was so much fun. Not. All those November 1st deadlines and everybody waiting until the last minute! But I survived, and even finished with enough time for the annual viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with [info]sarcastic_jo. (Asshole! Slut!) And a good few glasses of Yellow Tail Shiraz. Which helped me forget all about the horrors of the day.

I hope everybody enjoyed a spooky Halloween. Now it's time for Día de los Muertos, the holiday that, to me, makes the most sense.

(from the very cool anagram fine art site)

P.S. If you're doing WriSoMiFu, I set up an RSS feed you can use.

P.P.S. I just booked a flight to see my brother and his kidlet (not the Queen Bitch) in December! My boss will kill me for leaving during the busy season, but fuck it. She takes all the Jewish holidays every year and since I don't celebrate christmas I end up working straight through the whole season. I think a long weekend in the sun is just what I need! Miami Beach here I come!

Oct. 31st, 2007

I can do this!

I've always been a little envious of the NaNoWriMo bunch, what with their perky support groups and shiny tracking tools and all. But November's an impossible month and I already feel buried enough, thanks very much.

That's where WriSoMiFu comes in: "a writing group for underachievers who enjoy the company of same, is going live again this year on November 1. To join, all you need to do is commit to writing (original fic, fanfic, to do lists, your thesis, your memoirs - anything!) for at least ten minutes each day for the entire month of November. And you are permitted - encouraged even! - to complain bitterly about every single word."


Now I'm about to dive into the most insane workday I've ever had. Happy Halloween, folks! I'll try to check in with some treats later.